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Cnemaspis nandimithrai

Species name nandimithrai named in honor of the giant, Nandimithra warrior who is a national hero fought in the battle against king ELARA. He was the strongest of the ten giant warriors in the army of the King Dutugemunus. After the battle, he co ...


Cnemaspis shevaroyensis


Cnemaspis tanintharyi

Cnemaspis Tanintharyi in long-legged Gecko, is a species of diurnal, rock-dwelling, insect-eating geckos, endemic to Myanmar. It is distributed in Tanintharyi region.


Cnemaspis thackerayi


Cnemaspis thayawthadangyi

Thayawthadangyi Cnemaspis in Thayawthadangyi island long-legged Gecko, is a species of diurnal, rock-dwelling, insect-eating geckos, endemic to Myanmar. It is distributed in Tanintharyi region.


Cyrtodactylus atremus


Cyrtodactylus dayangbuntingensis


Cyrtodactylus limajalur


Cyrtodactylus manos


Cyrtodactylus muangfuangensis


Cyrtodactylus muluensis


Dibamus manadotuaensis


Diploderma swild


Dravidogecko douglasadamsi


Dravidogecko janakiae


Dravidogecko meghamalaiensis

Dravidogecko meghamalaiensis, also known as dravidogecko Meghamalai, is a species of Gecko in India. He referred to the genus Dravidogecko.


Dravidogecko septentrionalis


Dravidogecko smithi


Dravidogecko tholpalli


Gehyra electrum


Gekko cicakterbang


Gekko kabkaebin


Gekko tokehos



Kuniesaurus albiauris is a species of skink endemic to New Caledonia. It is the only species in the monotypic genus Kuniesaurus. It is only known in a small area of dense riparian forests with a substrate of limestone on the Isle of pines. Due to ...


Lepidodactylus aignanus


Lepidodactylus dialeukos


Lepidodactylus kwasnickae


Lepidodactylus mitchelli


Lepidodactylus zweifeli

Lepidodactylus zweifeli is a species of Gecko. It is endemic to New Guinea and is known from the mountains Adalbert in the province of Madang, Papua New Guinea. It is named in honor of Richard G. Zweifel, American herpetologist.


Nucras aurantiaca


Paroedura neglecta


Pristurus masirahensis


Jotus karllagerfeldi

Jotus karllagerfeldi is a species of jumping spider of the genus Jotus described in 2019. The name of the species karllagerfeldi was selected as black and white spider "reminds signature look" of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. Spider has been f ...


Latrodectus umbukwane

Karakurt umbukwane, commonly known as the button Spider of Hluhluwe, is one of the species of spiders in the genus Latrodectus described in 2019, named in honor of Phinda private game reserve, where he collected scientific specimens. By 2019, it ...


Maratus aquilus

Maratus aquilus-kind from the sort of peacock spider discovered in 2019 Australian scientist Joseph Schubert. The opening of three aquilus spiders Maratus combustus and felinus were made in the lake Jasper and the mountains of romance in Western ...


Maratus combustus

Maratus combustus is a species of peacock spider native to Australia. This species was discovered along with felinus and Maratus aquilus research group of Monash University, close to lake Jasper in the South West region of Western Australia. Howe ...


Maratus felinus

Maratus felinus-species of peacock spider native to Australia. It was discovered in lake Jasper and the mountain romance, along with two other species, Maratus aquilus and combustus.



As of July 2019 contains nineteen species found in Ecuador, Brazil, Guyana, Peru, and French Guiana: 2017 Matinta Pardo Costa & Ruiz – Brazil. Patello similis Matinta & Ruiz, 2014 – Brazil. Matinta Longidens Simon, 1900 Brazil, French Guiana. Vic ...


Uroballus carlei

Uroballus carlei is a species of spiders of the genus Uroballus. She only appeared in Hong Kong. As W. koponeni, this kind of seems to resemble small caterpillars, probably those of lichen moths. The authors describe suggest that carlei U. can li ...


List of films featuring the United States Space Force

This is the list of films with the cosmic forces of the United States. Military space forces of the United States of America was created on 20 December, 2019, but in some cases, the service branch of the United States, which has been described in ...


Comics about the United States Space Force


Films about the United States Space Force


Bloodshot / Waste

Bloodshot / waste-debut release by American singer Dove Cameron was released on September 27, 2019, through Destroyer and Colombia. The EP consists of two songs, "red" and "waste", which acts as the lead single.


Dizem Que Sou Louca

Dizem que SOU louca no mini-album, Brazilian singer Alice Rio de Janeiro, released 11 January 2019. It consists of four different versions of "louca no", the song was released in 2017 and was part of the soundtrack of the superseries not onde Nas ...


My Turn (EP)

My turn-the debut EP by Swedish singer and songwriter John Lundvik. It was released on may 10, 2019 by Warner music Sweden. The EP includes the singles "my turn" and "too late for love". The EP peaked at number 39 on the Swedish album chart.


Over and Over (EP)

For this debut release by South Korean singer Kay. The album was released October 8, 2019, to Woollim Entertainment and is distributed in cocoa M. the album contains six tracks including the single "I go".


Unapologetically (EP)

Uncompromising is the debut EP by American drag Queen Monet X change, dated February 22, 2019, through Randall house. It was released after her win in season 4 of RuPauls race All-Stars. It was accompanied by a short film, and for this reason was ...




Indian Bend Wash Area

The area of the Indian bend wash is the site of a Superfund cleanup in Scottsdale and Tempe, Arizona. It was declared a Superfund site in 1983 after industrial solvents were discovered contaminated groundwater is approximately 13 square miles are ...


Brown & Bryant, Inc. (Arvin Plant)

Brown And Bryant Inc. chemical distribution company located in Arvin, California in Kern County. The land company worked on places in the United States protection Agency environmental Superfund cleanup site. The company was a developer of agricul ...

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