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Chitons described in 1834


Gastropods described in 1834


Crossobamon eversmanni

Two subspecies are recognized as valid, including the nominotypical subspecies. Crossobamon eversmanni lumsdenii Boulenger, 1887. Crossobamon Eversmanni Wiegmann, 1834. Nota bene: a trinomial authority in parentheses indicates that the subspecies ...


Spine-bellied sea snake

The spine-bellied sea snake, also known as the Hardwickes and Hardwickes sea snake spine-bellied sea snake, is a species of venomous sea snakes in the family elapidae.


Asianellus festivus

Asianellus festivus-a species of jumping spiders with the distribution of the Palearctic. It can be found in Lithuania, where they are considered a new species.


Crustulina guttata

Crustulina guttata is a species of spider with a Palearctic distribution. This, in particular, found in Lithuania. It is a species of Crustulina.


Cryphoeca silvicola

Cryphoeca silvicola small dwarf sheet spider family Cybaeidae, which has a Palearctic distribution. Generic name, Cryphoeca, means a latent and specific name silvicola means "living in the woods."


Cryptachaea riparia


Dicymbium nigrum

Dicymbium nigrum is a species of dwarf spider in the family linyphiidae s. It is found in Europe, Turkey, the Caucasus, ranging from Russia to Central Asia and China.


Drassodes cupreus

Drassodes cupreus is a species of spider in the genus Drassodes, family Gnaphosidae. Ground Night hunter, he spends the day in a silk retreat.


Entelecara acuminata

Entelecara acuminata is a species of dwarf spider in the family linyphiidae. It is in the US, Europe, Russia and Central Asia.


Hyptiotes paradoxus

Paradoxical Hyptiotes is a type of spider with a Palearctic distribution. This, in particular, found in Lithuania and Latvia. It is also found in Estonia and Finland.



As of may 2019 contains thirteen types: Megamyrmaekion Transvaalense Tucker, 1923 – South Africa. Megamyrmaekion hula Levi 2009, Israel. Megamyrmaekion caudatum Reuss, 1834 type – Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Iran. Algericum Megamyrmaekion Simo ...



As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number on the minor planet Center groups, internal audit, and the discoverers can then submit names for them after the internal audit naming. The list below concerns those mino ...


Zilla (spider)

As of April 2019 contains four species: Zilla diodia Walckenaer, 1802 type – Europe to Azerbaijan. Zilla Qinghaiensis Hu, 2001 – China. Zilla English of SAHA & Raychaudhuri, 2004 – India. Zilla crownia Yin, Xie & Bao, 1996 – China.


Cockayne Farm Preservation Project

The preservation project Cockayne farm obligation Glen Dale, WV government-city, and the Marshall County historical society. "Highlight" of the project, the Bennett Cockayne house, a property on the national register of historic places, was given ...


Moundsville Bridge

The Moundsville bridge is four-lane through arch bridge, which connects Mead township, Ohio and Moundsville, West Virginia, across the Ohio river. The entrances to the bridge, carries Ohio state route 872 on the side of the Ohio and the unsigned ...


Spencer Cemetery

Spencer cemetery is a historical cemetery located in Cameron, Marshall County, West Virginia. The cemetery has only one grave, monument and two gravestones related to John Spencer and his third wife, EFFIE Spencer. Eight-foot-tall carved limeston ...


Historic districts in Marshall County, West Virginia


Houses in Marshall County, West Virginia


National Register of Historic Places in Marshall County, West Virginia


Populated places in Marshall County, West Virginia


Protected areas of Marshall County, West Virginia


People from Benwood, West Virginia


People from Glen Dale, West Virginia


People from Moundsville, West Virginia


Prabhupadas Palace of Gold


West Virginia Route 86

West of route VA-86 North to the South highway located in Marshall County, West Virginia. The southern Terminus of the route is on U.S. route 250 and West Virginia route 2 in Glen Dale. The Northern Terminus is at West Virginia route 88 South Eas ...


West Virginia Route 891

West Virginia route 891 in 2.29 km from East to West highway located in Marshall County, West Virginia. The Western Terminus of the route is on U.S. route 250 about three miles North of Cameron. The Eastern Terminus is on the border of Pennsylvan ...


Atergatis subdentatus

Atergatis subdentatus has a compact shape, and may appear either uniform crimson in colour, or may be unevenly stained yellow on a crimson background. It is widely subquadrilateral carapace which grows to about 90 mm 3.5 inches in width, and fine ...


