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Megachile anomomaculata


Megachile arnoldiella


Megachile astridella


Megachile atroalbida


Megachile aurilabris


Megachile bipunctulata


Megachile brunissima


Megachile cheesmanae


Megachile combinata


Megachile crassepunctata


Megachile dawensis


Megachile exsecta


Megachile garambana


Megachile insolita


Megachile invenita


Megachile ituriella


Megachile kasiana


Megachile lineofasciata


Megachile luteociliata

Megachile Luteociliata is a species of bee in the family Megachilidae. It was discovered by Pasteels in 1965 in Kenya, describing it as a leaf-cutter bee. The species is found only in Kenya.


Megachile maculosella


Megachile mediana


Megachile nigroaurea


Megachile papuae


Megachile parabukamensis


Megachile paracantha


Megachile paupera


Megachile pinguicula


Megachile pinguiventris


Megachile pipunctulata


Megachile platystoma


Megachile pseudofulva


Megachile pseudolaminata


Megachile quadraticauda


Megachile ruda


Megachile septentrionella


Megachile sheppardi


Megachile spinosiventris


Megachile sternintegra


Megachile szentivanyi


Megachile taiwanicola


Megachile tessmanni


Megachile tetrodonta


Megachile transiens


Megachile trapezicauda


Megachile uamiella


Megachile vachali


Megachile zambesica

Megachile zambesica is a species of bee in the family Megachilidae. He was described by Pasteels in 1965. The name is the younger homonima Megachile zambesica Yes, named in 1937.


Orthotylus junipericola

Orthotylus Junipericola is a species of bug from the family Miridae which can be found on the Azores Islands and in countries such as Bulgaria, France, Greece, Spain, and the Islands of the Dodecanese.


Phaonia fuscana


Sphecomyia columbiana

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