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Aul Palace

Aul Palace is situated near aul, Orissa, Kendrapara, India. This is the official Palace of the dynasty of deb, who ruled here from 1590 D. A. Chat-2018, was initiated by members of the Village Royal family plan to turn the wing of the Palace to t ...



Sukinda are is a town in Jajpur district, Orissa, India. Orissa accounts for about 98% of the proved reserves of chromite in the country, of which about 97% occur in the Valley of Sukinda. In September 2007, the blacksmith Institute listed Sukind ...


Antarctic shag

Antarctica step is a marine cormorant native to South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula in the southern part of the Atlantic ocean.


Cherax albidus

Cherax albidus, commonly known as the white yabby is an Australian freshwater crustacean in the Parastacidae family, primarily in the Western Australian agricultural dams. It gets the name White yabby, to distinguish it from cherax destructor com ...


Photis conchicola

Pictures conchicola is a species of marine amphipod crustacean that lives in the Eastern Pacific ocean. It grows to a length of 5.5 mm, and lives on the rocky beaches among the algae and surfgrass. He often inhabits discarded gastropod shells, wh ...


Rhynchocinetes durbanensis

Rhynchocinetes durbanensis, commonly known as the camel shrimps and hingebeak shrimp, is a species of shrimp found in the Indo-Pacific region. Up to 4 cm in length, shrimp, and large black eyes, and red and white lines on the translucent body. It ...


Achirus zebrinus

Achirus zebrinus-a kind the only one in the family Achiridae. He described Howard Walton Clark in 1936. It is located in the South-Eastern Pacific ocean.


Galaxias fuscus

Fuscus Galaxias, barred Galaxias, is a galaxiid of the genus Galaxias, a member of the Mountain Galaxias species complex group of freshwater fishes found in Australia.


Gulf bareye tilefish

Caulolatilus inter in bareye, Amadou Bay, is one of the types of Amadou relatives in the Gulf of Mexico. It lives on muddy bottoms at depths from 45 to 290 meters. This species can reach a length of 60 cm TL, although most of them are only about ...


Hemigobius mingi

Hemigobius Mingi, commonly known as the banded goby, is a species of goby found in brackish and marine waters in South-East Asia. Directory of Fish treats Hemigobius Mingi as a synonym Hemigobius melanurus.


Hypsopsetta macrocephala

Hypsopsetta macrocephala is kamalabari Flatfish family. This deep-sea fish that lives on bottoms in the tropical waters of the Eastern Pacific ocean and the Gulf of California.



Kochichthys is a monotypic genus percomorph fish of the family Pinguipedidae. The only species in the genus, flaviofasciatus Kochichthys, located in the Western part of the Pacific ocean in the waters around Japan were only recorded from Tosa Bay ...


Percis matsuii

Percis matsuii is a fish of the family Bychkova. He was described by Matsubara in 1936. It is a marine, deep water-dwelling fish, known from southern Japan in the Northwest Pacific ocean. It lives at depths of 200 to 500 metres, and inhabits sand ...


Anillidris bruchi


Arethaea ambulator

Ambulator Arethaea, usually known as hill country thread-legs Green grasshopper or multiple threads foot Green grasshopper, is a species of phaneropterine Green grasshopper in the family Tettigoniidae. It is found in North America.


Arethaea mescalero

Arethaea Mescalero, the filament-leg Mescalero Green grasshopper, view phaneropterine Green grasshopper in the family Tettigoniidae. It is found in North America.


Ceuthophilus hesperus

These 10 subspecies are the same species Ceuthophilus Hesperus: Ceuthophilus Hesperus clunicornis Hubbell, 1936. Ceuthophilus gesper Hubbell, 1936. Angulosus guttulosus Ceuthophilus Eades, 1962. Apalachicolae Ceuthophilus gracilipes Hubbell, 1936 ...


Froggattella latispina

Froggattella latispina-species of ants of the genus Froggattella. Described by William Morton Wheeler in 1936, this species is endemic to Australia, although it is considered rare.


Melanoplus payettei

Melanoplus payettei, or Payettes short-wing grasshopper, kind of spur throat grasshopper in the family Acrididae. It is found in North America.


Valenzuela despaxi

Valenzuela despaxi is a species of Psocoptera of the family Caeciliusidae, which can be found in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.


Oligodon kheriensis

Oligodon kheriensis or the coral kukri snake is a snake, which was first described in 1936 from the North kheri. In 2014 and 2015, the dead red coral kukri snake was found in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The last time a snake was spotted in ...


Tantilla hobartsmithi

Tantilla Hobartsmithi, commonly known as the southwest blackhead snake, eel the snake Smiths, or Smiths blackhead snake, is a species of small colubrid snake native to the southwestern United States and Northern Mexico.


Agelena injuria

Agelena development is a species of spider in the family Agelenidae, which contains 1146 species of funnel-web spiders. He was described by Fox in 1936. It is found mainly in China.


Agelenopsis actuosa

Common American grass spider is a type of grass native to spider in South-Eastern Canada and New England. Sometimes found in such States as Michigan and new York. In appearance very similar to those of the genus Agelena, instead of Agelenopsis, m ...



Argennina is a monotypic genus from North America cribellate araneomorph spiders of the family Dictynidae containing a single species, Argennina UNIKA. It was first described by Willis J. Gertsch & Mulaik S. in 1936, and was discovered only in Te ...



