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Megachile thygaterella


Megachile trigonaspis


Megachile tuberculifera


Megachile tupinaquina


Megachile vulpina


Megachile ypiranguensis


Mumetopia occipitalis


Myrmecia fulviculis

Myrmecia fulviculis is an Australian ant which belongs to the genus Myrmecia. This species is native to Australia and usually spreads along the coast of New South Wales and Queensland. This species has similarities fulvipes M. the Average size is ...


Neurigona aestiva


Neurigona disjuncta


Nomada antennata


Nomada wickwari


Nostima picta


Ochterus banksi


Paradelphomyia americana

Paradelphomyia Americana is a crane fly in the family Limoniidae found in Central and South America. It was previously included in the genus Toxorhina, but has been reclassified.


Phytoliriomyza clara


Poecilominettia ordinaria


Pyrops watanabei

Pyrops watanabei is one of the species of cycads endemic to Taiwan. Pyrops atroalbus was previously considered a subspecies, its status as a species was recovered in 2017. P. watanabei was first described shōnen Matsumura in 1913 as Fulgora watan ...


Rhamphomyia albissima


Rhamphomyia angulifera


Rhamphomyia breviventris


Rhamphomyia curvula


Rhamphomyia latifrons


Rhamphomyia nitidolineata


Rhamphomyia palmeni


Rhamphomyia physoprocta


Rhamphomyia praestans


Rhamphomyia unguiculata


Sobarocephala flaviseta


Stephomyia eugeniae


Tapinoma arnoldi


Terellia ceratocera

This species can be found from great Britain to Western Siberia and Central Europe, the Balkans, Turkey and Kazakhstan.


Tetralonia commixtana

Commixtana Tetralonia, also known as commixtana Tetralonia, is one of the species of bees belonging to the family apidae subfamily Apinae. It is found endemic to Sri Lanka.


Tetraloniella taprobanicola

Tetraloniella taprobanicola, also known as Tetraloniella taprobanicola, is one of the species of bees belonging to the family apidae subfamily Apinae. It is found endemic to Sri Lanka.


Thallostoma eurygrapha


Tipula cava


Trigona corvina

Trigona Corvina is a species of stingless bee that lives mainly in Central and South America. In Panama, they are sometimes known as zagañas. They live in protective nests high in the trees, but they can be extremely aggressive and territorial ov ...


Tumerepedes flava


Xorides niger

Xorides Niger is a parasitoid wasp from ichneumonid family that parasitizes long-horned beetles on the following species and subspecies: Tetropium castaneum, Molorchus minor minor.


Beetles described in 1913


Butterflies described in 1913


Moths described in 1913


East African cheetah

The East African Cheetah populations in East Africa. He lives in the steppes and savannas of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Somalia. A Cheetah lives mostly in the Serengeti ecosystem, including Maasai Mara and the Tsavo landscape. Cheetah from Briti ...


Lesser Taiwanese shrew


Magallana bilineata

Magallana bilineata, commonly known as the Philippine cupped oyster, or slipper, is an economically important species of true oysters found abundantly in the Western Pacific, from the Philippines to Tonga and Fiji. They grow attached to solid obj ...


Mastigoteuthis magna

Mastigoteuthis Magna is a species of whip lash squid, characterised by the absence of photophores. The skin is heavily pigmented a deep red with numerous chromatophores.


Octopus wolfi

Octopus wolfi, the star-sucker pygmy octopus is the smallest known octopus. It is in fairly shallow water in the Western Pacific ocean. It is characterized by a pattern of "papillate fringe" on the edge of the suction cups near the tip of the arm ...


Suminoe oyster

On account of the oyster, is a species of true oysters, which lives in tidal hard bottom and substrate, and the muddy creeks of warm estuaries throughout the Western Pacific ocean. It is large and flat in appearance and almost identical in gross ...


Gastropods described in 1913


Chilorhinophis gerardi

Chilorhinophis gerardi, widely known as Kurt black and yellow burrowing snake or curt two-headed snake is a species of venomous snake in the family Atractaspididae. The species is endemic to Africa.

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