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Butterflies described in 1890


Moths described in 1890


Gastropods described in 1890


Letheobia newtoni

The specific name, newtoni, in honor of the "F. M. Newton," who collected the type specimen on the volcanic island of Das Rolas in the Gulf of Guinea. "F. Newton" refers to the Portuguese botanist Colonel Francesco Newton 1864-1909.


Pied worm snake


Short-tailed snake

Short tail snake is a small harmless colubrid snake. Burrows and rarely seen, is found only in sandy, upland parts of Florida where it is listed as threatened and protected by state law.


Sindh threadsnake

Myriopholis blanfordi, Sindh thread snake, is a species of a harmless blind snake in the Leptotyphlopidae family. The species is found in South Asia and Iran, possibly further West in the middle East.


Agroeca pratensis


Ariamnes colubrinus

Ariamnes colubrinus, known as the whip spider, a common Australian spider belonging to the Theridiidae family. It is located in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Small thin spider resembling a twig. Often found resting on one or two stran ...


Atypus muralis

Atypus Morales is mygalomorph spiders from Central Europe to Turkmenistan. It is very similar to Atypus piceus, but the back of the die consist of four instead of three segments. They also build pipes that can be up to 1 m in depth. Females grow ...


Cicurina brevis


Clubiona canadensis


Coras montanus


Drassodes saccatus


Drassyllus depressus




Euryopis elegans


Hahnia cinerea


Heteropoda sumatrana

Heteropoda sumatrana a species of spider Heteropoda genus In the family Sparassidae, found in Indonesia. It was first described by Thorell in 1890.


Micaria longipes


Musaeus politus

Musaeus politus-species of spider in the family Thomisidae. It was first described in 1890, Thorell. From 2017, this is the only species in the genus Musaeus. It is from Sumatra.



As at June 2019 contains six species, is found only in Africa and Yemen: Ninetis Faro Huber, 2014 – Cameroon. Ninetis Toliara Huber & El Hennawy 2007, Madagascar. Berland minute Ninetis, 1920 – Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania. Russellsmithi Ninetis Hube ...


Philodromus keyserlingi



As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number on the minor planet Center groups, internal audit, and the discoverers can then submit names for them after the internal audit naming. The list below concerns those mino ...


Phlegra hentzi


Poltys columnaris

The spider has an unusual column-taut belly with shiny spots, which are spots at the base. Its basically a Stalker of the night, remaining motionless during the day. The male is much smaller 1.5-2.1 mm, females are larger than 7.8-15.1 mm.


Scytodes venusta

They do venusta is a species of spider of the genus, they do. It is distributed from Sri Lanka to Java and introduced in the Netherlands. The woman known from 4.75 mm to 5.5 mm in length.


Sergiolus montanus



As at June 2019 contains fifty-five species in Africa, South America, Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands: S. atomarius Simon, 1910 – Namibia, Botswana, South Africa. S. Blyde Huber, 2012 – South Africa. C. Principe Huber, 2012 – Sao Tome and ...



As of the August 2019 contains twelve species, found only in Asia: Borneensis Stertinius Logunov, 2018 – Malaysia Borneo. Stertinius magnificus Merian, 1911 – Indonesia Sulawesi. Patellaris Stertinius Simon, 1902 – Indonesia Moluccas. Dentichelis ...


Trebacosa marxi


Wadotes hybridus


Our Lady and the English Martyrs Church

Church of our lady and the English martyrs, English Roman Catholic parish Church located at the junction of hills road and Lensfield Road in South East Cambridge. It is a large Gothic Revival Church built between 1885 and 1890.


Machiques Cathedral

At our lady of Carmel, the Cathedral is also the Cathedral of Machiques is a temple that is associated with the Catholic Church and is located between PAES and Sucre streets and avenues of Santa Teresa and the arts on one side of the Bolivar squa ...


Sacred Heart Catholic Church (Dayton, Ohio)

Sacred heart Catholic Church is the Catholic Church a historical building in downtown Dayton, Ohio, USA. Built in the late nineteenth century for a new parish, it closed in 1996 but was reopened in 2001, when Vietnamese Catholic group began to us ...


St. Marys Catholic Church (Dayton, Ohio)

Catholic Church. Mary-a historic Catholic Church building in the Eastern district of Dayton, Ohio, USA. Built in the early twentieth century, he remains an active parish house. Its Grand architecture has made it an iconic aviators, and he was nam ...


Saints Peter and Paul Basilica

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral is a historic Roman Catholic Church on 8th street 214 E. in Chattanooga, tn. This is one of the oldest continuing parishes in the diocese of Knoxville. Saints Peter and Paul in Chattanooga was founded in January 18 ...


St. Mary High School (Royal Oak, Michigan)


Central Washington Wildcats

Central Washington risky are the 12 Varsity athletic teams that represent Central Washington University located in Ellensburg, Washington, in NCAA division II Intercollegiate sports. The Wildcats compete as members of the great Northwest athletic ...


Central Washington Wildcats baseball


Central Washington Wildcats football


Central Washington Wildcats navigational boxes


La Verne Leopards baseball


La Verne Leopards football


La Verne Leopards softball


Eastern parotia

The Eastern parotia is also known as Helenas parotia. Approximately 27 cm long, it is a medium sized passerine birds-of-Paradise family, Paradisaeidae. The Eastern Parotia is distributed and endemic to mountain forests of Southeast Papua New Guin ...


Negros leaf warbler

Negros Warbler-Warbler species from the family of Warbler. Previously, he was included in the "Old World Warbler" assemblage. He is in the Philippines. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical or trop ...


Olive-breasted greenbul

Olive-breasted greenbul is a species of the Bulbul family of passerine birds. It is located in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South-Western and South-Eastern Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Central.


Salvadoris eremomela

Salvadoris eremomela is a species of bird previously placed in the Old world Assembly Warbler, but is now placed in the family Cisticolidae. It is found in Zaire, Gabon, Angola and Zambia. Its name after an Italian zoologist and ornithologist Tom ...


Potamocypris smaragdina

Potamocypris smaragdina-species of ostracod crustacean in the family Cyprididae, subfamily Cypridopsinae. As is known from Europe and North America. Potamocypris smaragdina inhabits ponds, lakes and slow flowing streams. This is one of the most c ...

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