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Silver warehou

Silver shopping center, Seriolella punctata, is a medusafish that the family Centrolophidae found in the southern Indian and southern Pacific oceans, at depths between 100 and 650 m. Its length is about 65 inches.


Smooth leatherjacket

Smooth leather jacket, or velvet jacket, Meuschenia scaber, is a filefish of the family Monacanthidae, found off Eastern Australia and New Zealand at a depth of about 100 m, on rocky reef areas clogged. Its length is between 25 and 35 cm In New Z ...


Starry triggerfish

The starry triggerfish, or flat-tailed triggerfish, is a tropical, harmless, oviparous Bottom dweller, characterized by some white spots along the spinal dark band. The tail is dorsoventral and looks very thin when looked in profile. There is a d ...


Sweetlip emperor

In sweetlip Emperor, also known as the sweetlip swoose, is a fish of the family Lethrinidae. It can be found on coral reefs and moderately warm waters in the Western Pacific ocean, although its primary habitat in the Great Barrier Reef. It can al ...


Trypauchen vagina

Trypauchen vagina, commonly known as the burrowing goby, is a species of eel goby found in the Indo-Pacific region. It has an elongated body about 20 to 22 cm in length. This reddish-pink color and has a characteristic bags in the upper edge of i ...


Witch (lefteye flounder)

The witch, Arnoglossus scapha, is a lefteye flounder of the family Bothidae, around China and New Zealand, in waters less than 400 m deep. Their length is from 20 to 40 inches.


Chrysocoris stollii

General color backless metallic blue, green or purple, the abdominal Venter yellow, widely margined with purple laterad to spiracles II–VII each surrounded by a rounded black spot, Pro-, meso - and metepimeroids with supracoxal lobes yellow, the ...


Kalama tricornis


Loxocera aristata

Loxocera aristata can reach a length of 7-12 mm 0.28–0.47 V. These flies have a dark, slender body. Head black, thorax black anteriorly and orange-brown posteriorly, and the abdomen black. The legs are yellowish. Wings colorless.


Beetles described in 1801


Butterflies described in 1801


Moths described in 1801


Arvicola scherman


Platanista gangetica


Bivalves described in 1801


Gastropods described in 1801


Barkudia melanosticta

Melanosticta Barkudia widely known as Vizag, the Skinks legless skink is endemic in Visakhapatnam region the Coromandel coast, in the state of Andhra Pradesh in Southeast India. One of the most prominent Indian reptiles, collected in the days of ...


Candoia carinata

Males V. S. paulsoni smaller and lighter than females, and show spurs. Males 0.9–1.0 m 35-39 long, 300-400 g 11 to 14 oz in weight. Females typically 1.2–1.4 m 47-55 in length and weigh 1.0–1.2 kg 2.2–2.6 LB. Color varies from dark brown to Aubur ...


Seven-striped blind snake


Tiliqua gigas

Tiliqua Gigas is a close relative of the Eastern blue tongue lizard. They are endemic to the island of New Guinea and other nearby Islands. They are usually in the tropics, and in captivity, require high humidity. Unlike Tiliqua scincoides, they ...


Ozyptila atomaria

Beet chips Ozyptila is a species of spider crab distribution in the Palaearctic. This is very common in wet meadows of Central Europe. Females reach up to 6 mm, males grow up to 4 mm, making it the largest species of Ozyptila. Both sexes are simi ...



As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number on the minor planet Center groups, internal audit, and the discoverers can then submit names for them after the internal audit naming. The list below concerns those mino ...


Armases cinereum

Armases cinereum, usually known as the squareback marsh crab, or crab-Wharf, is a species of true crabs in the family Sesarmidae. It is found in the Western part of the Atlantic ocean.


Idotea metallica


Orchestia grillus


Pennella exocoeti

Pennella exocoeti large ectoparasitic copepod, a specialist parasite of the flying fish. Adult females of the copepods clinging to the gills of fish or the skin and nourishes her body.


American silver perch

American silver perch, Bairdiella chrysoura, is an American fish. Distributed on the Eastern seaboard, the silver perch are usually caught in inshore anglers in search of larger species. This fish rarely attains 9 inches. Silver perch are an unde ...


