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Sigytes is a genus of jumping spiders, which was first described by Eugene Louis Simon in 1902. As of the August 2019 it contains only three species, found only in Fiji, Australia and Sri Lanka: S. albocinctus, S. diloris, S. paradisiacus.



Simaethula-born austrialian for jumping spiders, which was first described by Louis Eugene Simon in 1902. The name change Simaetha related kind.



Spilargis is a monotypic genus of jumping spiders, contain the only species ignicolor Spilargis. It was first described by Eugene Louis Simon in 1902, and only in Papua New Guinea and the Moluccas. Subspecies, Spilargis ignicolor bimaculata, is f ...



As of the August 2019 contains twenty-four species, found only in Africa: Thyenula alotama Wesolowska, Azarkina & Russell-Smith, 2014 – South Africa. Thyenula leighi Peckham & Peckham, 1903 – South Africa. Thyenula Haddadi Wesolowska, Azarkina & ...


Trochosa sepulchralis



As of the August 2019 contains eleven species found in Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama: Yanayacu Tylogonus Zhang & Maddison, 2012 – Ecuador. Tylogonus Pichincha Galiano, 1985 – Ecuador. Tylogonus Auricapillus Simon, 1902 type – Ec ...



Vinnius is a genus of South American jumping spiders, which was first described by Eugene Louis Simon in 1902. Birth Frespera and Arnoliseus were separated from this genus in 2002.



Zygiella is a genus of Orb-weaver spiders first described by F. O. Pickard-Cambridge in 1902. In 2015 Parazygiella defined taxonomic synonym Zygiella, and was transferred in Zygiella.


Agelas schmidti

King agile Schmidt, widely known as brown tubular sponge, is a species of demosponge. It occurs at shallow depths in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean sea and is often colonial corals growing on the surface. The type locality is Puerto Rico.


Church of the Epiphany (Pittsburgh)

Church of the Epiphany located at Washington place and Avenue center business district near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was built in 1902. The Church was added to the list of Pittsburgh history and founding of the city historical sites in 1998.


Sacred Heart Cathedral, Lome

Cathedral of the sacred Heart is the mother of the Archdiocese of lomé, one of the seven Catholic ecclesiastical districts of the African Republic of Togo. Built in just a year the German colonial authorities, he became one of the iconic building ...


Sacred Heart Cathedral, Rēzekne

Cathedral of the sacred Heart, the Cathedral of the diocese of Rezekne-Aglona, located in the city of Rezekne, Latvia.


St. Elizabeth Catholic Church (Paincourtville, Louisiana)

St Elizabeth Catholic Church is a historic Roman Catholic Church on highway 114 403 in Paincourtville Louisiana in assumption parish, Louisiana. It was built in 1902 and added to the national register in 1983. It is a brick built plan of the Basi ...


Lindsey Wilson Blue Raiders football


Triturus dobrogicus


Damara canary

The taxonomic status of this bird is uncertain. It is listed by the International ornithologists Union as a subspecies of stonechats in the Canary serinus of Alario.


Sharpes greenbul

Delbert Greenbul or Malawi greenbul, is a species of songbird in the Bulbul family, Pycnonotidae. Its found in Africa, in South-Western Tanzania, northeastern Zambia and Northern Malawi.


Athanas areteformis

Athanas areteformis belongs to the genus Athanas of binding to the shrimp family Alpheidae. It was first described in 1903 by the French carcinologist Henri Coutiere.


Caprella mendax


Cervimunida johni

Cervimunida johnny-kind of squat lobsters in the family Munididae. It is located in the Pacific ocean, off Chile. As is well known to be a host for the parasite Bathione humboldtensis.


Antennatus drombus

Drombus Antennatus is a fish of the family Antennariidae, found in the Hawaiian Islands. It grows to 12 cm in total length.


Borneo loach

Borneo loach is a type of Southeast Asian cobitid fish. This freshwater fish is found on the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo


Brown speckled eel

Brown spotted eel or Steindachners Moray, Gymnothorax steindachneri, Moray is found in coral reefs in the Eastern Pacific ocean near the Hawaiian Islands. It was first named by Jordan and Evermann in 1903. It is rarely seen in the wild because of ...


