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Caprella penantis

Caprella penantis is a kind of skeleton shrimp in the family Caprellidae. He lives on the seabed in shallow waters in many parts of the world. This species was first described in 1814 the English zoologist William Elford Leach, who called it Capr ...


Macropodia tenuirostris

M. tenuirostris adults reach a carapace width of 11 mm and a carapace length between 16 and 32 millimeters. The mask is brown in color and triangular in shape. Its surface is smooth or slightly rough. Frontal area − its rostrum is thick, long, ve ...


Nebalia herbstii

Leptostracan Nebalia herbstii is found in the North-East Atlantic, including Galway, Ireland. Found in the intertidal zone on sandy and rocky shores. Overall length typically in the range of 2-6 mm. N. herbstii can be distinguished from other Neb ...


Neomysis integer

Neomysis integer is a species of opossum shrimp found in shallow marine bays and estuaries of Europe, with a transparent greenish or brownish body and a large cephalothorax. It is in very shallow water in high and low salinity habitat. It is a fi ...


Pandalus montagui

Pandalus montagui is a species of cold-water prawns of the family Pandalidae. This species of the genus Pandalus and different known as pink shrimp and shrimp Aesop Aesop.


Alaska plaice

Alaska plaice is a saltwater fish that lives in the North Pacific ocean. Alaska flounder right-eye flounder, which lives on the sandy bottom of the continental shelf, up to 600 meters in depth. Their geographical range from the Gulf of Alaska in ...


Belligerent sculpin

Belligerent sculpin is a species of sculpin native to the Northern Pacific. This species grows to a length of 42 cm TL)


Bering wolffish

The Bering wolffish has an elongate and laterally compressed body with a thin tail stem. He has the coolest face, and, like other catfish, has long fangs that protrude beyond the tip of the jaws. It can grow up to 112 cm and 15 kg in weight, is d ...


Great sculpin

The great sculpin in the North Pacific ocean species of sculpin in the family Cottidae. Its range covers the Bering sea and Aleutian Islands, and extends from Hokkaido island and the Kamchatka Peninsula in Puget Sound, Washington. It is the large ...


Hemitripterus villosus

Hemitripterus villosus, commonly known as sea Raven, a fish species belonging to the family Hemitripteridae. It is native to the northwestern Pacific ocean off the coast of Russia and Japan.


Myoxocephalus aenaeus

The spawning season starts grimy winter and continues in spring. Spawning begins in coastal waters and later occurs in offshore ocean waters. Spawn in coastal waters only occurs in winter and early spring. Part of the Central Atlantic allows only ...


Salvelinus leucomaenis

White-spotted charr object is an East Asian genus in trout lake, called iwana in Japanese. Not having access to the sea and the ocean-start to arise shape. The form has no outlet to the sea, and typically grows up to 35 cm, and prefers low temper ...


Eutomostethus luteiventris

This species is present in ecozone the Nearctic and in most of Europe, except the Balkan and the Iberian Peninsula. It mainly inhabits wet meadows and hedge-rows.


Goniaea australasiae

Goniaea australasiae is a species of grasshopper in the family Acrididae. Experiments were carried out with G. australasiae time to examine genetic recombination in relation to the sequence of stages of meiosis, the relationship of chiasmata to c ...


Nymphes myrmeleonides

Nymphes myrmeleonides is an Australian Neuroptera, known as the blue eyes lacewing. It is found in New South Wales and Queensland. Species have a body length of up to 4 inches, and a wingspan up to 11 cm, each wing ends in a white tip. Larvae myr ...


Psaltoda harrisii

Psaltoda Harrisii, commonly known as yellowbelly, is a type of Cicada native to Eastern Australia. It can be distinguished from the similar but more Black Prince, noting the lack of dark Z-shaped infuscation at the apex of the front wings, which ...


Ptiolina obscura

Flies of this genus are tiny and black, quite different from the normal conception of the Rhagionidae. They can easily be mistaken for a small Empididae and little known, probably because the form is sometimes found in considerable amount in a ve ...


