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Culex biscaynensis


Deinacrida mahoenui

Deinacrida mahoenui giant wētā in, is a flightless insect in the giant wētā of the family Anostostomatidae. It is endemic to the region Mahoenui, New Zealand, and the world population for some time was limited to one patch introduced gorse on far ...


Deinacrida pluvialis


Deinacrida talpa

Deinacrida Talpa, giant nevus to notice, is one of the insect species of the family Anostostomatidae. It is endemic to New Zealand. Although this species is not similar to closely related species, its key characteristic is their ability to live i ...


Empis abdominalis


Empis confusa


Empis engeli


Empis lamellata


Empis lamellimmanis


Empis multispina


Empis pandellei


Empis sinuosa


Empis trunca


Eupeodes rojasi

Rojasi hoverflies Eupeodes species. It is named Sergio Rojas, administrator Subestacion experimental La Cruz. It feeds on Eriosoma lanigerum and is located in the Western part of South America.


Heteroponera georgesi


Lachesilla floridana


Lachesilla typhicola


Megachile judaea


Orthonevra chilensis

His head is metallic steel blue, the face is straight with the exception of the fifth ventral is anterior, strongly plicate and shining, the macula is widely separated from base of antennae, Gena shiny and wrinkled, frontal triangle shining, fron ...


Procloeon nelsoni


Steyskalina picta


Timema poppense

Timema poppense, "Pope valley timema", is a type of walkingstick in the family Timematidae. He is in California, and originally described from the reserve in the valley of the Pope.


Beetles described in 1999


Butterflies described in 1999


Moths described in 1999


Gastropods described in 1999


Indotyphlops ahsanai


Indotyphlops madgemintonae

Two subspecies are recognized as valid, including the nominotypical subspecies. Madgemintonae Indotyphlops shermani Khan, 1999. Madgemintonae Indotyphlops Khan, 1999. Nota bene: a trinomial authority in parentheses indicates that the subspecies w ...


Aelurillus leipoldae



Alenatea-born Asian Orb-weaver spiders first described by D. H. song, Ming-Sheng Zhu & J. Chen in 1999. As of April 2019 contains only three species.


Attidops cutleri



Chinattus is a genus of jumping spiders, which was first described by D. V. Logunov in 1999. The name is a combination of the words "China" and -attus, a common suffix for salticid genera.


Cyriopagopus hainanus

Cyriopagopus hainanus is a species of spider in the family Theraphosidae, found in China. This is one of a number of species from China and Vietnam, known as the "Chinese bird spider". It produces venom that contains a large number of compounds c ...



Eskovia is a genus of dwarf spiders, which was first described by Yu. M. Marusik & Saaristo, Michael I. 1999. As of may 2019 it contains only two species: E. E. exarmata and Mongolia.



As of July 2019 it contains fifteen species found only in Europe: Inermocoelotes falciger Kulczynski, 1897 – East Europe. Inermocoelotes drenskii Deltshev, 1990 – Bulgaria. 2017 Inermocoelotes Komnenov melovskii, Macedonia. Inermocoelotes halanen ...



As of may 2019 contains sixty types: M. setosus Tanasevitch & Saaristo 2006, Nepal. Ignavus M. Simon, 1884 – France. M. logunovi Tanasevitch, 2000 – Russia. M. Faust Tanasevitch, 1987 – Nepal. M. variabilis Kulczynski, 1887 – Central Europe. M. o ...



As at June 2019 contains eight species that are only found in Chile: Notiothops pydnai a paysite, Grismado & ramírez, 1999 – Chile. Notiothops cekalovici a paysite, Grismado & ramírez, 1999 – Chile. Notiothops a paysite llolleo, Grismado & ramíre ...


Orphnaecus philippinus

Orphnaecus philippinus was described in 1999, Gunther Schmidt, as philippinus Selenobrachys, but in 2012, Rick West, Stephen Nunn, and Henry Hogg made a kind Selenobrachys a Junior synonym of Orphnaecus.


Pardosa baehrorum


Sisicottus quoylei



Tanasevitchia is a genus of Asian leaf weavers, which was first described by Yu. M. Marusik & Saaristo, Michael I. 1999. As of may 2019 it contains only two species, both found in Russia: T. strandi T. and Ural.



Yacuitella is monotypic Argentinian spiders containing a single species, Yacuitella NAN. It was first described by Maria Elena Galliano in 1999 and is located in Argentina.


Greatest Hits (SWV album)

For Swv greatest hits album contains many of their biggest hits, a few album tracks and remixes, plus three songs previously unreleased. Some of the selections Remix to replace the more popular versions of songs such as "Im so into you" and "Cent ...


SWV Greatest Hits


2000 State Assembly elections in India

Elections to the Legislative Assembly of Bihar, 2000, was conducted in 2000, the Legislative Assembly of Bihar. Rashtriya Janata dal had won 103 seats in the election and form the government


Anilany helenae


Western red-billed hornbill

Western red-crested rhinoceros is a species of Hornbill in the Bucerotidae family. It occurs from Senegal and Gambia to southern Mauritania and Western Sahara. There are five types of red-crested hornbills, as a rule, now found out, but all five ...


Branchinecta mesovallensis


Hypothalassia acerba

Hypothalassia acerba a large crab found in muddy substrates in the deep sea off the southwest coast of Australia and New Zealand. The Australian distribution, which depends on the depth and temperature ranges of latitude, North to about 27° C on ...


Streptocephalus sirindhornae

Stratocumulus sirindhornae is a species of crustacean in the family Streptocephalidae, a genus of freshwater shrimp dwelling belonging to the order of the Branchiopoda Anostraca. It is endemic to Asia, more specifically Thailand.

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