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Beris cypria


Blissus canadensis


Camponotus semitestaceus


Chaoborus cooki


Diadegma cinnabaritor


Drepanosticta brincki


Heteroponera monticola

Heteroponera monticola-species of ants of the genus Heteroponera. Described by Kempf and brown in 1970, the colony, mostly live in high wet regions in Colombia, particularly in areas where ants of any kind are scarce.


Insulanoplectron spinosum


Mansonia dyari


Megachile albifasciata


Megachile albimarginalis


Megachile auripubens


Megachile aurulenta


Megachile babylonica


Megachile biexcisa


Megachile cognatiforme


Megachile commixta


Megachile empeyi


Megachile erythrura


Megachile flavidula


Megachile formosa


Megachile globiceps


Megachile iranica


Megachile pseudocincta


Megachile riomii


Megachile sosia


Megachile squamosa


Megachile transgrediens


Megachile tricolor

Megachile tricolor is a species of bee in the family Megachilidae. He was described by Pasteels in 1970. The name is the younger homonima Megachile tricolor Friese, published in 1903.


Megachile tritacantha


Microbembex californica


Pelocoris balius


Promachus nigrialbus


Slaterocoris croceipes


Spathius elegans


Tetramorium tonganum

Tetramorium tonganum, is a species of ant in the subfamily Myrmicinae. He is in Australia, Indo-Australian, Oriental, and Palaearctic regional countries.


Thyridanthrax andrewsi


Thyridanthrax luminis


Timia arianica


Timia danieli


Timia libani


Trixoscelis lyneborgi


Trixoscelis mendezabali


Trixoscelis psammophila


Trixoscelis similis


Xenox habrosus


Xylocopa sulcatipes

Xylocopa sulcatipes Arabian large carpenter bee. These polyvoltine bees, as you know, take part in social, nesting and cooperative breeding. These carpenter bees metamotional, metasocial nests in the thin dead branches. One or more cooperating fe ...


Zaprionus indianus


Beetles described in 1970


Butterflies described in 1970

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