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Pteronarcella regularis


Scolopostethus thomsoni

Scolopostethus thomsoni is a species of dirt-colored seed bug in the family Rhyparochromidae. Its found in Africa, Europe and Northern Asia, and North America.


Stenolemus bituberus

Stenolemus bituberus is one of the threads in Turkish insect found in most parts of Australia. This species spends almost all of his life in a web. It preys on spiders including jumpers and nests of spiders Achaearanea, Badumna, Pholcus, and Stip ...


Stephanitis pyrioides

Stephanitis pyrioides, Azalea lace bug, species of lace bug in the family Tingidae. Its found in Africa, Australia, Europe and Northern Asia, North America, Oceania, South America and South Asia.


Tempyra biguttula


Thereva hirticeps


Timia amoena


Urocerus japonicus

Urocerus rossis, commonly known as the Japanese Horntail, a species of Sawfly is native to South-East Asia. Studies show that the dispersal distance of female is higher than male. Fungal species Amylostereum laevigatum was his first appearance in ...


Xanthocanace ranula


Xylocopa inconstans

Xylocopa inconstans can reach a length of about 20-26 mm 0.79–1.02 V. the Plate has a right angle. The back side of the mesosoma and first tergite show a white pubescence.


Beetles described in 1874


Butterflies described in 1874


Moths described in 1874


Solemya parkinsonii


Gastropods described in 1874



As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number on the minor planet Center groups, internal audit, and the discoverers can then submit names for them after the internal audit naming. The list below concerns those mino ...



As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number on the minor planet Center groups, internal audit, and the discoverers can then submit names for them after the internal audit naming. The list below concerns those mino ...


Cameroon rainforest snake


Kei Island worm snake

The specific name, kraalii, in honor of captain P. F. Kraal of the Dutch military in the Moluccas, which was assisted by an Italian expedition on which the holotype was collected.


Saproscincus mustelinus

The southern weasel skink is around 45 mm 1.8 In from snout to vent, is covered in iridescent reddish brown, small, and has several distinctive white marks behind and below the eye.


Altella lucida


Amaurobius latebrosus


Bothriocyrtum californicum


Castianeira walsinghami


Ceraticelus atriceps


Ceraticelus emertoni


Ceraticelus fissiceps


Ceraticelus laetabilis

These two subspecies are the same species Ceraticelus laetabilis: Ceraticelus laetabilis O. P Cambridge, 1874. Ceraticelus laetabilis pisga Chamberlin, 1949.


Ceratinopsis interpres


Cheiracanthium insigne

Cheiracanthium insigne is a species of spider of the genus Cheiracanthium. It is found in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and China. This species is sometimes classified as a senior synonym of gracilipes Eutittha.


Cteniza moggridgei

Cteniza moggridgei is a species of tarantula in France and Italy. The Ionian Islands, their nests are often found among the roots of olive trees. These nests are sometimes found grouped together, but their closeness is not necessarily a sign of t ...


Cymbacha festiva


Erigone dentigera



As of April 2019, contains nine species: Idioctis helva L. Koch, 1874 type – Fiji. Idioctis Enewetak Raven, 1988 – Marshall., Caroline. Idioctis Christmas Raven, 1988 – Australia Christmas. Idioctis yerlata Churchill & Raven, 1992 – Australia QLD ...


Maratus volans

Both sexes reach a body length of about 5 mm. Females and immature of both sexes are brown but have colour samples which they can be distinguished from related species. In addition, the males dance to attract females.



As of may 2019 contains thirty-nine species and one subspecies: Poecilochroa phyllobia Thorell, 1871 – Italy. We Poecilochroa O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1874 – Libya, Egypt, Ethiopia, Israel. Involuta Poecilochroa Tucker, 1923 – South Africa. Poeciloc ...


Sidymella rubrosignata

Sidymella rubrosignata is one of spider-crabs in Australia. This is a common spider, often seen in Dianella plants. Like all thomisid spiders, it does not, but lies in wait for prey to come near. They prey on insects and sometimes other small spi ...



Souessa is a monotypic genus of the North American sheet weavers, containing a single species, Souessa spinifera. It was first described by C. R. Crosby and S. C. Bishop in 1936, and was recognized in the United States.


Tetragnatha montana

Alien Montana, commonly known as spider silver stretch, is a type of long-jaw ORB weaver family Tetragnathidae that is distributed in the Palaearctic. It preys mainly on flies and mosquitoes. Called the Silver spider stretch refers to its shiny m ...



As of April 2019 contains twelve types: Trittame mccolli Raven, 1994 – Australia QLD. Trittame ingrami Raven, 1990 – Australia QLD. Trittame Crow, Loki, 1990 – Australia QLD. Trittame rainbowi Raven, 1994 – Australia QLD. Trittame Kochi Raven, 19 ...


Walckenaeria directa


Zodarion fulvonigrum


Zodarion timidum


Santa Maria Assunta, Pievepelago

The parish Church in the place is documented from 1038, but little remains of this building. The construction of the present parish began in 1868, designed by Cesare Costa, and was consecrated in 1874. The Church houses the Glory of Santa Filomen ...


Sacred Heart Church, Bournemouth

Catholic Church of the sacred Heart, or the Church of the sacred heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church in the seaside resort of Bournemouth, England. Located on albert road close to the centre of the city, it was the first Catholic Church built in ...


Sacred Heart Church, Rectory, School and Convent (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Sacred heart Church, rectory, School and convent make up an historic Roman Catholic Church complex at 6th and Thorndike streets in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Church was built in the 1870s and 1880s to serve the parish first organized as the St ...


St Josephs Church, Preston

St. Josephs Church is located in Skeffington Road, Preston, Lancashire, England. It is an active Roman Catholic Church in the diocese of Lancaster. The Church is included in the national heritage list for England as a designated grade II degree.


Spotted catbird

The spotted catbird is the industry kind of salasnich, which can be found in North Queensland, in the East of the Molucca Islands and New Guinea. Although he is a member of the family of salasnich to build a gazebo. Widespread throughout its larg ...


Temotu whistler

In Temotu Whistler is a species of bird in the Pachycephalidae family that is endemic to the Islands of Santa Cruz group of the Solomon Islands. It was classified as a separate species in the 2016 IOC. Two of its subspecies, previously owned by f ...


Coleusia signata

Coleusia signata is a species of crabs of the family Leucosiidae, which is found in the Red sea and Western Indian ocean, which colonized the Eastern Mediterranean by Lessepsian migration through the Suez canal.

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