Comet (fish)

The comet or marine betta is a species of reef-associated tropical marine fish in the family Plesiopidae meat, most commonly found between 3 and 50 m deep. It is native to the Indo-Pacific. It can reach a maximum length of 20 cm.


Cubanichthys cubensis

Cubanichthys cubensis has a cylindrical body that is slightly wider and taller in the front. They are the typical size for kiilifish, males 3.6 1.4 cm, while females are slightly smaller. They are not bright, translucent Golden body speckled buff ...


Draconetta xenica

Draconetta xenica, common dragonet slope is a species of dragonet native to the slope of the Indo-Pacific region where it can be found from Africa to the Hawaiian Islands. It is a benthic fish occurring on sandy bottom at the edge of the continen ...


Fowlers snake eel

Ophichthus fowleri, also known as catching a snake eel is a species of eel in the family Ophichthidae. It is a marine eel which is known from the Eastern Pacific ocean in Hawaii.


Jaydia queketti

Jaydia queketti, the spotfin cardinal in the cardinalfish or the signal-species of ray-finned fish from the Indian ocean, he is a member of the family Apogonidae. He restored the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea through the Suez canal since ...


Karsten totoyensis

Totoyensis Carsten is a kind of native goby in the Western Pacific ocean, where it was registered from the Philippines, Fiji and Indonesia. This species may be found over muddy or sandy bottom, usually at depths of 55 meters, but was recorded at ...


Plectroglyphidodon sindonis

Adults have a maximum size of 10 cm 3.9 in. It has 12 spikes on the back, from 19 to 20 dorsal soft rays, two anal spines, and 15 to 16 anal soft rays. They are brown with two vertical white stripes.


Pungtungia hilgendorfi


Centroberyx spinosus

Short snapper-species of ray-finned fish. It is from the river of storms off the coast of Durban, South Africa. His head and body reddish, and it grows to 20 inches.


Slendertail moray eel

In slendertail Moray a Moray eel found in coral reefs in the Pacific ocean. It was first named by Jenkins in 1903 and also known as a graceful tail Moray eels.


Striped bitterling

The striped bitterling is a species of freshwater ray-finned fish of the genus Acheilognathus. It is endemic to lake Biwa and lake Yogo in Japan. It usually grows in length of 6.0 cm Reproduction to create a Kyushu bitterling occurs with the muss ...


Aedes niveus

Mosquito niveus is a species complex belonging to zoophilic mosquito of the genus Aedes. Found in Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam and other countries in South-East Asia. Is a vector of filariasis.


Aenictus grandis


Agapostemon coloradinus


Agathon comstocki


Alastor antigae


Andrena milwaukeensis


Anopheles aitkenii

Anopheles aitkenii is one of the species of mosquitoes belonging to the genus Anopheles. A group of species consists of forest shape with a small undecorated brown adults, where females are usually indistinguishable. Females feed on blood of vert ...


Anopheles elegans

Anopheles elegans is a species complex of mosquito belonging to genus Anopheles. It is found in India and Sri Lanka. In India, it is known to breed in the shadow of the stagnant waters and the hollows of trees. This is a natural vector of simian ...


Anopheles karwari

Malarial dishes kavarskas is one of the types of complex zoophilic mosquito belonging to genus Anopheles. It is found in India and Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Sumatra and Java. A. meals kavarskas is a member of the Maculatus group and the second scarc ...


Anthidium conciliatum


Anthidium severini

Synonyms for this species include: Anthidium maximum Friese, 1922. Anthidium kobrowi Brauns, 1912. Anthidium Michaelis Yes, 1930. Anthidium Severini eriksoni Mavromoustakis, 1940. Anthidium Severini strand daressalamicum, 1922. Anthidium Severini ...


Atomosia sayii


Callibaetis skokianus

Callibaetis skokianus is a species of small minnow mayflies in the family Baetidae. It is located in the southern half of Canada and the northeast USA.


Camponotus texanus


Camptoprosopella dolorosa


Ceratophyllus rusticus

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