Rhogogaster punctulata

Rhogogaster punctulata can reach a length of 10-12 mm 0.39–0.47 V. the Body and head bright green. This Sawfly is on the head of a black pattern in the form of the Greek letter omega and very small black spots on abdominal segments. Black marking ...


Rhynocoris rubricus

Rhynocoris rubricus is one of the species belonging to the family Reduviidae, subfamily Harpactorinae. The base of the flap is slightly larger or equal to its height, anterior lobe of pronotum is red and hips are narrow black stripe. This species ...


Sphenella marginata

Sphenella bordered by is one kind of fly in the family Tephritidae, of the gall flies. It is found in the Palearctic. The larvae feed on Senecio vulgaris.


Tenthredo colon

Tenthredo colon may reach a length of about 10-13 mm 0.39–0.51 V. These sawflies have black head and thorax. Abdomen black with a reddish area towards the tip. Legs reddish. Antennae black, with white tips. The larvae are light brown with a disti ...


Tenthredo olivacea

Tenthredo olivacea can reach a length of about 8-14 mm 0.31–0.55 V. This Sawfly has a green body and head green, with dark green eyes. Head, thorax, and abdomen black spots. On the dorsal surface of the femur, tibia and Tarsus are shown by the bl ...


Beetles described in 1814


Butterflies described in 1814


Bivalves described in 1814


Cephalopods described in 1814


Gastropods described in 1814


Treia Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Tray, otherwise the Church of the Annunciation Roman Catholic Cathedral in the city of Treia, Macerata, Italy, dedicated to the Annunciation. He was formerly the residence of the Bishop of the tray from the diocese of Trey in ...


Barnesville Historic District

In the Barnesville historic district consists of the old part of Barnesville, Ohio, originally platted in 1808 and contains roughly 40 acres and 180 buildings. The district was added to the National register on July 19, 1984.


Houses in Belmont County, Ohio


Transportation buildings and structures in Belmont County, Ohio


Archaeological sites in Belmont County, Ohio


Populated places in Belmont County, Ohio


Protected areas of Belmont County, Ohio


People from Barnesville, Ohio


People from Bellaire, Ohio


People from Belmont, Ohio


People from Bridgeport, Ohio


People from Fairview, Ohio


People from Flushing, Ohio


People from Martins Ferry, Ohio


People from St. Clairsville, Ohio


Ohio State Route 265

State route 265 is 18.33 kilometers from East to West highway in the Eastern part of the U.S. state of Ohio. The Western Terminus of SR 265 to its junction with us 40 at approximately 2.50 km East from the border town of Cambridge. The highways E ...


Ohio State Route 9

State route 9 North to South route running through four counties in East Central Ohio. His route is 92.5 miles. The southern terminal is in CP 148 in Armstrongs mills and the Northern station with us 62 North of Salem.


Ohio State Route 147

State route 147 is a state highway East-West in the Eastern part of the U.S. state of Ohio. Its Eastern Terminus is at highway 7, near Bellaire, with its Western Terminus at SR 78 in noble County, Ohio. The highway passes near the Senecaville lak ...


Ohio State Route 148

State route 148 is a state highway East–West in Eastern Ohio. Existing exclusively in the southern part of the County of Belmont, MS 148 Western Terminus at SR 800 about two miles South of Barnesville. Eastern Terminus of SR 148 to SR 7 in Powhat ...


Ohio State Route 149

State route 149 is an L-shaped highway in Eastern Ohio. Although the East–West leg of the route more than the North to the South, the entire route is signed as "North–South". The route starts from the junction with SR 7 in Bellaire. The route hea ...


Ohio State Route 214


Ohio State Route 331

State route 331 is a state highway East–West in the Eastern part of the U.S. state of Ohio. State route 331 is the Western Terminus for highway 22, about 4 miles North-West from the village of Holloway. Its Eastern Terminus is at signalized inter ...


Ohio State Route 379

State route 379 North–South highway located in the southeastern quadrant of the U.S. state of Ohio. The highway runs from its southern Terminus at a T-junction with highway 78 approximately 3.25 km North-East of SUMMERFIELD its Northern end at G- ...

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