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Marymount Saints baseball


Euaugaptilus hyperboreus


Palaemon carteri

Palaemon Carteri is a species of shrimp of the family Palaemonidae. It is endemic in the Amazonian jungle. This is one of the most common shrimp Amazon.


Palaemon ivonicus


Palaemon peruanus


Anoplagonus occidentalis

Anoplagonus Western marine fish of the family Bychkova. He described Georgii Ustinovich Lindberg in 1950. It is a sea fish that lives in temperate waters and is known from Japan in the northwestern Pacific ocean. It lives at depths of 40-120 metr ...


Cepola pauciradiata

Pauciradiata bandfish Cepola species in the family Cepolidae. It is located on the Atlantic coast of Africa from Mauritania to Angola, and off the coast of the Islands of Cape Verde. He was found on the ocean floor at a depth of from 40 to 180 me ...


Garra trewavasai


Liparis marmoratus

The fish are painted in light brown to yellow and dark brown to reddish spots on the body and median fins. His body is described as slim, but not Humpbacked. Festive snailfishs the head is broad and depressed. Head width almost equal to its depth ...


Pencil cardinal

The pencil cardinalfish-species of deepwater cardinalfish found worldwide at depths from 130 to 830 m. This fish can reach up to 20 cm in TL. The pencil cardinalfish and bullseye are very similar, except the former seven spines in the first dorsa ...



In Popoyote also known as Chiapas of killifish is a killifish of the family Profundulidae, which is endemic in the valley of San Cristobal de Las Casas in the Chiapas highlands in southern Mexico. It is very rare because of its natural habitat, w ...


Aaroniella badonneli

Aaroniella badonneli is one kind of love barklouse in the family Philotarsidae. It is found in Europe, Northern Asia, Canada and the United States.


Abas unipunctata

Abas unipunctata view achilid of cicadas in the family Achilidae. This is the only known species in the genus Abas. Their genus and species was described by Ronald Gordon Fennah in 1950. It was described based on one female collected in Senahu, A ...


Aedes seculatus


Aphoebantus scalaris


Camponotus clarithorax


Ceratophyllus enefdeae


Ceratophyllus frigoris


Chronoxenus rossi


Crematogaster chopardi


Crematogaster emeryana


Dactylolabis vestigipennis


Deinacrida carinata


Deinacrida tibiospina


Empusa longicollis


Eremochrysa tibialis


Gorytes dorothyae


Lasius pogonogynus

Lasius pogonogynus is one of the species of ants belonging to the genus Lasius, formerly in the genus Acanthomyops. Described in 1950 Buren, the species is found in the United States.


Limnocoris moapensis


Megachile pauliani


Paracosmus rubicundus


Pseudonomoneura californica


Pseudonomoneura tinkhami


Tarachodes vitreus



Tetanoptera leucodactyla is a species of fly in the family Sciomyzidae, the only species in the genus Tetanoptera. It is located in the Eastern region.


Wiedemannia agilis


Wiedemannia alticola


Wiedemannia gracilis


Beetles described in 1950


Butterflies described in 1950


Moths described in 1950


Alloteuthis africana

Alloteuthis Africanus, also known as African squid, is a species of squid in the family Loliginidae. This species of squid is limited to the Guinean province. To determine Alloteuthis Africana Alloteuthis from other family members, it is recommen ...


Gastropods described in 1950


Eutropis floweri

Its dorsal scales are tricarinate. The scale of the mid-body rows, 30-32. Smooth ventral row data 12. The upperparts are olive-brown, with greenish dorso-lateral stripes extending from the eye to base of tail. Series 20 pair of short narrow black ...


Nessia deraniyagalai

"Nesia" deraniyagalai, commonly known as Deraniyagalas snake, skink or Deraniyagalas "nesia", is a species of legless Skinks endemic to the island of Sri Lanka.


Agyneta obscura


Agyneta suecica



As of June 2019 it contains twenty-one species and one subspecies, found in the Caribbean, the USA, Colombia and Panama: Anasaitis themselves. fulgida address Franganillo, 1930 Cuba. Anasaitis address arcuata Franganillo, 1930 Cuba. Anasaitis Ado ...



Promyrmekiaphila is a genus of North American mygalomorph spiders in the family Euctenizidae. The genus was first described by E. schenkel in 1950. As of may 2019 it contains only two species, both found in the U.S.: Promyrmekiaphila clathrata an ...


Semljicola alticola

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