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Sutherlin, Virginia


Swans Corner, Virginia


Swansons Mill, Virginia


Swansonville, Virginia


Sweet Hall, Virginia

Sweet hall is an unincorporated community on the North Bank of Pamunkey river in southeastern king William County, Virginia, USA. The small community includes two properties listed in the national register of historic places: sweet hall and Winds ...


Swimley, Virginia

Swimley an unincorporated community in Northern Clarke County, Virginia. Swimley is located near the border with the County of Jefferson, West Virginia on Swimley road. Swimley near the Church of the damn road.


Switch Back, Virginia


Swoope, Virginia

Dexter is an unincorporated community in Augusta County, Virginia. Dexter is located on state routes 703 and 860 7.4 miles West of Staunton. Dexter has a post office with zip code 24479, which opened on March 6, 1838. Polyface farm, a sustainable ...


Sycamore, Virginia


Syria, Virginia

Syria is an unincorporated village in Madison County, Virginia, United States of America. It is located along the old Blue ridge highway adjacent to the South-Eastern border of the Shenandoah national Park. Its zip code 22743.


Syringa, Virginia

Lilac is an unincorporated community in the County of middlesex, Virginia, United States of America. Lilac is 7.8 km East-Southeast of Saluda. Lilac had a post office, which closed on 3 September 1988.


Tabb, Virginia

Tabb is an unincorporated community in York County, Virginia, USA, on the Peninsula of Virginia. Main roads include highway 17 and state route 134. The community was named for Mary Octavia Tabb who served as postmaster from 21 December 1893 until ...


Tabernacle, Virginia


Tacketts Mill, Virginia

Tacketts mill appears in several post-war records in the Stafford County courthouse tax and property records at the end of 1800-ies. It is obvious that the plants continued to operate even in a deep depression, and during the recovery period. In ...


Taft, Virginia


Taggart, Virginia


Tallent Town, Virginia


Talleysville, Virginia

Talleysville is an unincorporated community in new Kent County, Virginia, United States of America. Two buildings near the Church. Peter and marl of the hill, was listed on the National register of historic places in 1969 and 1990 respectively.


Tamworth, Virginia

Tamworth, patented 1728, is a historic town in Cumberland County, Virginia, United States, centered along Tamworth road. In addition to agriculture, the mill and the dam on muddy Creek includes the main economic activities. In addition to the mil ...


Tanners, Virginia


Tapscott, Virginia


Taylors Corner, Virginia


Taylors Valley, Virginia

Valley tailors an unincorporated community in Washington County, Virginia in the United States, it is situated South-East from Abingdon through highway 58 and the road through the valley by Taylor of Tennessee on the South.


Templeman, Virginia


Tenth Legion, Virginia


Terrybrook, Virginia


Tetotum, Virginia


Tettington, Virginia


Thomastown, Virginia


Threeway, Virginia


Thurston, Virginia


Tidemill, Virginia


Tidewater, Richmond County, Virginia


Tidwells, Virginia


Tightsqueeze, Virginia

Tightsqueeze is an unincorporated community in Central Pittsylvania County, Virginia, USA. He is in Danville, Virginia statistical Metropolitan area. The community of Tightsqueeze got its name due to the construction of two buildings near a road ...


Tignor, Virginia

Tignor an unincorporated community in Caroline County, in the U.S. state of Virginia. The main highway leading into the state route 630. Tignor, VA is located at the intersection of Sparta road and Tignor the road.


Tillmans, Virginia


Tinkertown, Virginia


Tipers, Virginia


Tobacco, Virginia


Tobaccoville, Virginia

Tobaccoville is an unincorporated community in Powhatan County, Virginia. Tobaccoville was a stop on the FarmVille and Powhatan railroad from 1884 to 1905, and then on the coast and Western railroad from 1905 to 1917. Notice magazine to lease "In ...


Toga, Virginia


Topping, Virginia

Topping an unincorporated community in the County of middlesex, Virginia, United States of America. Topping is located in Virginia route 3 6.75 km East of Saluda. The topping has a post office with zip code 23169. Topping, va is a private airport ...


Toshes, Virginia


Totaro, Virginia


Totier Hills, Virginia


Totuskey, Virginia


Townwood, Virginia


Transco Village, Virginia


Travis Mill, Virginia

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