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Boland-surname of Irish origin O. Beollain. The name may refer to: Derek Boland, better known as Derek B 1965-2009, British producer and rap artist. Joe Boland was born in 1987, Irish Hurler. Willie Boland was born 1975, Irish professional footba ...


Bolas (disambiguation)

Bolas spiders family spider. Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker in a fictional magic: the gathering. The spacecraft bolas, the proposed Lunar Orbiter. Bolas horse. (Болы лошадь)



Jonah Bolden was born 1996, Australian basketball player. 1890-2006 Elizabeth Bolden, American supercentenarian. Tonya Bolden was born in 1959, American writer. Bess Walcott 1886-1988 Bolden, an African-American educator, librarian, curator and a ...



Frank Dancewicz 1924-1985, American National football League defender nicknamed "Boley". George pain born in 1949, the Liberian politician and former rebel leader. Michael Boley was born in 1982, is an American former player in the National footb ...



Bolgar may refer to: People Bulgarian. (Болгарский) Bagryanov Bulgarians, the Bulgarian film Director. The Bulgarians, a people of Central Asian origin. Daniel Bolgar b. 1982, Hungarian musician. The Bulgarian language, an extinct language of the ...



Phil Bolger 1927-2009, naval architect. James Bolger, a character 11 / 11 / 11. Martin Bolger 1906-1991, Australian rules footballer. Laurie Bolger was born in 1989, English poet and broadcaster". Jim Bolger baseball was born in 1932, outfielder ...



Bolinder may refer to: Bolinder bluff, topography of the South Shetland Islands. Bolinder-Parking, the Swedish manufacturer of tractors and related equipment.



Zhang Boling. (Чжан Болинг) Matt Boling was born 2000, American athlete. Clint Boling was born in 1989, American football. Bodine Boling was born in 1982, American writer and film Director. Dulcie Boling was born 1936, Australian businessman. Lex ...



Henry IV of England, 1367-1413, also known as Henry Bolingbroke. Viscount Bolingbroke. (Виконт Болингброк) Other lords Bolingbroke bearing the name. Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke 1678-1751, party grandee tories and Jacobites, British st ...


Bolla (disambiguation)

Bolla is a type serpentic dragon in Ancient Albanian folklore. The ball may also refer to: The 1947-2018 Robert Kerman, aka R. Bolla, is an American actor. Ball, Sierra de Gata, on top of the Sierra de Gata range, Extremadura, Spain. Jim Bolla in ...





Bolle may refer to: Herman Bolle 1845-1926, the Austrian architect. Bolle, Burkina Faso, a village in Burkina Faso. Jacques Bolle born in 1959, the former French Grand Prix motorcycle road racer. In Bolle safety glasses / sunglasses manufacturer, ...



The origin of the surname Bolling: English: from the nickname of a man with close-cropped hair and a large head, middle English Bolling "Pollard", or a drunkard, from middle English Bolling "excessive drinking". German: from the animal form of a ...



Bolm or can relate to Adolf R. Bolm, dancer and choreographer. Hermann-Ernst Bolm, a member of the Wehrmacht during the Second world war. BOLM also BOLMI, the Bread of Life ministries international. Kirsten Bolm, German hurdler.


Bolman (disambiguation)

Bolman is a settlement in the region of Baranja, Croatia. Bolman may also refer to: Marloes Bolman was born in 1977, Dutch rower. Bolmån, river in Sweden. John Bolman 1751-1833, physician, surgeon and political figure in Nova Scotia.


Bologna (disambiguation)

Vitale da Bologna FL 1330, d 1361, Italian painter. Jacopo da Bologna FL 1340-1360 Italian composer. Joseph Bologna 1934-2017, American actor. Giambologna 1529-1608, Italian sculptor otherwise incorrectly known as Giovanni da Bologna.


Bolognese (disambiguation)

Bolognese is someone or something out of Bologna. Bolognese may also refer to: Bolognese dialect, a dialect of emiliano-Romagna, a romance language. The Bologna school of painting. Bolognese dog. (Болоньезе собака) Bolognese Swordsman. (Болоньезе ...



Bolognesi may refer to: BAP Coronel Bolognesi four ships of the Peruvian Navy. The District Of Bolognesi, Province Of Pallasca, Region Of Ancash, Peru. Coronel Bolognesi, the Peruvian football club. The Province Of Bolognesi In Ancash Region, Peru.



Bolter may refer to: Bolter Aeronautics, the term in naval aviation when a pilot misses the arrestor cable on an aircraft carrier and performs a go-around. Type Bolter empty. (Тип Болтер пустой)



Triple bolus test, a medical diagnostic procedure used to assess pituitary function. Bolus digestion, spherical mass moving through the digestive tract. Bolus medicine, medication, drug, or other substance in the form of one large dose. The bolus ...



BOM psychedelic 3.4.5,beta-tetramethoxyphenethylamine, and psychedelic. The byte order mark at FEFF, the Unicode character. Bureau of meteorology, Australia. Object model browser, the objects exposed by the web browser. The format of the file spe ...



Marc bombard 1949 is an American baseball player and coach. Alain Bombing 1924-2005, French biologist, physician and politician, known for crossing the Atlantic in a small boat without food and water.



