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Hibernia, Ohio

Hibernia was a village located just outside modern Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Today there is a large residential complex on the land, which still bears the name "Hibernia".This apartment is located on the Southeast corner of East main street and Noe-Bix ...


Shattucksburg, Ohio

Shattucksburg, Ohio is a former community in Perry township, Franklin County, Ohio, was first created when Simon Shattuck sold part of their land in some areas. The city has existed for many years, and disappeared in the 1970-ies.


Populated places in Franklin County, Ohio


Protected areas of Franklin County, Ohio


People from Bexley, Ohio


People from Dublin, Ohio


People from Grandview Heights, Ohio


People from Grove City, Ohio


People from Groveport, Ohio


People from Harrisburg, Ohio


People from New Albany, Ohio


People from Upper Arlington, Ohio


People from Westerville, Ohio


People from Worthington, Ohio


Memorial Park (Columbus)

Memorial Park is located in the village of South suburban Columbus, Ohio in obetz and stretches between the obetz Government center, and outside the building Department, which is located at the Western end of orchard lane. In Obetz athletic club ...


Ohio State Route 16

State route 16 is the East–West highway running from Columbus, to Coshocton. Its Western Terminus at civic drive center in downtown Columbus and its Eastern Terminus at U.S. 36. For most of its run through licking County, and its all to run throu ...


Ohio State Route 104

State route 104 North–South highway in southern Ohio. Its southern Terminus is at highway 23 in Portsmouth, Ohio, and its Northern Terminus is located on route 33 in Columbus. The route passes through or near the towns of Portsmouth, Waverly, Chi ...


Ohio State Route 161

State route 161 is a state highway East–West in Central Ohio. Its Western Terminus is in mutual state route 29 and its Eastern Terminus near Alexandria at state route 37. It is 57.46 km. State route 161 passes through Columbus, Ohios capital and ...


Ohio State Route 257

State route 257 is 26.19 km North - South highway in the Central part of the U.S. state of Ohio. The highways southern Terminus is located in the Northwest suburb of Columbus in Dublin at the intersection of the intersection of highway 33 and SR ...


Ohio State Route 317

State route 317 is a North–South highway in the Central part of the U.S. state of Ohio. Its southern Terminus is highway 23 approximately 9 miles South of downtown Columbus and just outside of the city, its Northern Terminus is at route 62 in Gah ...


Ohio State Route 605

State route 605 is 9.38 km-long North–South highway in Central Ohio. South terminal SR 605 at signalized intersection with highway 62 in the North-Eastern suburbs of Columbus in new Albany. Its Northern Terminus is also in SR 37, on a regulated i ...


Ohio State Route 665

State route 665 is a state highway "East-West" is located in Central Ohio, a U.S. state. The Western Terminus of this state highway at controlled intersection that indicates the place, us 42, SR 38, SR 56 and SR 142 in Central London. Its Eastern ...


Ohio State Route 745

State route 745 is a state route in Central Ohio that runs in a North-Northwest direction along the West Bank of the scioto river. Its southern Terminus is at the concurrency of highway 33 and SR 161 in Dublin, and it lasts about ten miles to the ...


U.S. Route 23 in Ohio

Highway 23 is a United States numbered highway that runs from Jacksonville, Florida to Mackinaw city, Michigan. In Ohio, it is the main "North–South" highway, which runs from the Kentucky border in Portsmouth on the border of Michigan in silvania.


Worthington-New Haven State Road

Worthington-new haven, state road, also known as the old road is the main road in the North-Central part of Ohio, USA, coming from the Columbus suburb of Worthington, in Franklin County, in the village of new haven, in Huron County, Ohio.


Big Bend Historical Area

Big bend historic district is a national historic district located in Jefferson township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania. The district comprises 4 sections of troops and 2 of the structure in three places on the Shenango river. Is the site in the ea ...


Buhl Farm Golf Course

Buhl farm Golf course, formerly known as Buhland Golf course, located in Sharon, Pennsylvania, is one of perhaps two free public Golf courses note-1 in the United States. 9-hole course is open from mid-April to November between 8 a.m. to sunset. ...


