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Incendiary Art

Incendiary Art is a collection of poems written by American poet, Patricia Smith. It was published on February 15, 2017, by TriQuarterly Books, an imprint of Northwestern University Press. This collection was written as a response to the violent ...


Fortner Anderson

Fortner Anderson is an American born poet, performance artist, and visual artist who has lived in Montreal, Quebec since 1976. He is the author of several volumes of poetry and has published many audio recordings of his spoken word performances, ...


Pantera Sureña

Lidia Hortencia Rangel Avalos is a retired Mexican professional wrestler, more commonly known under the ring name Pantera Sureña. She has also worked as the enmascarada wrestling characters La Galactica, La Galactica 2000, Lady Discovery and Lady ...



Model or modeling may refer to: Model physical, a smaller or larger physical copy of an object Model art, a person who poses for a visual artist as part of the creative process. Model conceptual, a representation of a system made of the compositi ...


Art of Francisco Narvaez in the University City of Caracas

Francisco Narvaez contributed eleven pieces to the University City of Caracas campus, initially working between 1950 and 1953, with other pieces added later. The works include stone and metal statues, busts, reliefs, and various material of mural ...


Results of the 1956 Swedish general election

Sweden held a general election on 16 September 1956. This was the sole election between WWII and 1976 which rendered a centre-right majority in the chamber, although the bicameral system and the majority for the leftist parties in the upper chamb ...


Ivory Tower (disambiguation)

Ivory tower refers to a world or atmosphere where intellectuals engage in pursuits that are disconnected from the practical concerns of everyday life. Ivory Tower or The Ivory Tower may also refer to: The Ivory Tower, an unfinished novel by Henry ...


Tournament of Champions

Tournament of Champions Food Network, a television show on the Food Network hosted by Guy Fieri Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions, a tournament of past major winners in the game show Jeopardy!


Jutta Krellmann

Jutta Krellmann is a German politician. Born in Johannisberg, Hesse, she represents The Left. Jutta Krellmann has served as a member of the Bundestag from the state of Lower Saxony since 2009.



"T.O.N.Y.", a 2008 song by Solange Knowles Tony T., stage name of British singer, rapper and DJ Neal Antone Dyer born 1971 Tony album, a 1957 album by Tony Bennett


1957 in professional wrestling

Swede Hanson Killer Karl Krupp Les Thornton Hiro Matsuda Larry Hennig Bob Brown Debut date uncertain Jarochita Rivero March – Rene Goulet August 8 – Adrian Street


1957 October Revolution Parade

The 1957 October Revolution Parade was a parade on Moscows Red Square dedicated to the ruby jubilee of the Great October Socialist Revolution on 7 November 1957. It was inspected by the Minister of Defense and Marshal of the Soviet Union Rodion M ...


1957 Bank Rate Tribunal

The Bank Rate Tribunal was a tribunal established in the United Kingdom in 1957 to inquire into the allegations that an increase in Official Bank Rate had been improperly discussed ahead of its public announcement by the Bank of England. Rumours ...


1957 in Italian television

3 February. With the first airing of Carosello, see below the publicity comes in the Italian television. The show is inaugurated by an educational short about the car driving, sponsored by Shell and played by the sports journalist Giovanni Canest ...


Left Front

Left Democratic Front Kerala, a coalition of left-wing political parties in the state of Kerala, India Republican Left Democratic Front, a coalition of political parties in the Indian state of Maharashtra formed before the Maharashtra state assem ...


Irma Aguilar

Irma Eugenia Aguilar Morales is a retired Mexican professional wrestler, most commonly known under the ring name Irma Aguilar. She is the daughter of Irma Gonzalez, a pioneer of womens professional wrestling in Mexico. Her career start in 1975, w ...



