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Cyrtoxipha columbiana


Dagbertus olivaceus


Dasineura carbonaria


Decticita brevicauda


Demeijerea brachialis


Dendrotettix australis


Despaxia augusta

Despaxia Augusta, usually known as autumn needlefly or smooth needlefly, is one of the types of rolled-winged stoneflies in the family Leuctridae. It is found in North America.




Doleromyrma darwiniana

Doleromyrma darwiniana-species of ants of the genus Doleromyrma. Described by Forel in 1907, this species is endemic to Australia and introduced in New Zealand, it nests in soil or under stones and logs. The body grows to a length of 2.0 to 3.0 m ...


Dolichoderus clusor

Dolichoderus clusor-species of ants of the genus Dolichoderus. Described by Forel in 1907, the species that live mainly in dry sclerophyll and forages on the trunks of trees. Populations are known from Western Australia and South Australia. Ants ...


Dolichoderus mesonotalis


Dyotopasta yumaella


Ectopsocopsis cryptomeriae

Ectopsocopsis cryptomeriae, a large cruise on the issues is one kind of outer barklouse in the family Ectopsocidae. It is located in the Caribbean, Europe and Northern Asia, Central America, North America, Oceania, South America and South Asia.


Gall adelgid

Gall adelgid the adelgid species that produce galls on spruce. They infect the new buds of native spruce trees in the foothills of the Rocky mountains in the spring. They also attack blue spruce to a lesser degree. Insects complete two generation ...


Hadrotettix magnificus


Hebardacris excelsa


Idiostatus variegatus


Indiopsocus infumatus


Insara apache


Iridomyrmex agilis

Of Iridomyrmex Agilis is an ant of the genus Iridomyrmex. They are common throughout Australia. They are usually found in arid areas of Australia. The species was described for trout in 1907.


Iridomyrmex continentis

Iridomyrmex continentis-species of ants of the genus Iridomyrmex. Found in arid areas of Australia, he was described by Forel in 1907.


Iridomyrmex exsanguis


Iridomyrmex hartmeyeri

Iridomyrmex hartmeyeri-species of ants of the genus Iridomyrmex. Described by Forel in 1907, ant, night earner, and it is widespread in most of Australia.


Iridomyrmex innocens

Iridomyrmex innocens-species of ants of the genus Iridomyrmex. Described by Forel in 1907, this species is endemic to Australia, mainly in Western Australia, however this species is more common in areas with a large number of rains in the darling ...


Iridomyrmex splendens

Iridomyrmex splendens-species of ants of the genus Iridomyrmex. Described by Forel in 1907, ant, mainly distributed in southern areas of Australia, often found in dry sclerophyll forest and nests located under logs.


Iridomyrmex suchieri


Janetiella ulmii


Lasioglossum mellipes


Lasioglossum quebecense


Lasiopogon quadrivittatus


Lichenomima coloradensis


Linepithema keiteli


Lipotriches fulvinerva


Litaneutria skinneri


Medauroidea extradentata

Medauroidea extradentata, commonly known as the Vietnamese or Annam walking stick, is one of the species of the family Phasmatidae. They originate in Vietnam and are commonly found in tropical forests. They eat a lot of leaves, although in captiv ...


Megachile beutenmulleri


Megachile caricina


Megachile dampieri


Megachile devadatta


Megachile doleschalli


Megachile funnelli


Megachile henrici


Megachile lefroma


Megachile macleayi


Megachile maculariformis


Megachile mendozana


Megachile phaola


Megachile seychellensis


Myrmecia michaelseni

Myrmecia michaelseni is an Australian ant which belongs to the genus Myrmecia. This species is native to Australia. They are widely spread and studied in Western Australia. The average length of a worker ant is 10-12 mm. Queen 13.5-15 millimetres ...


Myrmecia nigra

Myrmecia nigra-Australian ant which belongs to the genus Myrmecia. This species is native to Australia and widely distributed in Western Australia, particularly in Perth. Myrmecia nigra is a small bull ant species that usually only grow up to 9.5 ...

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