As of may 2019 contains twenty-four species: Alina Callitrichia Holm, 1962 – Algeria, Cameroon, Kenya. Callitrichia ruwenzoriensis Hill, 1962 – Uganda. Meruensis Callitrichia Holm, 1962 – Tanzania. Callitrichia kenyae Fage, 1936 – Kenya. Taeniata ...



Filistatinella is a genus of North American weavers cleft, which was first described by Willis J. Gertsch & Wilton Ivie in 1936. They are from 1.5 to 3.5 mm in length, and dark brown belly, longer than wide, with a few grey scales.



Plesiothele is monotypic Australian funnel-Orb containing a single species, Plesiothele fentoni. It was first described by Robert John Raven in 1978, and only in Australia. Initially, put the curtain web spiders, it was moved to Hexathelidae in 1980.



As of April 2019 contains six types: Fusinus Pronoides mi and Peng, 2013 – China. Applanatus Pronoides mi and Peng, 2013 – China. Sutaiensis Pronoides Zhang & Zhu, 2010 – China. Pronoides button schenkel, 1936 type – Russia-far East, China, Korea ...



Pseudopsellonus is monotypic Papuan running crab spiders, containing one species, Pseudopsellonus papuanus. It was first described by I. I. Balogh in 1936, and only in Papua New Guinea.


Psilochorus hesperus

Psilochorus Hesperus spider found in cellars and rock boulder places on the North-West USA and in British Columbia. Adult males have curved spikes protruding from their jaws.


Salticus austinensis

Salticus austinensis, spider Zebra is a species of jumping spider in the family Salticidae. It is found in the United States, Mexico and Central America.



Scorteccia is a monotypic genus from North Africa corinnid spiders SAC containing a single species, Scorteccia termitarum. It was first described by Lodovico di Caporiacco in 1936, and was only discovered in Libya.



Strongyliceps-genus from East Africa sheet weavers, which was first described by L. Fage & Eugene Louis Simon in 1936. As of may 2019 it contains only two species, both found in Uganda and Kenya: C. alluaudi and C. anderseni.



Tivodrassus-born Mexican earth spiders, which were first described by Ralph vary Chamberlin & Vaine Wilton Ivie in 1936. Originally posted with the long-Spinneret ground spiders, he was transferred to land spiders in 2018.



Typhlonyphia is monotypic European weavers sheet containing a single species, Typhlonyphia reimoseri. It was first described by John. Kratochvil in 1936, and is only found in Europe.


Wubana atypica

Wubana atypica is a species of spiders of the family linyphiidae from sheetweb V. Found in the United States and Canada, and was first described in 1936 Chamberlin and Irvie.


Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Douala

The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul is located in Douala, Cameroon - the Cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Douala and dedicated to St Peter and Paul.


Our Lady and St Brigids Church, Northfield

The mission was established in 1918 on steel road. In 1930 the land was purchased and a temporary Church was erected in 1931. The present building was built in 1936 by architect Ernest bower Norris. The Church is of red brick with clerestories na ...


St. Marys Catholic Church (Helena-West Helena, Arkansas)

The Church of St. Mary Catholic parish in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, in the Northern part of the Delta deanery of the diocese of little Rock. A historic parish Church located on 123 Columbia street.


Barlows lark

Barlows Lark is a species of lark in the family Zhavoronkova. He is in Namibia and South Africa, where its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry deciduous tree and shrub. Threatened by loss of habitat.


Para gnatcatcher

P. or Klagess gnatcatcher is a species of bird in the Polioptilidae family. It is located in the state of para in the South-East of the Amazonian region of Brazil. Gnatcatcher pair was previously considered a subspecies of Polioptila guianensis G ...


Corophium arenarium

Corophium arenarium small) European crustacean amphipods of the family Corophiidae. It looks very similar to C. volutator. It burrows in bottom sediments, from 10 to 60 m 33 and 197 feet deep. Corophium arenarium originates from the shores of Fra ...


Pseudochaenichthys georgianus

Pseudochaenichthys georgianus, the South Georgia ice-fish, is a species of crocodile ice fish is known only from the Northern part of the Antarctic Peninsula and Scotia sea, where it occurs from the surface to 475 meters. This species grows to a ...


Searsia koefoedi

This species grows to a length of 15 cm 5.9 in SL. In Searsia koefoedi can be found in the marine environment in the bathypelagic depth range from 450 – 1500 meters. They live in deep sea environments. They grow in areas of the Eastern part of th ...


Smallhead moray cod

In smallhead Moray cod, Notomuraenobathys microcephalus is a species of eel cod found in the Scotia sea and around the Peninsula and the coast of Antarctica Enderby. This species may be found at depths of from 1.976 to 3.040 m. This species grows ...


Stegastes altus

Stegastes apicalis observed, commonly known as Japanese Grisha, you are from the family pomacentridae. It is native to the Northwest Pacific, in the seas around Japan and the Ryukyu Islands. It was also reported from Taiwan and South Korea. It is ...


Surf silverside

Surf Silverside is a species of Silverside from a family found along the Pacific coast of Argentina and Chile. This is the only known member of the family and points the molecular evidence for this species to be sister to the Neotropical Silversi ...


Acromyrmex volcanus

The Acromyrmex Volcanus view of leaf-cutter ant, a new world ant of the subfamily Myrmicinae of the genus Acromyrmex. This species is one of two genera of advanced attines in the Attini tribe.


Amantis hainanensis

Amantis hainanensis-species of praying mantis native to China and Vietnam. This is a small mantid with short, filiform antennae, large grey eyes. It is light gray with black spots. The front legs have rows of short spines.

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