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Livingston, Ohio


Lockport, Ohio


Mount Hope, Licking County, Ohio


New Winchester, Licking County, Ohio


Populated places in Licking County, Ohio


Protected areas of Licking County, Ohio


People from Granville, Ohio


People from Gratiot, Ohio


People from Heath, Ohio


People from Newark, Ohio


Ohio State Route 79

Highway 79 in the North–South highway that traverses Central Ohio, extending from the lake Buckeye and SR-37 to US 36. SR 79 serves Newark, providing direct access from downtown Newark to I-70.


Ohio State Route 146

State route 146 is a state highway East-West in the Eastern part of the U.S. state of Ohio. It works 65.38 miles from Nashport near SR 16 to SR 78 in SUMMERFIELD.


Ohio State Route 156


Ohio State Route 512


Ohio State Route 668

State route 668 North-South highway in Central Ohio. Its southern Terminus is at the intersection of SR 93 in the Wayne national forest, to the North-East from Logan, its Northern Terminus is at the intersection with us 40 in the unincorporated c ...


Houses in Preble County, Ohio


Claysburg, Ohio


Crawfordsville, Ohio


Hagerstown, Ohio

A post office was established in Hagerstown in 1832 and remained in use until 1855. With the construction of the railroad, business activity shifted to neighbouring West Manchester, and the population of the city declined.


Populated places in Preble County, Ohio


Protected areas of Preble County, Ohio


People from Camden, Ohio


People from Eaton, Ohio


People from New Paris, Ohio


Ohio State Route 121

State route 121 is a state highway in Western Ohio. It starts at the Indiana state road 121 near new Paris, Ohio, and ends at State route 47 and state route 185 in Versailles, Ohio.


Ohio State Route 122

State route 122 is a state highway in Ohio that runs from the Ohio-Indiana Eastern Preble County Eaton, Oh SR 48 Lebanon, Ohio, at a distance 43.4 kilometers. When the route was designated in 1923, he ran along the current route from Indiana to M ...


Ohio State Route 177

State route 177 from the North to the South highway located in the southwestern part of the U.S. state of Ohio. South station State route 177 at the controlled intersection of highway 4 and route 129 in Hamilton, after state route 177 runs concur ...


Ohio State Route 320

State route 320 is a short North–South highway in Western Ohio, a U.S. state. South end of SR 320 on highway 35 about three miles South-East of new Paris, 3 ⁄ 4 mile South of us 35s Eastern junction with interstate 70. The Northern Terminus of th ...


Ohio State Route 355

State route 355 was a short 1.37-kilometer highway in southwest Ohio. The route served as a former Fort St. Clair State memorial in Eaton, Preble County. The route started at SR 122 West in Eaton, went South along the Camden road about 0.3 miles ...


Ohio State Route 503

State route 503 North–South highway in the southwestern quadrant of the U.S. state of Ohio. South terminal of SR 503 is located on highway 127 in seven miles. Its Northern Terminus is at a T-intersection with SR 121 on the Eastern boundaries of t ...


Ohio State Route 725

State route 725 is a state highway East–West in the southwestern part of the U.S. state of Ohio. Its Western Terminus is on the border of Indiana, about 9 miles West of Camden at the Eastern Terminus of Indiana state highway 44, and its Eastern T ...


Ohio State Route 726

State route 726 North–South highway in Western Ohio, a U.S. state. The southern Terminus of the highway at a T-intersection with us 127, approximately 1 mile North from the border town of Eaton. North station SR 726 on a regulated intersection wi ...


Ohio State Route 732

State route 732 state highway in the U.S. state of Ohio. This is a two-lane highway begins at SR 129 in Butler County, and extends North to end at intersection of HWY 127 and us 35 / SR 122 in Eaton in Preble County, Ohio, traveling 30.94 km. Thi ...


Ohio State Route 744

State route 744 is a state highway East–West in South-Western Ohio, a U.S. state. The Western Terminus of the CP 744 is located at the junction with us 127 at a distance of 1 km North-West from Somerville. East of the station state route T-inters ...


U.S. Route 35

Highway 35 highway of the United States, which runs South-East to North-West for about 412 km from the Western edge of Charleston, West Virginia in Northern Indiana. Although the highway physically from South-East to North-West, is a nominally No ...


U.S. Route 127 in Ohio

Us highway 127 is a part of the United States numbered highway system that runs from Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the lower Peninsula of Michigan. In Ohio, on the road 194.27 miles from the Ohio river in Cincinnati to Michigan state line Northwest ...


Pirimela denticulata


Porocephalus crotali

Porocephalus Crotali cylindrical and having a condensed ring segments with 38-40 segments of the body, the digestive system is the mouth surrounded by four hooks, which makes it seem that he has five mouths to feed - hence the name" pentastomes”.


Agenioideus cinctellus

A. cinctellus is a relatively small species of wasp spider, which is 6-8 mm in length. Abdomen mostly black, but the rest of the body is very changeable and legs may vary from whitish to red-brown, some specimens have spots on the tibiae of the h ...


Aleiodes coxalis

Aleiodes coxalis-species of parasitoid wasps belonging to the family Braconidae. It was first described by Maximilian Spinola in 1808 bracon as coxalis. It is found in the Palaearctic region.


Aporus unicolor

Spinola initially thought there were two kinds of A. single-color and two-tone, but now we know that these women and men, respectively. Both sexes mostly blue-black with dusky wings, but the male has a reddish-brown abdomen with black tip. Female ...


Caliadurgus fasciatellus

In Europe it is found from great Britain to the East in Russia and Finland, southern Spain and the Balkans. In the UK it is mainly to the South and East.


Megachile apicalis


Pseudopanurgus andrenoides



As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number on the minor planet Center groups, internal audit, and the discoverers can then submit names for them after the internal audit naming. The list below concerns those mino ...


Tastiotenia festiva

Tastiotenia FESTIVA-view of a wasp spider in the subfamily Pompilinae. It was first described by its discoverer, Howard Ensign Evans, in 1950. This is a fairly small spider Wasp species growing from 3-6.5 mm in length and were observed only rarel ...


Beetles described in 1808


Butterflies described in 1808


Moths described in 1808


Bivalves described in 1808

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