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Physoconops floridanus


Physoconops townsendi


Scaptia muscula


Sphodromantis hyalina


Tapinoma luffae


Tomoplagia cressoni


Trichadenotecnum circularoides

Circularoides Trichadenotecnum is one of the types of common barklouse family Psocidae. Its found in Africa, Europe and Northern Asia, North America, South America and South Asia.


Xanthocaecilius sommermanae


Beetles described in 1955


Butterflies described in 1955


Moths described in 1955



Tetracheledone spinicirrhus, spiny conch octopus, is a species of benthic octopus is the only species in the monotypic Tetracheledone genys, which is classified in Megaleledonidae family. It is found in the tropical Western North Atlantic and in ...


Gastropods described in 1955


Amarals blind snake


Espirito Santo blind snake


Northern blue-tongued skink

Northern blue tongue skink is the largest and heaviest of the blue tongue lizard. They are native to Australia and occurs almost exclusively in the Northern region. They usually live about 20 years and often kept as Pets.


Agelena jaundea

Agelena jaundea is a species of spider in the family Agelenidae, which contains 1146 species of funnel-web spiders. It was first described by Roewer in 1955. It is primarily found in Cameroon.


Agelena lawrencei

Agelena Lawrencei is a species of spider in the family Agelenidae, which contains 1146 species of funnel-web spiders. It was first described by Roewer in 1955. It is found mainly in Zimbabwe.


Apollophanes margareta



As of April 2019 contains seven species in Chile and Argentina: Austrochilus a paysite newtoni, 1987 – Chile. Austrochilus parwis Mihalik & Wunderlich 2017, Chile. Austrochilus sweet-paysite, 1987 – Chile. Austrochilus after the Emperors Grismado ...



As of may 2019 contains seven types: Cataleptoneta Edentula Denis, 1955 type – Lebanon, Israel. Cataleptoneta sengleti Brignoli, 1974 – Greece Crete. Cataleptoneta aesculapii Brignoli, 1968 – Turkey. Cataleptoneta detriticola Deltshev & Li 2013 – ...


Mastophora hutchinsoni


Mastophora leucabulba


Mastophora phrynosoma


Microbathyphantes palmarius

Free Norma Microbathyphantes, is a species of spiders of the genus Microbathyphantes. Found in Sri Lanka, India, Seychelles, Myanmar, Thailand and Polynesia.


Neon avalonus


Paramaevia hobbsae


Paramaevia michelsoni


Pardosa steva


Pseudonemesia parva


Saaristoa sammamish



As of April 2019 contains six species, all found in Brazil: Wulfilopsis frenata Keyserling, 1891 – Brazil. Wulfilopsis martinsi Brescovit, 1997 – Brazil. Wulfilopsis tenuipes Keyserling, 1891 – Brazil. Wulfilopsis tripunctata Mello-leitão a, 1947 ...


1956 Colorado gubernatorial election

In the 1956 gubernatorial election Colorado held November 6, 1956. Democrats Stephen Ryan won the Republican nominee Donald G. Brotzman with 51.34% of the vote.


Dallas Crusaders baseball


Grace Starry West

Grace starry West is an American scholar of the classics, known as Co-translator of a popular English edition of the four texts on Socrates. She has taught at the University of Dallas in Texas, and Hillsdale College in Michigan.


Ixa monodi

Ixa monodi in the Red sea pebble crab is a species of pebble crab of the family Leucosiidae, which prefers to burrow in sandy, shallow coastal waters. It was first described in the Eastern Mediterranean, where it is an invasive species that have ...


Polyonyx gibbesi



Eutaeniophorus is a genus of flabby whalefish found at depths of from 10 to 200 meters in the ocean. It is monotypic, being represented the same species, festive ribbonfish address, which can grow to a length of 5.3 cm, TL.


Fangtooth snake-eel

The saber-toothed snake-eel, also known as the fanged eels in Cuba and in the United States, is an eel in the family Ophichthidae. He described James Erwin Bohlke in 1956. It is a marine, tropical eel known from the Western Atlantic ocean, includ ...


Mirapinna esau

Mirapinna Esau, hairyfish, is a species of flabby whalefish only known from the Atlantic ocean near the Azores. Previously considered a member is not recognized, the family Mirapinnidae, this is the only known member of his family.


Pangio malayana


Plectorhinchus ceylonensis

Plectorhinchus ceylonensis, Sri Lanka inhabitants, is a species of grunt native to the Indian ocean around Sri Lanka. He dwells in the waters above coral reefs at depths from 5 to 20 meters. This species can reach 44 cm TL. This species can be fo ...


Anthidium christianseni


Calycomyza ambrosiae


Calycomyza flavinotum

Flavinotum Calycomyza is a type of leaf miner. This creates a whitish spot-shaped mines on the leaves of Ageratina altissima, berries of sea-buckthorn minus, Eupatorium SPP., Eutrochium Arum spotted, and Eutrochium purpureum, all flowering plants ...


Calycomyza lantanae


Calycomyza promissa


Diachasma alloeum

Diachasma alloeum is a small Wasp In the family Braconidae. This parasitoid Rhagoletis Codling moth, Apple maggot. The wasp lays its eggs in fly larvae, which then develop after the larvae have already pupated. Then the immature wasps feed on fly ...


Eurygaster amerinda


Lachesilla kathrynae

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