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Dendrocoris humeralis


Dioctria pusio


Dipalta serpentina


Dysaules longicollis


Eristalis stipator


Euhadenoecus puteanus


Eulonchus marginatus


Eulonchus sapphirinus

Eulonchus sapphirinus kind of a small head flies in the family Acroceridae. A study conducted in 2008 showed that the species is a potentially important pollinator in certain habitats. Individuals of the species form the majority of visitors inse ...


Eunemobius carolinus

These three subspecies are the same species Eunemobius carolinus: Eunemobius grackle carolinus Scudder, 1896. Eunemobius carolinus Scudder, 1877. Eunemobius carolinus brevicaudus Bruner, 1904.


Eupeodes volucris


Excultanus excultus


Exoprosopa dodrans


Exoprosopa dorcadion


Exoprosopa doris


Exoprosopa eremita


Ferdinandea croesus


Globiceps fulvicollis

This species is present in most countries of Europe and the Northern Mediterranean to Central Asia, these bugs mostly live in hedge rows, open areas such as dune slacks and wet heaths.


Gnoriste megarrhina


Heteropogon cirrhatus


Heterostylum robustum


Hexatoma brachycera


Hieroglyphus daganensis

African rice grasshopper, Hieroglyphus daganensis medium grasshopper found in the Sahel region. Although not called a locust in English, this species shows gregarious behaviour and some morphological changes on overcrowding and can become moderat ...


Hybomitra sonomensis


Ilnacora malina


Ioscytus politus


Laphria astur


Laphria vultur


Lispocephala brachialis

A small fly of 4-5.5 mm, and distinctly more yellow that other species of the same genus. All tarsi are dark on the top. Legs yellow, except anterior thighs.


Lordotus planus


Megachile hungarica


Megachile pilicrus


Melanaethus robustus


Melanoplus angustipennis

Melanoplus angustipennis, known usually narrowly winged spur-throat grasshopper, kind of spur throat grasshopper in the family Acrididae. Other common names include narrow-winged sand grasshopper narrow-winged locust. It is found in North America.


Melanoplus clypeatus

Melanoplus clypeatus, well known as shield-tailed grasshopper, kind of spur throat grasshopper in the family Acrididae. Other common names include shield-tailed spur-throat grasshopper and shield-tailed locusts. It is found in North America.


Melanoplus nigrescens

Melanoplus nigrescens, known usually as dark grasshopper, kind of spur throat grasshopper in the family Acrididae. Other common names include black-sided spur-throat grasshopper and black-sided on the side of the locust. It is found in North America.


Melanoplus rotundipennis

Melanoplus rotundipennis, is known as round-winged grasshopper, kind of spur throat grasshopper in the family Acrididae. Other common names include round-winged spur throat grasshopper and winged locust. It is found in North America.


Merragata hebroides

Hebroides Merragata is a type of velvet water bug in the family Hebridae. It is located in the Caribbean sea, Central America, North America, Oceania and South America.


Metatrichia bulbosa


Myrmecophilus americanus

Myrmecophilus americanus is a cricket, an ant and a wingless cricket that is an obligate parasite of ants and lives in their nests. Established living in the nest of the crazy lumberjacks ant Paratrechina food and kleptoparasitic on it, feeding o ...


Nephrotoma altissima


Ocyptamus lemur


Orthops scutellatus


Orthotylus minutus

Orthotylus Baby is a species of beetle in the family Miridae that it can be found in Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Moldova, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine and North-West Russia.


Ospriocerus minos


Pangaeus congruus


Pantarbes capito


Paracladura trichoptera


Paroxya atlantica

Paroxya Atlantica known as the Atlantic grasshopper or locust of the Atlantic ocean, is one of the ways to stimulate the throat grasshopper in the family Acrididae. It is found in North America.


Pentacora sphacelata

Pentacora sphacelata is a type of shore bug in the family Saldidae. It is located in the Caribbean, Europe and Northern Asia, Central America, North America and South America.


Pheidole clavata

Pheidole clavata-a species of ants of the genus Pheidole. Pheidole clavata inhabits Eastern and Northern Africa. This species of Pheidole, like many others, is dimorphic, which means that a colony may contain one or several Queens. Each colony co ...

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