Cheilodipterus macrodon

Cheilodipterus Macrodon, large-toothed cardinalfish, is a species of marine fish in the family Apogonidae. It is widely distributed in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific, Red sea. In toothy cardinalfish can reach a maximum size of 25 cm in l ...


Gnathodentex aureolineatus

Gnathodentex-rod of Emperor fish. It is monotypic, being represented by a single species, in goldspot carp, also known as striped large eye bream.


Lethrinus lentjan

Lethrinus lentjan is one of the types of Emperor fish. It has a characteristic blood-red coloration on the edge of the Gill covers. It is widely distributed throughout the Indo-West Pacific, and Reef-associated. This kind of industrial fishing an ...


Ocellaris clownfish

These clowns ocellaris, also known as false percula clown or common clown fish, a sea fish belonging to the family pomacentridae, which includes the translation and damselfishes. Amphiprion ocellaris in different colors, depending on where they a ...


Sebastiscus albofasciatus


Tephrinectes sinensis


Acromyrmex hystrix

Acromyrmex Emilia Santschi, 1925. Atta of Hystrix Latreille, 1802. Histrix Latreille Formica, 1802.


Andrena barbilabris

Bearded miner bee is a species of miner bees in the family Andrenidae. It is found in Europe and Northern Asia, and North America. Other common names include long lips Andrena sand pits mining bees.


Andrena clarkella

Andrena clarkella, andrena usually known as Clarks or mining bee, is a species of mining bees in the family Andrenidae. It is found in Europe and Northern Asia, and North America.


Andrena trimmerana

Trimmerana of andrena mining bees trimmers, is a species of mining bees of the family Andrenidae. It occurs in the Western Palearctic, but his true status in some areas chaotic because of problems of taxonomy and identification.


Andrena wilkella

Andrena wilkella is a species of mining bees in the family Andrenidae. Its original distribution is Europe. It was accidentally introduced long ago in North America, possibly with ship ballast. Size: females 10-12 mm. Male 9-11 mm. It is active b ...


Arge berberidis

Arge berberidis can reach a length of about 9.2 mm 0.36 in. Adults have a bluish-black head and body. The wings are brown. This kind of saw-sheath in the form of a Tong. The larvae show a black head and a grayish body with many small black spots ...


Camponotus castaneus


Cataulacus granulatus

Cataulacus Granulatus, is a species of ants of the subfamily Myrmicinae, which is a widespread species that can be found from Borneo, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore and Sri Lanka.


Ceratina cyanea

Not Ceratina cyanea can reach a length of 5-9 mm 0.20–0.35 in females and 5-7 mm 0.20–0.28 in males. Head, thorax, and abdomen show a metallic blue color. These bees have three shape of cells in the front wings, club-shaped antennae and long thin ...


Chelostoma campanularum

Chelostoma campanularum-species of Hymenoptera in the family Megachilidae. It is found in Europe and Northern Asia, and North America.


Copicerus irroratus

Copicerus irroratus species of delphacid Cicada in the family Delphacidae. It is located in the Caribbean, Central America, North America and South America.


Daceton armigerum

Daceton armigerum is one of the types of the Neotropical species of wood ants distributed throughout the Northern part of South America. D. armigerum combines several traits, is usually noted in some other arboreal ants i.e., populous colonies, l ...



Dinomyrmex is a monotypic genus of ants, containing the types of Dinomyrmex Gigas or giant forest ant. D. Gigas-a large species of ant, native to Southeast Asian forests. This is one of the largest ants in existence, the dimensions 20.9 mm for no ...


Ephoron leukon


Formica pallidefulva

Formica Pallidefulva is one of the species of ants found in North America. This red to dark-brown ant with a brilliant body, and varies in shade across the entire range. Colonies of this ant are found in a variety of habitats where they dig under ...


Galgupha nitiduloides

These three subspecies are the same species Galgupha nitiduloides: Nitiduloides Galgupha nitiduloides wolf, 1902. Galgupha nitiduloides coerulescens the table., 1862. Nitiduloides Galgupha McAtee texensis & Malloch, 1933.


Labidus coecus

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