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Oroville Municipal Airport

Municipal airport Oroville is a public airport located 3 miles southwest of the city of Oroville in Butte County, California, USA.


People from Oroville, California


California State Route 193

State route 193 state highway in the U.S. state of California, which runs through placer County and El Dorado. It starts as "East–West" highway runs from Lincoln to Newcastle, just West of Auburn. After concurrencies with interstate 80 and highwa ...


Placerville Airport

The Placerville airport is located three miles East of Placerville, the County El Dorado, California. National plan of integrated airport systems for 2011-2015 took him to the category of General aviation airport. No passenger airlines at the air ...


Placerville Soda Works


People from Red Bluff, California


California State Route 44

Highway 44 is a state highway in the U.S. state of California that travels in an East–West direction from state routes 273 and 299 in Redding to Lassen volcanic national Park, before ending at State route 36 West of Susanville. This final portion ...


California State Route 273

State route 273 is a state highway in the U.S. state of California that serves as a business loop from interstate 5, which runs directly through the downtown areas of Anderson and Redding in Shasta County. SR 273 was part of former highway 99. In ...


Columbia Elementary School District

Columbia elementary school district, located in Redding, California, is a school district in Redding in the far East side. It is home to one elementary school and one middle school.


Gateway Unified School District

Gateway unified school district school district in Northern Redding, California. The gateway has one elementary school, two K-8 schools, and two high schools. James Harrell is the current superintendent. The following are several schools in the a ...


Iron Mountain Railway (California)

The iron mountain railway was a narrow gauge common carrier wagons, located Northwest of Redding, California. It ran 11 miles from Keswick, CA on the southern Pacific railway Iron mountain, California, at the foot of the Iron mountain.


Mary Lake (California)

Mary lake is a small artificial freshwater lake in Redding, California. It is located near lake Mary subdivision on the West side of Redding from Buenaventura Boulevard. The inflow and outflow of Jenny Creek, which flows into the Sacramento river ...


WaterWorks Park

Waterworks Park-amusement Park-water Park in Redding, California. It opened in 1985. It includes several water slides. It is located on highway 299 and interstate 5 on an eight acre site about seven miles from lake Shasta. The Park is recreated S ...


People from Redding, California


Emerald Lake Hills, California

Emerald lake hills or Emerald hills is a census-designated place and neighborhood in unincorporated County of San MATEO, California, USA. Situated among oak-studded hills between Woodside, Redwood city and San Carlos roughly bounded by Edgewood r ...


Redwood City station

Redwood city is a regional open train station is located in Redwood city, California. It is the weekday timed transfer station for limited-stop trains. The station has two side platforms serving two directions the division of the Peninsula.


Redwood Shores, California

Redwood shores is a community pond in Redwood city, California. It is located along the Western shore of the Bay of San Francisco on the Peninsula of San Francisco in San MATEO. Redwood shores is home to several major technology companies, includ ...


Union Cemetery (Redwood City, California)

Union cemetery is a historic cemetery on Woodside road near El Camino real in Redwood city, San MATEO, California. The cemetery was named a California historical landmark #816 in 1967, and then added to the national register of historic places in ...


Westpoint Slough

Exeter, Slough is the largest of several sloughs feeding into Redwood Creek in San MATEO, California, USA. This Slough is surrounded by extensive undisturbed wetlands, including Greco island, which is its Northern boundary. Channel Exeter, Slough ...


Redirects for Riverside, California


California State Route 183

State route 183 is a state highway in the U.S. state of California, entirely within the County of Monterey, from route 101 in Salinas to state route 1 in Castroville.


People from Salinas, California


Stoddard-Waite Monument


Urbita Lake Railway

In Urbita lake railway-1 ⁄ 2 mile long miniature railway with a track 18, which operated from about 1910 at least August 1915 at the Urbita Hot springs in San Bernardino, California.


San Diego Climate Action Plan

The action plan of the climate of San Diego was adopted in San Diego in December 2015. This plan is similar to the plan of action on climate change. The city plan defines a goal of eliminating half of all greenhouse gas emissions as all energy mu ...


Pilot Program for Scooter Sharing in San Francisco

The program enables you to share powered scooter is a software program developed by the Agency for urban transport San Francisco to exchange the scooter. On 17 April 2018, the Supervisory Council of the Agency for urban transport San Francisco un ...


San Francisco templates


California State Route 227

State route 227 is a state highway in the U.S. state of California and is located in San Luis Obispo. This alternative route is highway 101 between Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo, serving the community of Edna and regional airport San Luis Obi ...


Buildings and structures in San Luis Obispo, California


People from San Luis Obispo, California


Marin Transit

The marine Agency transit passenger bus in Marin County, California, in the United States. Originally formed in 1964 as Marin County transit, Marin transit was renamed on 30 July 2007 and now provides many routing and regulation of the consumptio ...


Rafael Film Center


San Rafael Creek

San Rafael Creek is a watercourse in Marin County, California, USA that discharges to the Gulf of San Rafael, a small Bay of San Francisco. The mouth of San Rafael Creek channel estuary through industrial area. San Rafael Creek has the designatio ...


Neighborhoods in San Rafael, California


Hotel Metropole (Santa Cruz, California)

The "Metropol" hotel, built in 1908, was added to the national register of historic places in 1979. It was demolished after badly damaged during the earthquake of Loma Prieta 1989. It was built as a hotel to offer a "forty-eight furnished rooms f ...


People from Santa Cruz, California


People from Sonora, California


Sharpe Facility


Tracy Facility


People from Stockton, California


California State Route 222

State route 222, named Talmage road for its entire length, without state highway in the U.S. state of California. It was originally built as a short spur route of U.S. route 101 in the County of Mendocino that was the Mendocino state hospital in ...


California State Route 253

State route 253, also known as the Ukiah–Boonville road, is a highway in the U.S. state of California that runs between Anderson valley and Ukiah in Mendocino County. It crosses the mountain range of Mendocino and state route 128 near Boonville h ...


Ukiah Municipal Airport

Ukiah airport is a public airport located one mile South of Ukiah, serving Mendocino County, California, USA. This major aviation airport covers 160 hectares and has one runway.


Solimar Beach

The beach is approximately one mile North of Emma wood beach. The beach is a sandy beach and ocean that lines the ocean front housing and extends in the Southeast direction of the city of Ventura "Soli" and 3 South swell-conditions varying on the ...


U.S. Route 101 Business (Ventura, California)


People from Visalia, California


Thunderhill Raceway Park

The circuit Thunderhill is a motorsports complex located 7 miles West of willows, California, USA, in the Sacramento valley. This is the place for the longest automobile race in the US, 25 hours of Thunderhill, which is held annually on the first ...


Willows-Glenn County Airport

Willows-Glenn County airport is a County owned, public use airport located one nautical mile West of the Central business district of Willows, a city in Glenn County, California, United States of America. This airport is included in the national ...


Buildings and structures in Woodland, California


California State Route 263

State route 263 is a state highway in the U.S. state of California, which is part of the production cycle, 5 in the County of Siskiyou, due to the parallel route from interstate 5 to the West. Route 263 connects route 3 near the North limits of t ...

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