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Dictyna hamifera


Gnaphosa petrobia



As of may 2019 contains sixty-five species and three subspecies: Dresco L. condei, 1987 – France. Cavalairensis L. Dresco, 1987 – France. L. Convexa Simon, 1872 type – France. L. berlandi Machado & Ribera, 1986 – Portugal. Changlini L. Zhu & TSO, ...


Pardosa glacialis


Pardosa groenlandica


Pardosa hyperborea

Pardosa Hyperborea is a kind of wolf-spider in the family lycosidae. It is found in North America, Greenland, Europe and Russia.


Phryganoporus candidus

Phryganoporus Candidus, sometimes called spider webbing of leaves, spider widespread, but endemic to Australia. It is up to 10 mm, silver-grey to brown with a pattern of light and dark brown markings on the abdomen. Unlike most other spiders, P. ...


Steatoda erigoniformis

Steatoda erigoniformis is a type of web spiders in the Theridiidae family. It ranges from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Middle East, the Caucasus, China, Korea, Japan, and was introduced in the Caribbeen.


Tegenaria silvestris

Rare species of spiders Tegenaria or is mostly found in caves, or on dumps, sometimes it occurs on forest edges, or in dry forests. It creates a web under the tree trunks and dead wood, and in tree caves. He was transferred to the genus Malthonic ...


Titanoeca tristis



Trachelas is a genus of araneomorph spiders with Trachelidae originally posted, and later moved to Corinnidae. Although the name was first used in the identification key published by Ludwig Carl Christian Koch in 1866, it does not include a descr ...


Urozelotes rusticus

Urozelotes Rusticus is a species of ground spider found in the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. His native area is unknown, but it is likely the old world.


Zygiometella perlongipes


Co-Cathedral of the Most Holy Name of Jesus

Co-Cathedral of the Holy name of Jesus, also known as the Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral, is the Cathedral, or the technical Department of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. It is located in the Christian quarter of the Old city of Jerusalem, abo ...


Higashi-Katsushika District, Chiba

Higashi-Shinagawa was a district located in Chiba Prefecture, Japan until March 27, 2005. March 28, 2005, the district was eliminated when the town of Shōnan was included in the expanded city of Kashiwa.


Sōsa District, Chiba

Sōsa district was a district located in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The district was dissolved March 27, 2006, when the town of Hikari was merged with the town of Yokoshiba from Sanbu district to create the town of Yokoshibahikari, with the new town ...


Andaman flowerpecker


Layards woodcreeper

Layards Woodcreeper is a species of bird in the Dendrocolaptinae subfamily. It is located in the South-Eastern Amazonian Brazil, East of the river Tapajos. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.


Rufescent antshrike

In rufescent antshrike is a passerine bird in the family of the English Wikipedia. It is a resident breeder in the tropical new world from Eastern Peru to Western Bolivia. He was considered a subspecies of the brown antshrike, but was defeated in ...


Streak-eared bulbul

The streak-eared Bulbul is a member of the Bulbul family of passerine birds. It is found from Thailand, the Northern and Central parts of the Malay Peninsula in southern Indochina. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland fore ...


Idotea phosphorea


Ligidium elrodii

These five subspecies belong to Ligidium species elrodii: Hancockensis elrodii Ligidium Schultz, 1970. Elrodii Ligidium leensis Schultz, 1970. Ligidium elrodii Packard, 1873. Chatoogaensis elrodii Ligidium Schultz, 1970. Scottensis elrodii Ligidi ...


Macrophthalmus quadratus


Ablabys binotatus

Ablabys binotatus, or redskinfish, this kind waspfish Ablabys native to the Indian ocean. Its name comes from the Greek word meaning "harmless."


Acheilognathus barbatulus

Acheilognathus barbatulus is a species of freshwater ray-finned fish of the genus Acheilognathus. It is endemic to the Mekong river in Laos, Northern Vietnam and southern China in waters between 8-20 °C and its maximum length is 8.4 cm



In ahuru kind of morid cod found in the waters off the East coast of New Zealand and in the South, and also in cook Strait. It is found at depths from 5 to 420 m. This species grows to 13 cm in total length. This is the only known of its kind.


Blue maomao

The blue maomao, Scorpis violacea, a sea Chub native to the southwestern Pacific ocean from Australia to New Zealand and the Kermadec Islands, where it can be found in coastal waters from the surface to a depth of 30 meters. This fish can reach a ...


Crescent gunnel

Pholis Laeta, common name the telly Crescent, is a species of marine fish in the family Pholidae, to the gunnels. It is a small fish that can stay without water and breathe the air. It is found mainly along the Pacific coast in shallow water.


Cynoglossus dubius

Cynoglossus dubius, commonly known as carrot tonguesole kind of tonguefish. It is often found in the Indian ocean off the coast of India.


Giant stargazer

The giant Stargazer, Kathetostoma giganteum, is a Stargazer of the family Uranoscopidae, found on the continental shelf of New Zealand and endemic to this area. It is commonly called monkfish, but this should not be confused with the Northern hem ...


Grammicolepis brachiusculus

Brachiusculus Grammicolepis, thorny tinselfish, is one of the types of tinselfish deep oceanic waters at depths from 300 to 1.026 meters. This species grows to a length of 64 cm TL. This species is the only known member of his family.


Indian lizardfish

S. Tsesis recorded in the marine environment within a REEF-associated depth 20-100 m 70-330 feet. This species grows in a tropical climate. They are found in areas with sandy or muddy bottoms of the ponds that are prone to currents. This species ...


Lutjanus adetii

Lutjanus adetii, yellow-banded snapper or hussar, is a species of perch native to Eastern Australia and New Caledonia. Inhabitant of coral reefs, going around the Rocky outcrops during the day and feeding at night. It can be found at depths up to ...


New Zealand brill

New Zealand Brill, Colistium guntheri, is an edible Flatfish family kamalabari. It is a demersal fish found in shallow seas around New Zealand, at depths of between 27 metres and 49 metres. It can grow up to 91 centimetres in length and can weigh ...


Rainbow gudgeon


Squalidus nitens


Toxabramis swinhonis


Aeropedellus clavatus


Agrypnia glacialis


Amphitornus coloradus

Amphitornus coloradus, known as the striped slant face striped grasshopper or grasshopper, is a species of slant-face grasshopper in the family Acrididae. It is found in Central America and North America.


Anastrepha ludens

Mexican fruit fly is also known as ludens anastrepha flies is one of kinds of flies of the genus anastrepha flies in the family Tephritidae. He is closely associated with the Caribbean fruit fly and anastrepha flies, and Popeye Drosophila flies a ...


Anthidium undulatum

Synonyms for this species include: Proanthidium holozonium undulatum Mavromoustakis, 1939. Anthidium undulatum Proanthidium holozonium Mavromoustakis, 1939. Proanthidium wahrmani Mavromoustakis undulatum, 1948. Anthidium undulatum Proanthidium wa ...


Aradus gracilicornis


Aradus proboscideus


Arhaphe cicindeloides

Arhaphe cicindeloides is a type of banded beetle plant of the family Largidae. It is found in Central America, but all records of this species from USA incorrect related Arhaphe Arguta.


Bembecinus neglectus


Bembix texana


Blepharoneura poecilogastra


Callopistromyia strigula


Campiglossa albiceps

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