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Knysna dwarf chameleon

In Knysna dwarf Chameleon is a species of dwarf chameleons in the genus Bradypodion, which is endemic to South Africa. This is a forest-dweller, found only in a limited range in afromontane forests near Knysna, South Africa, and some surrounding ...


Mediodactylus russowii

Mediodactylus russowii, also known as gray with thin-toed Gecko, Russows bent-toed Gecko, and the TRANS-Caspian bent-toed Gecko, is a species of lizard in the family Gekkonidae. Species native to Asia. There are two recognized subspecies.


Mediterranean thin-toed gecko

Mediterranean thin-toed Gecko is a species of lizard in the family Gekkonidae. It is found in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey and Greece. Sometimes considered a subspecies of Gecko Kotschys.


Phrynocephalus luteoguttatus

Luteoguttatus spotted toad-headed Agama yellow-spotted of the spotted toad-headed Agama, is a species of agamid lizards in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and possibly in India. The type locality between Nushki and Helmand border between Afghanistan ...


Polemon fulvicollis

Four subspecies are recognized including the nominate race. Bosporus fulvicollis Mocquard, 1887. Bosporus fulvicollis Laurenti de Witte & Laurent 1943. Bosporus thin fulvicollis de Witte & Laurent 1943. Bosporus fulvicollis graueri Sternfeld, 1908.


Rhinotyphlops schinzi

Rhinotyphlops schinzi, commonly known as Schinzs beaks blind snake, is a species of snake in the Typhlopidae family. The species is endemic to South Africa.


Ristella beddomii

Ristella beddomii, commonly known as Beddomes cat skink, is a species of Skinks, lizards in the family Scincidae. The species is endemic to South-Western India.


Ristella guentheri

R. guentheri is found in India, in Madurai district, Tenmalai, Travancore, and Anaimalai hills. Locality of the type "Madura, Sirimallay hills" = Sirumalai hills, Madurai district.


Western worm lerista

The Western worm lerista is a species of Skinks native to coastal areas in the South-West and West of Western Australia. They found him among the Heather and forests on coastal dunes. It is very thin, no front legs and very tiny, stubby hind legs ...


Agroeca trivittata


Allocyclosa bifurca


Anoteropsis aerescens

Anoteropsis aerescens is a species of wolf-spider, which differs from all other Anoteropsis species by the shape of the median apophysis of the male bulb and the external sclerites of the female epigyne, especially the wide median septum. It is l ...


Araneus bradleyi

Araneus bradleyi, known as the enamelled spider, a common Australian spiders belonging to the family Araneidae. It occurs in Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, Australia.


Asceua elegans


Atypus karschi

Atypus karschi is a mygalomorph spider found in Japan, China and Taiwan. These spiders are black or dark brown and range from 17 to 20 mm to 0.67 to 0.79 V. As with other spiders in the infraorder, it has fangs that point straight down rather tha ...


Callilepis imbecilla


Chrysilla lauta

Chrysilla Lauta is the type of jumping spider genus Chrysilla. It occurs in tropical forests from Burma to China and Vietnam. Although it is known since 1887, it was described from males.


Cicurina arcuata


Cicurina pallida


Coras lamellosus


Dolomedes aquaticus

Common Dolomedes-the fishing spider that lives and hunts along the gravel banks of the river treeless New Zealand. It prefers open coasts, where it lives under stones, usually less than 5 metres from the river. Its color allows it to blend in wit ...


Drassodes neglectus



As at June 2019 contains four species, found only in Asia and Queensland: Fecenia macilenta Simon, 1885 – Malaysia, Indonesia, Sumatra. Fecenia protensa Thorell, 1891 – India and mainland, Nicobar is., Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sing ...


Gnaphosa fontinalis


Hamataliwa grisea


Herpyllus propinquus


Menemerus brachygnathus

Menemerus brachygnathus is a genus of jumping spider. It is known as close-haetori) in Japan, the meaning of white-bearded jumping spider, because of the white trichobothria on his limbs and body.



As at June 2019 contains thirty-six species in the Northern territory, Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland: Molycria thompsoni a paysite & Baer 2006, Australia QLD. Molycria smithae a paysite & Baer 2006, Australia ...



As at June 2019 contains four species, found only in Australia: Myandra tinline a paysite & Baer 2006, South Australia. Myandra Bicincta Simon, 1908 – Australia. Myandra Cambridgei Simon, 1887 type – Australia. Myandra myall a paysite & Baehr, 20 ...


Neoantistea agilis


Neoantistea magna


Neoantistea riparia


Pardosa californica


Pisaurina undulata


Portia labiata

Portia labiata is a jumping spider found in Sri Lanka, India, southern China, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Java, Sumatra and the Philippines. In the middle of the jumping spider, the front part is orange-brown and the back is brownish. Conspicuous ...


Psammitis labradorensis



As at June 2019 contains seven species found only in Africa and Singapore: Sarascelis rebiereae Jezequel, 1964 – côte divoire. Sarascelis kilimandjari Berland, 1920 – Tanzania. Sarascelis lamtoensis Jezequel, 1964 – côte divoire, Ghana. Sarasceli ...


Scytodes lugubris

They do lugubris-species of spitting spider family Scytodidae. It is found in tropical Asia, was introduced to Hawaii and Mexico.


Selenogyrus africanus

Woman Selenogyrus Africana have procurved foveae, and a lot of thorns on the lips. The cephalothorax is 12mm and the width is 9.4 mm. It has some long, thick grayish-yellow hairs. Belly 15 mm long and 10 mm wide. Shes black with long grey hairs.



As at June 2019 contains four species, found only in Asia, Sri Lanka, Seychelles: Lacertosus Steriphopus Simon, 1898 – VA. Gyirongensis Steriphopus Hu & Li, 1987 – China. Steriphopus macleayi O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873 type – Sri Lanka. Steriphop ...


Thiania bhamoensis

The iridescent blue-green. Women are more green, males more blue. From the front view, women face black. And the males white. Nicylla sundevalli, which also occurs in Burma, said to be very close to this species.


Wadotes calcaratus


Xysticus montanensis


Zelotes funestus


Church of the Nativity (Menlo Park, California)

The Church of the Nativity is a historic Roman Catholic Church on the national register of historic places in Menlo Park, California. It was built in 1887 and added to the national register in 1980.


Sonsonate Cathedral

The Holy Trinity Cathedral and the Cathedral of Sonsonate is the name given to a religious building affiliated with the Catholic Church located in the city of Sonsonate in the Department of the same name, in the Western part of the Central Americ ...


Our Lady of Candelaria Cathedral, Corumba

Our lady of Candelaria Cathedral, Corumba is a Church located in the center of corumbá, state of Mato Grosso do Sul, in the South American country of Brazil. This is the place where the patron Saint of the city is located. The shield of the Portu ...


Sacred Heart of Jesus Church (Lawrenceburg, Tennessee)

Church of the sacred Heart of Jesus is a historic Roman Catholic Church on Berger street in lawrenceburg, tn. The Church was founded in 1869-70 for the German Catholics residing in the area Lawrenceburg. Land for the Church was bought by the HOME ...


Southern red-billed hornbill

The southern red-crested rhinoceros is a species of Hornbill in the Bucerotidae family, which grows in the savannas and drum spaces, overgrown with bushes, South Africa. It is replaced by a near-relative, Damara red-crested rhinoceros, in the dry ...


Agononida incerta

Agononida incerta-species of squat lobsters in the family Munididae. It is found from Taiwan and the Philippines in the South of Western Australia, ranging from 280 to 460 metres in depth. The males usually measure from 7 to 38 mm, and females fr ...

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