Bob may refer to: Bob comics, Japanese manga magazine. Bob, Sao Tome and Principe, a village located on the island of Principe. "BOM BOM", Sam and song now spank. Adrian Bob was born in 1974, the Brazilian entertainer. "Bob", artist Macklemore. ( ...



Bommel can relate to Van Bommel is a Dutch name. Zaltbommel, a municipality and a town in the Netherlands. Den Bommel is a village in the Netherlands. Henning Bommel 1983 German cyclist.



Bonan, or Bao may refer to: Bonan people. (Bonan людей) The Bonan Language. (Язык Bonan) Places Bonan, Iran. (Bonan, Иран) Bonan, Sweden. (Bonan, Швеция) See also Isaabad-e SAR Bonan, Iran. Jishishan Bonan, Dongxiang and Salar Autonomous County, ...


Bonas (disambiguation)





Mario Bonetti 1888-1961, Italian Admiral during the Second world war. Benjamin Bonetti was born in 1982, the English author of self-help books. Bonetti or Guido Bonatti, died in gr. 1300, Italian mathematician, astronomer and astrologer.



"Boni", title sailors song, depicting Napoleons life and exploits. "Boni", British nickname of Napoleon Bonaparte. Boney M., 1970-e years of German pop and disco group. Peak Boni, Santa Monica, Ventura County, California, United States. The serie ...


Bonga (disambiguation)



Boni division, Department or commune of Tuy province in Burkina Faso. Boni metro station, railway station in Manila, Philippines. The condition of the bones, a vassal state of the government of Celebes, Dutch East Indies. Boni, Benin, a district ...





Abel Bonjour, Paris cellist that Bonjour Stradivarius was named after. Martin Bonjour 1985, Argentine professional football player. Lawrence Bonjour was born in 1943, epistemologist and Professor of philosophy at the University of Washington.



Bonnet may refer to: Bonnes, Charente, a commune in the Charente Department. Olivier bonnes born in 1990, the international football player of the Niger. Bonnes, Vienne, a commune in the Vienne Department. Les bonnes maids, 1947 play by Jean Gene ...


Bono (disambiguation)

Alain Bono was born in 1983, of Cameroonian footballer. Matteo Bono was born in 1983, Italian cyclist. Alex Bono was born in 1994, American soccer goalkeeper. Outel Bono died 26 August 1973, physician Chad and politician. Edward de Bono, born 193 ...



Bont may refer to: Bont, short for botulinum toxin. Alexander Bont, a fictional character in the Marvel comics universe. Bont, a village in Fizeșu Gherlii Commune, Cluj County, Romania. Robert Bont. (Роберт Бонт) Debbie Bont, Dutch handball playe ...



John Langdon Bonython, sir Langdon Bonython, 1848-1939, editor, philanthropist, Australian politician and journalist. Warren Bonython, Charles Warren Bonython, 1916-2012, ecologist, Explorer, author and chemical engineer. Kym Bonython Hugh Reskym ...


Bookbinder (disambiguation)

Bookbinder is one who sews. The binder may also refer to: The former leader of the American Jewish Committee, Hyman bookbinder. Elaine bookbinder was born 1945, the singer better known as Elkie Brooks. Roy bookbinder was born 1943, American guita ...


Bookie (disambiguation)


Boole (disambiguation)

George Boole-English mathematician and philosopher, Creator of Boolean algebra. Buhl may also refer to: The Boole tree, a giant Sequoia tree in Sequoia National forest. Bull crater, a lunar crater. Band Boole, an electronic music group from USA.



The Street Of Boon Tat, Singapore. The Boon Keng MRT station, Singapore. Boon Lay, Singapore. (Бун Лей, Сингапур)



Bor Martian crater. (Бор марсианский кратер) Station Bor PEP, a former railway station in Hel, Poland. Airport of Bor in South Sudan, the airport in South Sudan.



Borah may refer to: Borah high school, a public school in Boise. Borah peak, the highest point in Idaho. William Borah 1865-1940, American politician. The name of the Bor, Assamese surname. Charlie Borah 1906-1980, American athlete. Bohras, a sub ...


Borås (disambiguation)

Borås, a city and the seat of borås municipality, västra götaland County. The municipality of Sundbyberg, a municipality in Vastra Gotaland County. Borås arena, a football stadium in Boras. University of Lund, University College of Boras.



The Board may refer to: Qasīda al-Burda, the famous Sufi poem. Borda, Maharashtra, a village in Osmanabad district of Maharashtra state, India. Borda, Bhopal, a village in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Home Borda or borde, traditional farme ...



Bordes es, Catalonia, Spain. Bordes denvalira, Andorra. (Бордес-дэнвалира, Андорра)


Borduas (disambiguation)



Borei can relate to: Borea, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community in the United States. SK Borea Dresden, German football club. Borei, invalid synonym for the moth genus eudonia. People: Alberto Borea, Peruvian lawyer and politician. Borei Faith ...





Borgan, Iran, a city in and the capital of Qasr-e and County, in the provinces of Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran. Borgan, Norway, an Island in the archipelago of Vikna in the County of Trøndelag, Norway.

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