Mercer Raceway Park

Mercer raceway Park-3 / 8-mile dirt oval, located in Findley township, Mercer County, just outside the North-East Mercer County, Pennsylvania. It is currently owned by the Altman score. In 2018, the Speedway had hosted several events. Other event ...


Houses in Mercer County, Pennsylvania


National Register of Historic Places in Mercer County, Pennsylvania


Transportation buildings and structures in Mercer County, Pennsylvania


Populated places in Mercer County, Pennsylvania


Protected areas of Mercer County, Pennsylvania


People from Farrell, Pennsylvania


People from Sharon, Pennsylvania


Covered bridges in Mercer County, Pennsylvania


Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania

Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania, is working on 311.07 miles across the Northern part of the state. It is marked as Deposit Shortway, officially as highway Z. H. Confair Memorial. This route was built mainly on a completely new track, not parallel t ...


Pennsylvania Route 18

Pennsylvania route 18 is a major North–South highway in Western Pennsylvania whose southern station is at West Virginia route 69 at the state line in Greene County, Pennsylvania, near the village of garrison, while the Northern Terminus is at PA ...


Pennsylvania Route 58

Pennsylvania route 58 is located in Western Pennsylvania, running 71.2 miles from the Ohio state route 5-Ohio 3 miles West of Jamestown in Mercer County to PA 68 in Sligo in Clarion County.


Pennsylvania Route 158

Pennsylvania route 158 is an 11.9-mile highway located in Western Pennsylvania, running from PA 18 to the South of new Wilmington in Lawrence County, us 62 and p. 258 in Mercer in Mercer County.


Pennsylvania Route 173

Pennsylvania route 173 is located in Western Pennsylvania, running from PA route 8 4 miles South of Slippery Rock in Butler County, 7.5 km to the North of Cochranton in Crawford County.


Pennsylvania Route 208

Pennsylvania route 208 is located in Western Pennsylvania, the Western Terminus just West of the village of new Bedford in Lawrence County at U.S. route 422 and Ohio. It runs nearly 75 miles to its Eastern Terminus in the village of frills corner ...


Pennsylvania Route 258

Pennsylvania route 258 is a 27-kilometer highway in Butler and Mercer County in Pennsylvania. The southern Terminus is at PA 108 / PA 173 in Slippery rock. The Northern Terminus is at PA 18 in Clark.


Pennsylvania Route 318

Pennsylvania route 318 is the 15.9-kilometer-long highway, located in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. West railway station is located on the border of Ohio in Shenango township near West middlesex, where the road continues as Ohio state route 304. T ...


Pennsylvania Route 358

Pennsylvania route 358 is located in Western Pennsylvania, running from the Ohio 6 miles West of Greenville to sandy lake in Mercer County.


Pennsylvania Route 518

Pennsylvania route 518 is a 8.5-kilometer-long highway, located in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. The southern terminal is at PA 18 in Hermitage. The Northern Terminus is at PA 18 in Hermitage.


Pennsylvania Route 551

Pennsylvania route 551-a 34-kilometer highway located in beaver, Lawrence and Mercer County in Pennsylvania. The southern terminal is at PA 18 in beaver falls. The Northern Terminus is at PA 18 near West middlesex. Although officially a spur rout ...


Pennsylvania Route 718

Pennsylvania state 718 is a 11.1-mile highway located in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. The southern terminal is in PA 318 in Shenango township. The Northern Terminus is at Ohio state in the South room of the township.


Pennsylvania Route 846

The route of Pennsylvania 846 is a 12.41-mile highway located in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. The southern Terminus is at PA 718 in Hermitage. The Northern Terminus is at PA 18 in Greenville.


Pennsylvania Route 965

Pennsylvania route 965 is a 11.6 km-long highway, located in Mercer County and Venango County, PA. The route terminates at each end in highway 62. In the West it begins in Jackson township, before travelling through the countryside to a village F ...

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