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Moths described in 1885


Octopus pallidus

Octopus globis pallidus pale octopus, is a species of octopus found in the southwestern Pacific ocean. Immediately after hatching, it will start foragers, primarily on bivalve mollusks. At night he would hide behind the rubble to surprise prey. T ...


Sepia cultrata

Sepia cultrata, commonly known as knifebone elongated cuttlefish or cuttlefish, is a species of cuttlefish from the family Sepiidae endemic to southern Indo-Pacific. This is a deepwater species found in subtropical and temperate waters of Australia.


Gastropods described in 1885


Cyrtodactylus albofasciatus


Rhoptropella ocellata


Spalerosophis atriceps

C. atriceps can reach a snout-to-vent length SVL 2 m 6.6 ft. Dorsally, it is pale-orange, pink or yellow, with scattered black spots. On the dorsal surface of the head, either entirely black or black and deep red. Sides of the head and neck deep ...


Alopecosa pictilis


Araneus bispinosus


Araniella proxima

Araniella Proxima is a species of ORB weaver in the family Araneidae spider. It is found in North America, Europe, some from Russia, Turkey, Iran and Kazakhstan.


Arctosa raptor



Bathylinyphia is monotypic Asian dwarf spiders, containing one species, Bathylinyphia major. It was first described by K. Y. Eskov in 1992, and has been found in China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, and Russia.


Cryptachaea veruculata

Veruculata Cryptachaea is a native spider from Australia and New Zealand. It was introduced in England and Belgium. The view shows that the potential to fight spider mites and leafroller caterpillars in New Zealand.


Diaea ambara

Diaea barn was first described in 1885 Arthur Urquhart as Philodromus ambarus. P. ambarus was later transferred to the genus Diaea and are redescribed as D. barn.


Eustala californiensis


Gnaphosa stussineri


Hentzia elegans


Hogna frondicola


Misumena oblonga



Paradamoetas is a genus of jumping spiders, which was first described by George and Elizabeth Peckham in 1885. The name is from the Greek "para" means "beside" and the salticid genus Damoetas.


Pardosa lapidicina


Pardosa semicana


Phidippus princeps pulcherrimus

Phidippus Princeps pulcherrimus is a species of spider in the family Salticidae. He belongs to the species Phidippus Princeps and is located in United States.


Phidippus purpuratus


Portia africana

Portia Africana is a jumping spider found in Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Gabon, Ghana, côte divoire, Sierra Leone, Zaire and Zambia. Its conspicuous main eyes provide vision more acute than a cats during the day and 10 times more ...



As of the August 2019 includes thirteen species, found only in Asia: Ptocasius kinhi Zabka, 1985 – China, Vietnam. Ptocasius yunnanensis song, 1991 – China. Ptocasius montiformis song, 1991 – China. Ptocasius vittatus song, 1991 – China. Weyersi ...


Rudra (spider)

As of the August 2019 contains ten species found in Central America, Brazil, Guyana, Argentina, and French Guiana: Rudra minensis Galliano, 1984 – Brazil. Rudra wagae Taczanowski, 1871 – French Guiana. Rudra brescoviti Braul & Lise, 1999 – Brazil ...


Saitis chaperi


Schizocosa bilineata


Scotinotylus alienus



Stagetillus is a monotypic genus of Southeast Asian spiders, containing a single species, Stagetillus opaciceps. It was first described by Louis Eugene Simon in 1885, and is found only in Indonesia and Malaysia. Women 6 mm 1 ⁄ 4 in long barrels, ...



Tapponia is a monotypic genus of Southeast Asian spiders, lynxes, containing a single species, Tapponia the means. It was first described by Eugene Louis Simon in 1885, and is only found in Indonesia and Malaysia.



Thyene is a genus of jumping spiders, which was first described by Eugene Louis Simon in 1885. He is a Junior synonym of Mithion, and senior synonym Paramodunda and Gangus.



Titanattus is a genus of jumping spiders, which was first described by George and Elizabeth Peckham in 1885. The name is a combination of "Titan" and the common salticid suffix -attus. It was merged with Agelista in 2017.


Zygiella dispar

Zygiella dispar species of ORB weaver family of spiders, known as Araneidae. In 2015, rod Parazygiella was defined taxonomic synonym Zygiella, so Parazygiella silkworm and other Parazygiella was transferred to the genus Zygiella.


Zygoballus rufipes

Zygoballus rufipes, commonly called a jumper hammerjawed, is a species of jumping spider which occurs in the United States, Canada and Central America. Adult females of 4.3 to 6 mm in body length, and males from 3 to 4 mm.


Tepic Cathedral

In the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, also known as the Cathedral of Tepic, is the Cathedral of the Roman Catholic diocese of Tepic in Mexico. It is located on the main square in the city centre. It is famous for its neo-Gothic architect ...


Our Lady of Rosary Cathedral, Cafayate

Our lady of the rosary Cathedral also Cafayate Cathedral is a religious monument of Argentina, the seat of the Catholic episcopate in Cafayate, vicar of the Archdiocese of Salta. It is located in the city of Cafayate, province of Salta. It is org ...


St. Patricks Church (Eau Claire, Wisconsin)

St. Patricks Church is a historic Catholic Church built in 1885 in the city of eau Claire, Wisconsin. He was added to the national register of historic places in 1983 for its architectural significance. St. Patricks parish was established in the ...


The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Roman Catholic Church (Belgique, Missouri)

Of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary was founded in 1884 by Catholic settlers from Belgium. Father D. L. de Ceumynck, an immigrant from Belgium, served in the Churchs first priest. The first Church building was erected in 1885. In 1893 was ...


Ouachita Baptist Tigers baseball


Ouachita Baptist Tigers football


Jacoby Golf Course

Wyoming cowboys and cowgirls are the athletic teams that represent the University of Wyoming. Wyoming is a member of the Mountain West conference and participates in NCAA division I, Fielding 17 NCAA-sanctioned sports. Two teams Wyoming to compet ...


Jacoby Golf Course


Wyoming Cowboys baseball


Wyoming Cowboys football


Wyoming Cowboys and Cowgirls swimming and diving


Wyoming Cowboys and Cowgirls track and field


Wyoming Cowboys wrestling


Wyoming Cowboys and Cowgirls navigational boxes

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