Eucrate crenata

Eucrate crenata, blunt-spined euryplacid crab, is a species of Indo-Pacific crab from the family Euryplacidae. He invaded the Mediterranean sea with the Red sea for Lessepsian migration through the Suez canal.


Gecarcinus lateralis

Gecarcinus lateralis, also known by the common names blackback land crab, Bermuda Land Crab, Red land crab and moon crab, a colourful crab from the family Gecarcinidae.


Hemigrapsus penicillatus

Hemigrapsus penicillatus is a species of crab. Native range Hemigrapsus penicillatus extends from the Russian Far East along the coasts of Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea, and the far South-West of Hong Kong. Although this species is not reported ...


Petrolisthes laevigatus

Petrolisthes laevigatus is a species of porcelain crab found in Chile and Peru. The width of its carapace reaches 2.5 centimeters. P. laevigatus lives under stones in the middle and lower littoral zone. It feeds by filtering zooplankton.


Cheilinus abudjubbe

Cheilinus abudjubbe in Abudjubbe wrasse, is a species of ray-finned fish of the family Labridae, the wrasses. It is located in the Western part of the Indian ocean and the red sea. This species was formally described in 1835 by Eduard Ruppell, no ...


Chirostoma humboldtianum

Chirostoma humboldtianum, the shortfin Silverside, is a species of Neotropical Silverside endemic to Mexico. It reaches a maximum length of about 20 cm This species was described as Atherina humboldtiana Achilles Valenciennes in 1835 with a terra ...


Ctenochaetus marginatus

Ctenochaetus hum-tropical fish found in coral reefs in the Pacific ocean. It was first named Achilles Valenciennes in 1835, and is widely known as the striped ribbed surgeon, blue-spotted bristletooth, or bluespotted Chirurgie. It is used in aqua ...


Labeobarbus intermedius intermedius


Naso tonganus

Naso tonganus is a tropical fish found in coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian oceans. He is widely known as bulbnose fish-unicorn, hump nose, fish-unicorn, fish-unicorn-headed, or the humpnose unicorn. This is important in commercial fisheries.


Plesiops coeruleolineatus

P. coeruleolineatus has an elongated body that grows to a length of 8.5 to 10 cm. Although the colors are different, this usually has a black or brown body with two dark stripes behind the eye. The spines of dorsal tipped with orange or red, bord ...


Prionurus scalprum

Prionurus scalprum is a subtropical fish found in coral reefs in the northwestern Pacific ocean. It is commonly known as the scalpel sawtail. It is sometimes used in aquariums.


Pseudochromis flavivertex

Pseudochromis flavivertex, sunrise dottyback, is a species of ray-finned fish from the Western Indian ocean, which is a member of the family Pseudochromidae. It sometimes makes its way into the aquarium trade. It grows to the size of 7.2 -7.5 cm ...


Pseudochromis steenei

Steenei Pseudochromis, also known as lyretail lottyback, is a marine fish from Indonesia, which are sometimes kept in aquariums. The specific name is in honour of the Australian naturalist and underwater photographer Roger C. Steene, who helped i ...


Siganus virgatus

Siganus virgatus-marine fish species from the family Siganidae, Perciformes, suborder Acanthuroidei. It often name barhead spinefoot. The term is also used spinefoot, rabbitfish in addition to refer to other species of the genus Siganus.


Acanthocerus lobatus


Antianthe expansa


Berytinus minor

Minor Berytinus view of the stilt bugs in the family Berytidae. Its found in Africa, Europe and Northern Asia, and North America.


Blue ant

Blue ant also known as the blue-ant or cornflower, despite its name and its appearance, not an ant, but a species of large solitary parasitic wasp sometimes called flower Wasp. She hails from southern and South-Eastern Australia, including the Au ...


Bothrostethus annulipes

Bothrostethus annulipes can reach a length of about 9-10 mm 0.35–0.39 V. the Body is black-brown. Connexivum yellow spotted. The edges of the pronotum finely toothed. Humeral tooth very clearly and curved outward. Black middle notch on the front ...


Calocoris affinis

Calocoris affinis is one of the types of errors in the Mirinae subfamily of the family Miridae which can be found everywhere in Europe except Switzerland and Greece.

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