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Agalmatium flavescens

This species is present in Albania, Armenia, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.


Chrysopilus asiliformis

Adults grow up to 6-9 mm 0.24–0.35 in. long. These fragile-looking fly shows slender body. Head, thorax, and abdomen grey dusted, with dark stripes on the abdomen, without setae, legs quite long and thin, with brownish-yellow thighs. Wings transp ...


Polistes versicolor

Zoster, but subtropical In the social Wasp but the most common kind of paper wasps. The most widely distributed South American Wasp species, P. versicolor is particularly common in the South-Eastern States of Brazil. This social Wasp is commonly ...


Pyrgomorpha conica


Pyrops maculatus

Subspecies include: Pyrops maculatus Olivier, 1791. Pyrops fulvirostris maculatus Walker, 1858. Pyrops delessertii Guerin-Meneville 1940, is treated as subspecies of maculatus old authors, but more recent work consider her species.


Beetles described in 1791


Butterflies described in 1791


Moths described in 1791


Semicassis undulata

Semicassis of undulata is a Mediterranean species of middle sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the subfamily Cassinae, snail hat and cover the snails.


Bivalves described in 1791


Chitons described in 1791


Gastropods described in 1791


Chiesa dellOsservanza, Cesena

DellOsservanza or Chiesa Santa Maria Annunziata dellOsservanza in the Gothic style, Roman Catholic Church, located in Viale Osservanza #198 in the city of Cesena, region Emilia-Romagna, Italy.


Padre Filippini, Verona

The Church of Padri Filippini, also known as the Church of the Filippini, is a neoclassical style Roman Catholic Church in Verona, which like the older and neighboring Church of San Fermo Maggiore is dedicated to the saints Fermo and Rustico.


Plexaura homomalla

Plexaura homomalla, commonly known as the Black sea rod or Caribbean sea whip, is a species of gorgonian-type octocoral in the family Plexauridae. It is widely distributed in the Caribbean from Florida to the Northern coast of Venezuela. P. homom ...


Lutjanus johnii

Lutjanus birth, commonly known as snapper Jones or Golden grouper, a saltwater fish native to the Western Pacific and Indian oceans, from East Africa to Fiji and Australia. In Queensland, Northern territory and other parts of Australia, it is per ...



In navaga is a relatively small fish of the cod family of fishes of the cod family. He lives in the Arctic and subpractices waters of the Barents, White and Kara seas, from the Kola Bay to the mouth of the Ob river. Navaga fish usually occur at s ...


Painted sweetlips

Painted the residents or inhabitants of the slate, chart pictum is a species of marine fish in the family Haemulidae. It is widely distributed in the tropical waters of the Indo-West Pacific, red sea included. This species reaches a length of 100 ...


Parapercis cylindrica

Rod Parapercis = Greek para beside, Near, in comparison with the Greek perkis, fish, perch. Parapercis genus of fish closely related to perch, that belong to the genus Perca.



As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number on the minor planet Center groups, internal audit, and the discoverers can then submit names for them after the internal audit naming. The list below concerns those mino ...


Camponotus lateralis

The types lateralis-a species of ants of the genus species. This species has a wide range and in countries around the Mediterranean sea, the Crimea, the Caucasus, Northwest Africa, Asia Minor and the Kopet Dagh.


Crematogaster scutellaris

Crematogaster scutellaris can reach lengths of about 8 mm in the Queen, while the workers rarely exceed 5 mm. These ants have a reddish head and black breast and belly. The shape of the abdomen is characteristic, as it gradually narrows to the to ...


Dolichoderus bispinosus

Dolichoderus bispinosus-species of ants of the genus Dolichoderus. Described by Olivier in 1792, found in many countries, including Belize, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, French Guiana, Guyana, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, ...


Eciton vagans

Eciton vagans is a species of new world ants of the genus Eciton. It occurs in dry and wet forest habitats, occupying a range extending from Mexico to throughout Costa Rica and possibly Panama and Colombia. Raids are always in Columns and are dis ...


Ectatomma tuberculatum

Ectatomma tuberculatum is a species of the Neotropical ant genus Ectatomma. Distributed in Neotropical, the species occurs from Mexico to Argentina. It is a node on the associated parasite Ectatomma parasiticum, the only known parasitic species o ...


Ectemnius cephalotes

Ectemnius cephalotes is a kind of square head in the wasp family Crabronidae. It is found in Europe and Northern Asia, and North America.


Lasius emarginatus

Lasius emarginatus in the small ant, reaching a length of 3-5.5 mm in working, 7-10 mm in females and 7-14.5 mm in males. The workers and females the breast is reddish-or brownish-red, and the head and abdomen brown. Males are completely brown. T ...


Polybia sericea

Polybia sericea is a social, tropical wasps of the family Saveliev, which can be found in South America. He founded their colonies on swarming migrations, and feeds on nectar and arthropods. P. sericea is medium in size and dark colour of the bod ...


Stagmatoptera abdominalis


Beetles described in 1792


Butterflies described in 1792


Moths described in 1792


Pteropus niger


Sorex arcticus


Gastropods described in 1792


St. Francis Xavier Church (Warwick, Maryland)

Since 1704 the Society of Jesus bought the farm and initiated missionary activity on the territory, thus creating a second mission in Maryland half a century after the founding of the mission of the Newtown estate in Saint Marys, Maryland. But th ...


Leptograpsus variegatus


Thenus orientalis


Thumbnail crab

The thumbnail crab, TIA scutellata, is a species of crab, the carapace of which resembles a human thumbnail. It is located in the North sea, North East Atlantic and the Mediterranean sea. It is the only surviving species in the genus TIA, althoug ...


Asian swamp eel

The Asian swamp eel, swamp eel, rice eel, or white ricefield eel is a commercially important, air-breathing species of fish in the Synbranchidae family. What is happening in the waters of East and South-East Asia, it has been identified as invasi ...


Yirrkala fusca


Acromyrmex octospinosus

Octospinosus ants is a species of new world ants of the subfamily Myrmicinae of the genus Acromyrmex. It is found in the wild in Central America from southern Mexico to Panama and Northern South America in Venezuela. Foundresses of the leaf-cutti ...


Ascaloptynx appendiculata


Augochloropsis metallica


Bembix americana

Bembix Americana is a species of sand Wasp in the family Crabronidae. It is located in the Caribbean sea, Central America, North America and South America.


Camponotus sexguttatus

Montserratensis sexguttatus Wheeler types, 1923. Sexguttatus biguttatus species emery, 1894. Unitaeniatus sexguttatus Wheeler types, 1923. Sexguttatus types sexguttatus Fabricius, 1793. Sexguttatus types decorus Smith, 1858. Antiguanus sexguttatu ...


Conocephalus fuscus

Aral thorn fuscus, long-winged crane, is a member of the family Tettigoniidae, Bush-crickets and are distributed through most of Europe and temperate Asia. This Bush-cricket is native to the British Isles, where it can be confused with short-wing ...


Cryptocheilus discolor


Dolichovespula saxonica

Dolichovespula saxonica, also known as the Saxon wasp, is a common social Wasp found in the Palaearctic region, particularly in much of Europe and Northern and Central Asia. Though a native of continental Europe, D. saxonica already colonised Bri ...


Great blue skimmer

Great blue skimmer dragonfly of the skimmer family. With a total length of 50 to 63 mm, it is one of the largest skimmers. Immature forms skimmer brown and Mature blue hue. This species occurs near lakes, ponds, and slow streams in the Eastern Un ...

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