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People from Sprague, Connecticut


People from Stafford, Connecticut


People from Stonington, Connecticut


People from Suffield, Connecticut


People from Tolland, Connecticut


People from Union, Connecticut


People from Vernon, Connecticut


People from Waterford, Connecticut


People from West Hartford, Connecticut


People from Westbrook, Connecticut


People from Willington, Connecticut


People from Windsor, Connecticut


People from Windsor Locks, Connecticut


Towns in Fairfield County, Connecticut


Towns in Hartford County, Connecticut


Towns in Litchfield County, Connecticut


Towns in Middlesex County, Connecticut


Towns in New Haven County, Connecticut


Towns in New London County, Connecticut


Towns in Tolland County, Connecticut


Towns in Windham County, Connecticut


Connecticut Route 87

Route 87 state of Connecticut highway running from Franklin to Andover, as a rule, in the Southeast-Northwest direction. The route is part of the road connecting the towns of Norwich, Lebanon, Columbia and Andover. Route 87 is a two lane rural co ...


Ashford Lake

Lake Ashford is a small private pond, located in the Eastern part of Ashford, in northeastern Connecticut, and in cities bordering Eastford. The pond has an area of 52.6 hectares and a maximum depth of about 12 meters. The normal surface elevatio ...


Lake Chaffee

Lake Chaffee is a small, shallow, artificial lake, located approximately 2 km North-West of the village of Westford, in Ashford, in Windham County, northeast Connecticut. The lake has an area of 54 hectares and a maximum depth of 11 meters. Its a ...


American Legion State Forest Trails

State forest trails the American Legion is a system of blue-blazed Hiking trails in the pleasant valley section of the site barkhamsted, Connecticut. The trails, which collectively total 3.18 miles in length, entirely within American Legion state ...


Beaver Meadow Complex Prehistoric Archeological District

Beaver meadow complex prehistoric archaeological district is a grouping of archeological sites in the peoples State forest, site, barkhamsted, Connecticut. It consists of eight separate sites in the beaver Meadow area of the forest from which rad ...


Peoples State Forest Trails

Peoples State forest trails is a system of blue-blazed Hiking trails in the pleasant valley section of the site barkhamsted, Connecticut. The trails, which collectively total 11.22 miles in length, absolutely peoples State forest. Peoples State f ...


Tracy S. Lewis House

Tracy S. Lewis house is a historic house located in beacon falls, Connecticut. Currently there is a debate regarding the decision of the towns to demolish the house


East Berlin, Connecticut


Kensington, Connecticut

Kensington is a census-designated place and town of Berlin in Hartford County, Connecticut, USA. Berlin offices are located in Kensington. The population was 8.459 at the 2010 census. Henry hooker house is a historic house in Kensington.


Mooreland Hill School

Sports: Fall: Soccer, Field Hockey Winter: Basketball, Hiking Spring: Baseball, Softball, Tennis. Member: Connecticut Association of independent schools Tais, NAIS.


Bethel (CDP), Connecticut

Bethel is a census-designated place in the County of Fairfield, Connecticut, USA. It consists of a main village and surrounding residential areas in the town of Bethel. According to the 2010 census, the population of Moscow was 9.549 from 18.584 ...


Connecticut Route 58

Route 58 is the main state highway in the U.S. state of Connecticut connecting the towns of Fairfield and Bethel. Route 58 is 18.58 miles long and is one of the main routes to the downtown Danbury area via routes 302 and 53.


Buildings and structures in Bethel, Connecticut


Bethlehem Village, Connecticut

The village of Bethlehem is a census-designated place in the town of Bethlehem in Litchfield County, Connecticut, United States of America. The CDS includes in Bethlehem green historic district in the city centre and the surrounding residential a ...


Connecticut Route 132

Route 132 is one of Connecticutss most twisty roads. It begins at the Hotchkissville section of Woodbury known as Weekeepeemee road at the intersection with highway 47. He crosses the river Weepeekeemee about 1.6 miles, 2.6 km later, then bear le ...


Kaman Corporation

Kaman Corporation is an American aerospace company, with headquarters in Bloomfield, Connecticut. It was founded in 1945 by Charles Kaman. During the first ten years the company worked solely as a developer and manufacturer of several helicopters ...


Gardner Lake

Gardner lake is a natural lake located at the junction of Salem, Montville and Bozrah, Connecticut. Named after the Gardner family who owned much of the land on the 529-acre lake was expanded in size with the construction of a 168-foot earthen da ...


Branford Center, Connecticut

Branford center is a neighborhood and census designated place in the town of Branford, Connecticut, USA. SRS encompasses the traditional town and the area known as Branford point. The population of the settlement 5.819 at the 2010 census.


Branford Steam Railroad

Branford steam railroad is an industrial railroad serving the Tilcon Connecticut stone quarry in North Branford, Connecticut in the United States. It exchanges Freight with the Providence and Worcester railroad and Buchanan marine.


Short Beach

Short Beach is a beach community located in Branford, Connecticut. It is the westernmost of Branfords seven neighborhoods, the others: on a hill in the center, pine orchard, stony Creek, Indian neck and shrub Hill. Short beachs population is abou ...


Stony Creek (Branford)

Stony Creek is a coastal village located in the southeastern portion of Branford, Connecticut, in the center of the Harbor on long island. Stoney Creek has the ambiance of a small seaside village that retains its roots as a summer vacation place ...


Buildings and structures in Branford, Connecticut


Connecticut Route 133

Route 133 begins the transport interchange at the intersection with US 202 in Western Brookfield. Hes heading East on the river and us 7 without a junction along the "lance corporal John T. Schmidt memorial bridge", in the direction of the center ...


Buildings and structures in Brookfield, Connecticut


Bush Hill Historic District

Bush hill historic district encompasses the historic rural landscape in the heart of North Brooklyn, Connecticut. It extends along the side of the road Bush hill, Connecticut route 169, and Wolf Den road. The area has an amazing concentration of ...


East Brooklyn, Connecticut

East Brooklyn is a census-designated place located in the town of Brooklyn in Windham County, Connecticut. This part of the urban cluster Danielson in Brooklyn. The population was 1.473 in the 2000 census. Us 6 passes through the city and Sewers ...


Trinity Church (Brooklyn, Connecticut)

Trinity Church is a historic Church on Church Street in Brooklyn, Connecticut. Completed in 1771 and slightly changed so it is the oldest Episcopal Church in the state. His parishioners now mostly found in new Church street 7 Providence in Brookl ...


Falls Village, Connecticut

Waterfall is a village and census-designated place in the town of Canaan in Litchfield County, Connecticut, United States of America. According to the 2010 census, its population is 538, out of 1.234 in the entire town of Canaan. Because the vill ...


Quinebaug River Prehistoric Archeological District

In the Quinebaug river prehistoric archaeological district includes a collection of prehistoric archaeological sites near the Quinebaug river in Canterbury, Connecticut. The district covers 22 hectares, including five sites Dating from late archa ...

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