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Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara


Lajamanu, Northern Territory

Lajamanu is a small town in the Northern Territory in Australia. It is located around 557 kilometres from Katherine and approximately 890 kilometres from Darwin. At the 2006 census, Lajamanu had a population of 669, of which 92 per cent aboriginal.


Warlpiri language



In Dhuwal was described by Norman Tindale in 1974 as one of two groups of small clans, the other Dhuwala as living mainly in the coastal area in front of the Arafura sea, and inhabitting East Arnhem land, the coastal area stretching from the Gulf ...



Norman Tindale, stated that Dhuwalas lands were mostly coincide with those assigned Dhuwal, two peoples inhabiting the same territory, but different, language differences, type of Guide, and the clan settlements of property. Rather, he placed the ...


Franklinford, Victoria

Franklinford is a small community in the Central highlands of Victoria, Australia, located in the Shire of Hepburn. It was the site chosen by Edward stone Parker to build the station in the Loddon protectorate of aborigines at Franklinford in Jan ...



Whadjuk, also Witjari are the Noongar people from Western Australia region Perth bioregion of the Swan coastal plain.



Were collected two early glossaries some words from the champion Bay Amangu. One, I. R., Foley, was published in August Oldfield in 1865, and the rest were collected by the colonial Secretary of Western Australia Roger Goldsworthy, and published ...



In Ballardongs land covers about square miles 10.500 27.000 km 2. To the North they occupied the river Avon. From York to the East, they extended to Tammin, Kununoppin, Waddouring the Hill, Bencubbin, Toodyay, Goomalling, Wongan hills. On their s ...



At Kaneang traditional lands lies some 4.800 12.000 square miles km 2 of territory. In the upper reaches of the Blackwood river. The Eastern boundary was formed by a line that runs from in Katanning, Tambellup, Cranbrook, and Tenterden. Kaneang l ...



In Minangs traditional lands includes approximately 4.900 13.000 square miles km 2 of king George North to the Stirling range. He took in tenterden, lake Muir, Cowerup and Shannon rivers. Along the coast of their territory ran from a point West c ...



In Mooro was the indigenous clan that lived in and North of Perth, Western Australia, until shortly after European settlement in the colony of Swan river in 1829. Their territory stretched from the Swan river North to the Moore river beyond the N ...



Its not clear if Pindjarup is historically correct ethnonym of the tribe. After their disappearance, the only source for them came from informants Kaneang. The word itself can reflect token profile pinjar / benjar meaning marshes or swamps, which ...



As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number on the minor planet Center groups, internal audit, and the discoverers can then submit names for them after the internal audit naming. The list below concerns those mino ...


Swan Valley Nyungah Community

Swan Valley Nyungah community was an indigenous Australian community of Noongar people on Lord street, in the outer Perth suburb of Lockridge and "Eden hill. The government of Western Australia closed the settlement in 2003 by act of Parliament f ...



There are at least three theories about the meaning of tribal ethnonym. One Respondent suggested that this reflects the word "Raven", wardan, the theory that sits poorly with earlier lists of words that Wardandi word that the bird kVA:Kum. The se ...



Wiilman are the indigenous Noongar people from the Wheatbelt, Great southern and South West regions of Western Australia. Spelling names include Wilman, Wilmen and the driver. Wiilman is endonym.


Noongar articles by quality



Geysir), sometimes known as the Great Geysir, is a geyser in southwestern Iceland. It was the first geyser described in a printed source and modern Europeans. The English word derives from Geysir. The name Geysir is derived from the Icelandic ver ...



Strokkur is a fountain-type geyser located in a geothermal area on the banks of the river Hvita in Iceland in the southwest part of the country, East of Reykjavik. It usually erupts every 6-10 minutes. Its usual height is 15-20 meters, although s ...


Valley of Geysers

The valley of geysers is a field of geysers in Kamchatka, Russia and is the second largest concentration of geysers in the world. This six-mile pool about ninety geysers and many hot springs located on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian far E ...


Hot springs of British Columbia


Hot springs of Alberta


Hot springs of Saskatchewan



Egerszalók is an open air Spa and village, situated in the County of Heves in the North-East of Hungary. The springs yield 68 °C. mineral water from an aquifer located under the volcanic mátra mountains. The Spa is located 8 km West from the dist ...



Deyldartungyukver is a hot spring in Reykholtsdalur, Iceland. It is characterized by a very high flow rate for a hot spring, and the water exits at a temperature of 97 °C. Is the highest-flow hot spring in Europe. Some of the water used for heati ...



As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number on the minor planet Center groups, internal audit, and the discoverers can then submit names for them after the internal audit naming. The list below concerns those mino ...


Kitagata Hot Springs

The hot springs are on the ass–Kagamba road, in the district of Sheema, in Sheema district, Western Uganda. This place is about 2 kilometres 1.2 mi, by road, to the South-East of the town of Kitagata, one of the urban centers in the area. This pl ...


Green Mubazarrah


Hot springs of Wales



Iherir is a village in the commune of bordj El Houasse, in Djanet district, Illizi province, Algeria. It is located in the valley of the river named Oued Iherir near the center nAjjer Tassili massif, 121 km South from the provincial capital, Illi ...


Bahariya Oasis

El-Wahat El-Bahariya and El-Bahariya is a depression and an oasis in the Western desert of Egypt. It is approximately 370 km from Cairo. Roughly oval valley extends from North-East to South-West, has a length of 94 km, a maximum width of 42 km an ...


Dakhla Oasis

Dakhla Oasis, translates to the inner oasis, is one of the seven oases of the Western desert of Egypt. Dakhla oasis is located in the New Valley governorate, 350 km from the Nile and between the oases Farafra and Kharga. It measures about 80 km f ...


Farafra, Egypt

Farafra depression is 980 km 2 geological depression, the second largest in Western Egypt and the smallest by population, near latitude 27.06° North and longitude 27.97° East. It is in the great Western desert of Egypt, approximately mid-way betw ...


Moghra Oasis

In Moghra Oasis is a desert oasis in North-Eastern part of the qattara depression in the Western desert of Egypt. It has 4 km 2 of the lake that contains brackish water, salt marshes and swamps with reeds.



Erfoud is an oasis town in the Sahara desert, DRAA-Tafilalet Oriental region in Morocco. It is divided into several districts: hay Salam, hay Gedeh, Phi hay El Bathaa, hay Annahda, and hay El Hamri. Due to its proximity to the village of Merzouga ...


Al Kharjah

Al Kharjah the climate is arid and is classified as BWH in the Koppen and Geiger scale. The average annual temperature is 21.1 °C and average annual rainfall is 176 mm, although most rain falls in April, an average of 39mm.



Sarakhs is a city-oasis in the Ahal province of Turkmenistan. It is located at latitude 36°31 North, longitude 61°12 East and an altitude of 285m above sea level. This is one of the oases of the silk road, lying between Merv to the East and Mashh ...


Springs of Alberta


Springs of British Columbia


Springs of Saskatchewan


Springs of Yukon


Springs of England


Springs of Scotland


Springs of Wales


Springs of Alabama


Springs of Alaska


Springs of Arizona


Springs of Arkansas


Springs of California

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