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Buildings and structures in Regensburg


Buildings and structures in Wurzburg



Until 1888 Bessungen was a separate municipality. Bessungen is known as "the oldest part of Darmstadt", and for the first time mentioned in Chronicles in 1002. It was probably founded early in the 5th century the Alamanni.


BundesstraSe 26

On BundesstraSe 26 or U.S. highway 26, which runs between the town of Riedstadt in В44, in the city of Hallstadt, on Bundesautobahn 70, A70 in Germany. Highway run East to West. It crosses the main river and Mannheim–Frankfurt railway. The highwa ...



ALT-Eberstadt-the oldest part of the city is Eberstadt. Contrary to Villenkolonie here at home mostly building a wall on the wall. Some houses in OberstraSe and LandstraSe of Heidelberger older than 300 years. Many of these old buildings give an ...



Located Kranichstein district in Darmstadt. The city began residential construction in the 1960-ies and currently also has a number of residential high-rises. Often called the Darmstadt-kranichstein hotel.



Wixhausen is Northern-most district of the city of Darmstadt in southern Hesse, Germany. With an area of 23.247 km2, in 2006 it 5.772 residents and 1.310 houses. His main claim to fame is the GSI heavy-ion laboratory located there. The district D ...


Buildings and structures in Darmstadt


Buildings and structures in Frankfurt


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Buildings and structures in Hanau




Buildings and structures in Kassel


Boroughs of Offenbach am Main


Buildings and structures in Offenbach am Main


Buildings and structures in Braunschweig


Plesse Castle

The castle was transferred in 1015 from the private estate of Meinwerk, Bishop of Paderborn in Paderborn. Since 1150 it is the seat of noble lords Irishman who called himself the castle. The Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI traded the castle to visit ...


Buildings and structures in Hildesheim


Buildings and structures in Oldenburg


Roman Catholic Diocese of Osnabruck

The diocese of osnabrück-diocese of the Catholic Church in Germany, which was founded around 800. It should not be confused with the smaller Prince-bishopric of osnabrück – an ecclesiastical Principality of the Holy Roman Empire until 1803 where ...


Osradio 104.8

osradio 104.8 is a non-profit public radio station in osnabrück, Germany, which was broadcast on 1 April 2002. It is the successor" Offenen Kanal osnabrück”, which started operations on 18 November 1996 as one of 13 Public radio projects. A licen ...



Ossensamstag name is used in osnabrück, Germany to refer to the Saturday before Rosenmontag, which is the carnival procession through the city passed in 1976. Every year, the procession attracted tens of thousands of spectators watching the carni ...


Buildings and structures in Osnabruck


Buildings and structures in Salzgitter


Buildings and structures in Wolfsburg



Lichtenhagen town of Rostock in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. This large housing complex built from 1974 to 1976. It got its name from the nearby village of Elmenhorst / Lichtenhagen. Its population peaked in 1988 with 20.276 residents who con ...



Aachen-Mitte is one of seven districts of Aachen, Germany, and contains sub-districts Beverau, Bildchen, Portsaid, Forst, Frankenberg, Grune EICHE, horn, Lintert, Pontviertel, Preuswald, Ronheide, Rothe ERDE, town center, and West of Steinebruck. ...


Brand (Aachen)

Brand is the area of Aachen, Germany, about 18.000 inhabitants. The district lies in the southern part of Aachen and Kornelimunster border / Walheim, Forst UND Oberforstbach eilendorf and Stolberg. The brand was a self-governing community in the ...


Eilendorf (Aachen)

Eilendorf in Aachen district, Germany, which has about 15.000 inhabitants. The communities of eilendorf and Nirm are contiguous with other Aachen districts of brand, Aachen-Mitte, and Haren, and the area Atsch in Stolberg.



Kornelimunster / Walheim is the southernmost district of the city of Aachen, Germany, and the borders of the Eifel region in North Rhine-Westphalia and Belgium. He became part of Aachen in 1972, after all the communities surrounding the city, was ...



Laurensberg is a community and district of Aachen, Germany. As the district Laurensberg includes, in addition to the Laurensberg, Orsbach, Seffent, SOERs, Vaalserquartier and Vetschau, as well as residential areas Gut Cullen and Steppenberg. Is t ...


Rothe Erde

Rothe ERDE district in Aachen, Germany with large-scale development of heavy industry. This sub-area 34 of the Aachen-Mitte Stadtbezirk. It is situated between the districts and eilendorf Forst.


Buildings and structures in Aachen


Buildings and structures in Bielefeld


Buildings and structures in Bochum


Kessenich (Bonn)

Kessenikh is one of the southern districts Stadtbezirk Bonn in Bonn, with the melodies of the grotto of Venus and the Poppelsdorf, bordering on the West, Gronau East, Mado on the North and Dottendorf to the South. This is due to the inner city of ...


Buildings and structures in Bonn


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Buildings and structures in Bottrop



Aplerbeck village in Germany first registered in 899. In 1929, it was a suburb of Dortmund in the Ruhr area of North Rhine-Westphalia, located in the heart of the South-East. The river Emscher, a tributary of the Ruhr, crosses Aplerbeck. This pla ...



Brunninghausen is a Stadtteil in the South of the city of Dortmund in Germany. It belongs to the Stadtbezirk Hombruch. With a population of 3.913 and an area of 2.16 km2 is one of the smaller districts of Dortmund. The average annual income in Br ...



Ewing is a Stadtteil in the same Stadtbezirk in the Northern part of Dortmund, Germany. He was included in Dortmund in 1914. With a population of about 20.000 Ewing is one of the most densely populated areas of Dortmund. The population Stadtbezir ...



Horde is a Stadtbezirk and also a Stadtteil in the South of the city of Dortmund in Germany. The Horde is situated at 51°29 North latitude and 7°30 West, and is situated at altitude 112 m above the sea level. It is located in the southern part of ...


Wickede (Dortmund)

Wickede is the most Eastern district in Dortmund, Germany. To 1830 Wickede was a village with a purely peasant population. With the beginning of industrialization Wickedes the population grew. Today it has 15.398 residents, making it one of the m ...


Buildings and structures in Dortmund



Hamborn is a district of the city of Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia. Hamborn population 71.528 area of 20.84 km2. From January 1, 1975, was one of the seven areas or Stadtbezirk of the districts of Duisburg.



The Rheinhausen is a district of the city of Duisburg in Germany, with a population of 79.566 and an area of 38.68 km2. It is located on the left Bank of the Rhine river. Rheinhausen consists of the neighbourhoods: Rumeln-Kaldenhausen, Hochemmeri ...


Buildings and structures in Duisburg



Borbeck-Mitte is the Central district of Borbeck, the fourth Suburban district of Essen, Germany. Together with other areas of the County, it was incorporated on April 1, 1915. Borbeck-Berlin has a population of around 13.500 people and a total a ...


Nordviertel, Essen

Nordviertel has 7.308 inhabitants and is one of the smallest districts of Essen. It has a surface of 2.86 km2 and is situated at altitude 48 m above sea level. A large part exists for growing in residential spaces. His native country has become N ...

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