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Kelisia curvata


Kelisia flagellata


Kelisia pectinata


Kelisia spinosa


Laccocera vanduzeei


Megachile azarica


Megachile rufigaster


Megachile stilbonotaspis


Megachile subcingulata


Omisus pica


Paracloeodes minutus

Paracloeodes Baby is a species of small minnow mayflies in the family Baetidae. It is found in Central America, North America. In North America, its range includes southeastern Canada, Northern Mexico and the continental United States.


Phaenopsectra profusa


Phyllolabis myriosticta


Stenacron minnetonka


Tapinoma minor


Thelaira americana


Beetles described in 1945


Butterflies described in 1945


Moths described in 1945


Heteroteuthis serventyi

Heteroteuthis serventyi species of Bobtail squid native to the South-West Pacific, from South-Eastern Australia. For sample in Jervis Bay, New South Wales and is stored in the Australian Museum in Sydney. Some authorities consider H. servetyi syn ...


Uroteuthis bartschi

Uroteuthis bartschi, also known as Bartschs squid, is a species of squid grows to a certain length gowns from 20 cm species of the genus Uroteuthis.


Uroteuthis duvauceli

Uroteuthis duvaucelii, also known as Indian ocean of the Indian squid, or squid, is an Indo-West Pacific species of squid with a wide range over the Indian ocean to Malaysia and the South China sea and in the Red sea and the Arabian sea. U. duvau ...


Gastropods described in 1945


Epictia striatula


Aculepeira lapponica


Annapolis mossi

Annapolis is a monotypic genus from North America are dwarf spiders containing a single species, Annapolis Mossi. It was first described by Alfred Frank Millidge in 1984, and was discovered only in the United States.


Antillognatha lucida



Arctella is a monotypic genus of araneomorph spiders cribellate Dictynidae family containing a single species, Arctella Lapland. It was first described Å. Holm in 1945, and only in Russia, Scandinavia, Mongolia, USA and Canada.


Avicularia rufa

A valuable contribution to the study of the rufa is a species of spider in the family Theraphosidae. Samples from the Brazilian States of Mato Grosso and rondônia regularly, today a valuable contribution to the study juruensis. One difference is ...



Bolostromoides is a monotypic genus of the South American waffle spiders hatch containing a single species, Bolostromoides summorum. It was first described by R. D. Schiapelli & Gerschman, B. S. in 1945, and was only discovered in Venezuela.


Castianeira gertschi



As of may 2019 contains five types: Drepanotylus pirinicus Deltshev, 1992 – Bulgaria. O. uncatus Drepanotylus Pickard-Cambridge, 1873 type – Europe, Russia, Europe to Western Siberia. Drepanotylus hill Eskov, 1981 – Russian Federation-Western Sib ...


Emblyna hentzi


Habronattus trimaculatus


Hispanognatha guttata


Microhexura idahoana



for the 1951 Argentine film see Pecado film Pecado is a monotypic genus of dwarf spiders, containing a single species, Pecado impudicus. It was first described by G. Hormiga & N. scarf in 2005, and was discovered only in Spain, Morocco and Algeria.


Phrurolithus pipensis


Spirembolus bilobatus


Spirembolus redondo


Zelotes hentzi


Zygoballus gracilipes

Zygoballus gracilipes is a species of jumping spider which occurs in South America. It was first described by biologist Jocelyn crane in 1945. Type specimens stored at the American Museum of natural history in new York. The species have been coll ...


Ctenacanthus maranhensis


Chromis margaritifer

This two-tone chromis is widely distributed in the tropical waters of the Central Indo-Pacific region until the oceanic Islands of the Central Pacific ocean.


Gymnothorax equatorialis

Gymnothorax equatorialis is a Moray eel found in the Eastern Pacific, from the Gulf of California to Peru. It was first named by Hildebrand in 1946 and is widely known as the Spotted-Tail Moray eel or spottail Moray.


Myctophum lychnobium


Scorpaena afuerae

Scorpaena afuerae, Peruvian scorpionfish, belongs to the family of scorpionfish marine fishes. The fish body is able to cope well with changes in its operating environment with minimal damage, alteration or loss of functionality. His dorsal fin i ...


Sechura lizardfish

In sechura aerogrow, as you know, are in the marine environment and deep bottom about 45 – 60 meters. This species is found in the marine environment. The maximum recorded length of Sechura aerogrow is about 30 cm or 11.8 inches. This species is ...


Shorttail conger

Short tail Conger is an eel in the family barbatus. He was described by Charles Barkley Wade in 1946, originally under the genus Chiloconger. Is a subtropical, marine eel which is known from Eastern and South-Eastern Pacific ocean, including Cost ...


Smallfin worm-eel

Worm-eel Smallfin is an eel in the family Ophichthidae. He was described by Charles Barkley Wade in 1946. It is a marine, tropical eel which is known from East, Central and South-Eastern Pacific ocean, including Nicaragua, Colombia, Panama and Co ...

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