Thai or THAI may refer to: Thai script Thai language, a Tai-Kadai language spoken mainly in and around Thailand Thai Unicode block Of or from Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia Thai people, the dominant ethnic group of Thailand



Comment may refer to: Bernard Comment born 1960, Swiss writer and publisher Comment linguistics or rheme, that which is said about the topic theme of a sentence


1958 in professional wrestling

Pat Patterson Toru Tanaka Angel Blanco Gene Anderson Dominic DeNucci Kurt Von Steiger Debut date uncertain Abdullah the Butcher May 2 – El Matematico March – Don Manoukian November 11 – Pedro Morales June – Johnny Saint


Flag of Spokane, Washington

The flag of Spokane, Washington, is the official municipal flag of Spokane, Washington, United States. Its design includes a simple black ring and two bands of chartreuse green and aqua blue running diagonally across a white field. Spokanes first ...


Sudden death

Sudden infant death syndrome Cardiac arrest, also known as sudden cardiac death, natural death from cardiac causes Sudden cardiac death of athletes Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy


Swiss Womens Volleyball League

The Swiss Women Volleyball League is an annual competition of womens volleyball teams in Switzerland. It has been held since 1958. Managed and organized by the Swiss Volley.



Psycho 1998 film, a remake of the original film by Gus Van Sant starring Vince Vaughn Psycho III, 1986 a follow-up to the 2nd film Psycho 2013 film, a another remake of original film directed by Jesse Dylan and starring Jon Cryer Psycho IV: The B ...



"Only" Nicki Minaj song, 2014 "Only", by Fuse ODG, 2015 "Only", by Imagine Dragons from Origins, 2018 "Only" Anthrax song, 1993 "Only" Nine Inch Nails song, 2005 "The Only", by Static-X, 2003 "Only", by NF from The Search, 2019 "Only", by Sarah V ...



Gracie family, a Brazilian family known for their practice and development of martial arts Hurricane Gracie, a hurricane that formed in 1959 and affected the Caribbean and United States Gracie name, a given name and a family name includes a list ...



Fox Showcase, an Australian TV channel, part of Foxtel Networks Showcase, a multiplex channel of the Showtime television network in the U.S. Variety show, entertainment medium showcasing a variety of acts "The Showcase", the final round of the CB ...


Sin City (disambiguation)

Lynn, Massachusetts, described in an old rhyme as, "Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin, youll never go out, the way you went in" Sin City description, a nickname for a city that caters to various vices Las Vegas, which is sometimes referred to as "Sin City"


The City of the Dead

Dead Cities, a group of abandoned settlements in Northwest Syria City of the Dead slum, a slum in Cairo, Egypt City of the Dead Cairo, a cemetery in Cairo, Egypt Dargavs necropolis, an Alanian burial site in North Ossetia-Alania, Russia, referred ...



Tonic may refer to: Tonic album, 2010 Tonic music, a concept of music theory Soft drink, a carbonated beverage Tonic band, an American rock band Herbal tonic, a herbal medicine with tonic effects Tonic suit, a garment made from a shiny mohair ble ...


Tony Midnite

Midnite was born Tony Murdoch on Sept. 20, 1926 in Texas. He worked in the defense industry at Hunters Point Navy Yard near San Francisco during World War II. After seeing a female impersonation show at the legendary Finocchios in San Francisco a ...


List of LGBT+ politicians in the United States

This is a chronological list of openly lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender politicians who have held office in the United States. Historical figures are included only if there is documented evidence of an open queer identity.


1960 in professional wrestling

Wally Karbo and Verne Gagnes Minneapolis Boxing and Wrestling Club break away from the National Wrestling Alliance NWA to form the American Wrestling Association AWA and created the AWA World Heavyweight Championship.


Optimist (disambiguation)

The Optimist New Young Pony Club album, 2010, or the title song The Optimist Anathema album, 2017, or the title song "Optimistic" Skeeter Davis song, 1961 "Optimistic" Sounds of Blackness song, 1991 The Optimist DD Smash album, 1984, or the title ...



