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Nemacheilus olivaceus

Blind char olivaceus is a species of stone loach grows in the benthopelagic freshwaters and tropical climates in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. They are omnivorous and their diet consists mainly of macro algae, small fish, aquatic weed ...


Nemacheilus saravacensis


Rhynchoconger squaliceps

Squaliceps Rhynchoconger is an eel in the family barbatus. He was described by Alfred William Alcock in 1894, originally under the genus Congromuraena. It is a marine, tropical eel which is known from the Bay of Bengal, in the Western Indian ocea ...


Sebastes dallii


Xenomystax trucidans

Xenomystax trucidans is an eel in the family barbatus. He was described by Alfred William Alcock in 1894. It is a marine, deep-water dwelling eel which is known from the Maldives and Laccadive, in the Western Indian ocean. It is known that live a ...


Acromyrmex versicolor

Acromyrmex versicolor is known as the desert leafcutting ants. A. versicolor is found in the summer months in Colorado, and Sonoran desert when there is no precipitation. They form a large, distinctive nests of craters, which are covered with fra ...


Acropyga rubescens


Aeoloplides chenopodii

Aeoloplides chenopodii, Colorado plateau quinoa grasshopper, kind of spur throat grasshopper in the family Acrididae. It is found in North America.


Afrepipona macrocephala


Aldrichia ehrmanii


Ammophila femurrubra


Anthidium luctuosum


Anthidium taschenbergi


Anthidium thomsoni


Aphilanthops hispidus


Atlanticus gibbosus

Ocean club gibbosus, generally known as a reliable or robust shieldback shield-bearer, is a species of shield-backed Green grasshopper in the family Tettigoniidae. It is found in North America.


Banasa lenticularis

Lenticular banasa is one of the species of stink bug in the family Pentatomidae. It is located in the Caribbean, Central America, North America and South America.


Bothriomyrmex atlantis

Bothriomyrmex Atlantis-view of the ants of the genus Bothriomyrmex. Described by Forel in 1894, the species can be found in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.


Braunsapis cupulifera


Breviperna placida


Calliopsis subalpina


Callomyia venusta


Capitophorus elaeagni

Capitophorus elaeagni, known as the artichoke aphid species of aphid in the family aphididae. Other common names include Thistle aphids and plant-aphid Thistle. It is found in Europe.


Cardiastethus elegans


Ceuthophilus alpinus


Ceuthophilus arizonensis


Ceuthophilus fusiformis


Ceuthophilus meridionalis


Ceuthophilus seclusus


Ceuthophilus secretus

Ceuthophilus secretus, known as the Texas cave cricket, or the secret cave cricket, a species of camel cricket in the family Rhaphidophoridae. It is found in North America.


Corisella inscripta


Corythaica carinata


Corythucha hispida


Corythucha incurvata


Crematogaster antaris


Crematogaster arthurimuelleri


Crematogaster buchneri


Didineis nodosa


Didineis peculiaris


Dipetalogaster maxima


Dolichoderus diversus

Dolichoderus diversus-species of ants of the genus Dolichoderus. Described by emery in 1894 the species has a wide distribution in several countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guyana, Mexico, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, an ...


Dolichoderus germaini

Dolichoderus germaini-species of ants of the genus Dolichoderus. Described by emery in 1894, the species is endemic to Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru.


Dolichoderus ghilianii


Dolichoderus imitator

Dolichoderus imitator is a species of ants of the genus Dolichoderus. Described by emery in 1894, the species is endemic to Bolivia, Brazil and Ecuador.


Dolichoderus lugens


Dolichoderus schulzi


Dolichoderus septemspinosus


Dolichomyia gracilis


Euaresta bellula


Geminaria pellucida

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