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As of may 2019 contains four species: Italic Protoleptoneta Simon, 1907 – France, Italy, Austria. Protoleptoneta bulgarica Deltshev, 1972 type – Bulgaria. Protoleptoneta beroni Deltshev, 1977 – Bulgaria. Protoleptoneta baccettii Brignoli, 1979 – ...



As of may 2019 contains seven species found in Uruguay, Argentina, Peru and Brazil: Pseudotyphistes Brignoli pennatus, type 1972 – Uruguay. Pseudotyphistes cristatus Ott & Lise, 1997 – Brazil. Pseudotyphistes Cambara Ott & Lise, 1997 – Brazil. Ps ...


Scotinotylus formicarius


Singa eugeni


Sosippus janus


Sosippus placidus


Ards Borough Council

ARDS the city Council was the local authority of ARDS in Northern Ireland. It merged with North city Council in may 2015 under local government reorganisation in Northern Ireland to become North and ARDS district Council.


Ballymena Borough Council

Ballymena city Council was the local authority of Ballymena in Northern Ireland. It was merged with Belfast city Council and Larne town Council in may 2015 under local government reorganisation in Northern Ireland in mid and East Antrim borough C ...


Ballymoney Borough Council

City Council ballymoney local authority of Ballymoney in Northern Ireland. The merger with Coleraine city Council, the city Council Derry and Moyle district Council in may 2015 under local government reorganisation in Northern Ireland to become C ...


Banbridge District Council

District Council Banbridge local authority Newry in Northern Ireland. It was merged with Armagh city and district Council and Craigavon borough Council in may 2015 under local government reorganisation in Northern Ireland to become Armagh, Banbri ...


Calliasmata pholidota

Calliasmata pholidota shrimp of the family Hippolytidae. He thought that C. pholidota is an opportunistic feeder, with live prey or in search of food.


Macrophthalmus holthuisi


Amphiprion leucokranos

Amphiprion leucokranos is a natural hybrid of clown fish found in the Western Pacific ocean. Like all anemonefishes it forms a symbiosis mutualism with sea anemones and is independent from the stinging tentacles of the anemone host. It is a seque ...


Chromis acares

They are found in reefs and lagoons, sometimes over the Pacific ocean. It stretches from Japan to the Hawaiian Islands, Vanuatu, and Austral Islands. People encounter them at a depth of 2 meters 6.6 feet to 37 meters 121 feet.


Chrysiptera caeruleolineata

Chrysiptera caeruleolineata, commonly called at the Blueline Demoiselle, is a species of damselfish from the Indian and Western Pacific oceans. It is up to 6 centimeters long.


Chrysiptera starcki

Chrysiptera starcki is a species of damselfish known by the common name Starcks Demoiselle. It is native to the Western Pacific ocean, where it was reported from the Ryukyu Islands and Taiwan, Australia, New Caledonia, Tonga. It was originally de ...


De Beauforts flathead

In crocodile fish, also known as De Beauforts flat or a giant flat, is a member of the order Scorpaeniformes, which also includes the scorpionfishes and stonefishes.


Iotabrycon praecox


Labeobarbus altipinnis


Labeobarbus wittei


Mesogobio lachneri


Poropuntius susanae


Romanogobio amplexilabris


Romanogobio johntreadwelli


Saurogobio lissilabris


Vladichthys gloverensis

Vladichthys gloverensis is a species of toadfish known only from the Atlantic coast of Belize and Honduras where it is located on the reefs. This species grows to a standard length of 5.6 cm. the Generic name is in honor of the toadfish expert Vl ...


Anopheles reidi


Anurogryllus arboreus

Anurogryllus arboreus, a common short-tailed cricket or wood, the short-tailed cricket, view cricket in the family Gryllidae. It is native to southern and South-Eastern United States, where it lives in burrows, which it digs up.


Anurogryllus celerinictus

Anurogryllus celerinictus, Indies short-tailed cricket, is a species of cricket in the family Gryllidae. It was first described in 1973, Thomas J. Walker. In January 2019, the noise of his songs have been suggested as causes of the syndrome of Ha ...


Blepharepium sonorensis


Chrysopidia elegans


Cnemotettix bifasciatus


Cnemotettix caudulus


Diadegma albotibiale


Diadegma meliloti

Diadegma meliloti is a wasp first described by Horstmann in 1973. He is a member of the genus Diadegma and family Ichneumonidae. No subspecies are listed.


Euparyphus arizonae


Formica accreta


Formica aerata


Formica microphthalma


Formica pacifica

Formica Pacifica is a species of ants, occupying the Pacific coast of the United States and British Columbia, Canada. This species is a member of the Formica fusca group species. The workers are pretty fast and aggressive. This kind of involved i ...


Formica podzolica


Idiostatus apollo


Idiostatus gurneyi


Liriomyza blechi


Liriomyza trifoliearum


Megachile albonigra


Megachile basirubella


Megachile curtuloides


Megachile hirsutula


Megachile inexpectata

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