Rah Mark Murphy album, 1961 Rah band, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Rah, claimed by James Churchward to be the Naacal sun-god Rah slang, British English slang for a young snob Ra island, Vanuatu Rah Billy Hart album, 1988



Bryan House disambiguation Bryan Tower, Dallas, Texas, USA; an office tower skyscraper Bryan Boulevard, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA; a limited access highway Bryan Museum, Galveston, Texas, USA; a museum



"Nikki", a song by rapper Logic Darling Nikki, Prince song Nikki, an album by Japanese rock band Quruli Nikki Yanofsky album, 2010 "Nikki", an orchestral composition by Burt Bacharach dedicated to his daughter


Patrick Thomas

Pat Thomas, i.e. Patrick or Patricia Thomas may refer to: Pat Thomas singer died 1992, American jazz singer Pat Thomas defensive back born 1954, American footballer Pat Thomas journalist born 1959, American author, journalist and campaigner Patri ...


David Watson

David Watson Queensland politician born 1945, Australian politician David K. Watson 1849–1918, U.S. Representative from Ohio David Watson New South Wales politician 1870–1924, Australian Senator


1961–62 Yorkshire Football League

The 1961–62 Yorkshire Football League was the 36th season in the history of the Yorkshire Football League, a football competition in England. This season Division Three was formed. It was made of reserve sides of eight league clubs plus Leeds Uni ...


Sergiu Andon

In 1961, he graduated from the Faculty of Justice from Bucharest. Between 1961 and 1968 he worked as a prosecutor in Fetești, Slobozia and Urziceni. Between 1968 and 1972, he was the main redactor of the Flacara Flame magazine, between1972 and 19 ...


1961 in professional wrestling

Debut date uncertain Jonathan Boyd Wahoo McDaniel Luke Graham Spiros Arion Tony Parisi The Beast Jack Lanza S.D. Jones July 16 – Dr. Wagner July 4 – Les Thatcher April – Umanosuke Ueda


1961 USA–USSR Track and Field Dual Meet

The 1961 USA–USSR Track and Field Dual Meet was an international track and field competition between the Soviet Union and the United States. The third in a series of meetings between the nations, it was held on July 15–16 in Lenin Stadium, Soviet ...



Thriller may refer to: Thriller film, a film genre under the general thriller genre Thriller genre, a broad genre of literature, film and television


1962–63 Yorkshire Football League

Division One featured 12 clubs which competed in the previous season, along with four new clubs, promoted from Division Two: Hatfield Main Bridlington Trinity Doncaster United Swallownest Miners Welfare


Here I Am

Here I Am Groundation album Here I Am, an album by Marvin Sapp Here I Am Marion Raven album, or the title song Here I Am Blue System album Here I Am Johnny Tillotson album, by Johnny Tillotson Here I Am or Flirt, an unreleased album by Eve, or th ...


1962–63 Four Hills Tournament

At the 11th annual Four Hills Tournament, the strong Norwegian team saw three of its tournament debutants within the Top 5. Toralf Engan dominated the tour with three clear victories and became the second Norwegian to win the tour after Olaf Bjor ...


1962 in professional wrestling

Ox Baker Debut date uncertain Mr. Fuji Bill Watts Bob Armstrong Gary Hart Ronnie Garvin January 13 – Espanto III November 2– Archie Gouldie July 11 – J.J. Dillon March 19 – Dean Ho


Asia-Pacific Golf Confederation

The Asia-Pacific Golf Confederation, known by the abbreviation APGC, is an Asia-Pacific federation of national golf associations. The APGC organizes the major international amateur championships in the region and promotes golf.


Ding Lei (businessman, born 1963)

Ding Lei, also known as David Ding, the former president of Shanghai General Motors, is a Chinese automotive entrepreneur and CEO of HiPhi EV. He has served as the founder and chairman of Human Horizons since 2017. From August 2013 to July 2015, ...


Lancaster House Conferences

Lancaster House Conferences may refer to any of the following meetings that took place at Lancaster House in London: The Lancaster House Conferences Nigeria in 1957 and 1958 where the federal constitution for an independent Nigeria was prepared T ...