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Elachiptera erythropleura


Eucerceris arenaria


Grossoseta pacifica


Isonychia tusculanensis


Lepidostoma hoodi


Megachile arnaui


Megachile psenopogoniaea


Megachile rubricrus


Muirodelphax atralabis


Neoperla mainensis


Neophylax splendens


Ocnaea sequoia


Paraneonetus multispinus


Perlesta nitida


Pterodontia notomaculata


Pterodontia westwoodi


Sigara virginiensis


Sigara washingtonensis


Trichadenotecnum alexanderae


Trichocorixa kanza


Yoraperla nigrisoma


Zeluroides americanus

These three subspecies are the same species Zeluroides americanus: Zeluroides americanus. Zeluroides americanus medianus lent and Wygodzinsky, 1959. Zeluroides americanus Colima lent and Wygodzinsky, 1959.


Zeridoneus knulli


Beetles described in 1948


Butterflies described in 1948


Moths described in 1948


Gastropods described in 1948


Clypeaster elongatus

Clypeaster elongatus is a species of sea urchins of the family Clypeasteridae. Their carapace covered with spikes. Clypeaster elongatus was first scientifically described in 1948 by Hubert Lyman Clark.



As of may 2019 contains twenty-two species: 2017 yizhouensis Brommella Li, China. 2017 baiseensis Brommella Li, China. Brommella lactea Chamberlin & Gertsch 1958, USA. 2017 resima Brommella Li, China. 2017 sejuncta Brommella Li, China. 2017 josep ...



Lomaita is monotypic Caribbean dwarf spiders, containing one species, Lomaita darlingtoni. It was first described by B. E. Bryant in 1948, and has been found in the Dominican Republic.


Ozyptila maculosa



As of may 2019 contains fourteen types: Estebanensis Phantyna Simon, 1906 – Venezuela. Phantyna segregata Gertsch & Mulaik, 1936 – USA, Mexico. Phantyna banks sensing, 1924 – Ecuador Galapagos. Phantyna varyna Chamberlin & Gertsch 1958, USA, Mexi ...



As of may 2019 contains four species: Tivyna moaba Ivie, 1947 – USA. Spatula Tivyna Gertsch & Davis, 1937, the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Bahama is. Tivyna petrunkevitchi Gertsch & Mulaik, 1940 – USA. Tivyna pale Keyserling, 1887 type – USA.



Trujillina is a genus of wandering spiders of the Caribbean first described by B. E. Bryant in 1948. As of April 2019 contains only three species in Haiti and Puerto Rico: T. hursti, T. isolata, and T. spinipes.


Zodarion nigrifemur


Acanthobrama orontis


Acentronura breviperula

Acentronura breviperula, also known as shortpouch pygmy pipehorse, dwarf pipehorse and North little pipehorse, is a species of pygmy pipehorse, a member of the family Syngnathidae, seahorses and needle-shaped. Found in the Indo-Pacific region fro ...


Gymnothorax angusticeps

Gymnothorax angusticeps is a Moray eel found in the Southeast Pacific ocean, around Peru. It was first named by Hildebrand and Barton in 1949. This is colloquially known as the wrinkled seas.


Johnston snake eel

Johnston snake eel in the family Ophichthidae. He was described by Leonard Peter Schultz, Lauren and the floor of the forest in 1949. It is a marine, tropical eel which is known from the Indo-Pacific region, including the Chagos Islands, Hawaii, ...


Philippines worm eel

Philippines worm eel in the family Ophichthidae. He was described by Leonard Peter Schultz, Lauren and the floor of the forest in 1949. It is a marine, tropical eel which is known in the Philippines, in the Western part of the Pacific ocean. It i ...


Protomyctophum bolini


Agnocoris reclairei


Arthropeina fulva


Ashmeadiella rubrella


Bactrocera brunnea


Callomyia corvina


Chirosia filicis


Chirosia pusillans


Chrysops atlanticus


Chrysops celatus

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