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Tabanus quinquevittatus


Tromatobia ovivora


Xylomya americana


Beetles described in 1821


Butterflies described in 1821


Moths described in 1821


Cephalopods described in 1821


Gastropods described in 1821


Coras medicinalis


Pyrenecosa rupicola


Aeger tipularius


Themisto libellula

Fenistil Libellula is a marine amphipods of the family Hyperiidae. Lives 2 to 3 years and grows up to 60 millimetres at the time of its existence. They are found in large quantities in the Arctic waters. In summer, they eat more fat to keep as fu ...


Brachygobius nunus

Brachygobius nunus, the Golden banded goby, is a species of bumblebee goby, a small genus of gobies that takes its common name from their round bodies, large heads, and their overall yellow to Golden coloration is interrupted by four brown to Bla ...


Canthigaster compressa

Canthigaster compressa, also known as a compressed Toby or Tobys fingerprints, is a deepwater marine fish belonging to the family. Fingerprint Toby is a small sized fish which grows up to 12 cm. It is widely distributed in tropical waters of the ...


Canthophrys gongota


Chelon parsia

Chelon parsia in the goldspot mullet is a ray-finned fish of the family Mugilidae. This is one of the seven species of the genus Chelon. This species lives in the Indian ocean, particularly in the shallow coastal waters of Pakistan, India, Sri La ...


Cynoglossus cynoglossus

Cynoglossus commonly known as Bengal tonguesole, Gangetic sometimes called language only, is a species of tonguefish. It is often found in the Indian ocean, particularly in brackish water and muddy or sandy bottom off the coast of India, Banglade ...


Cynoglossus lingua

Cynoglossus "lingua", commonly known as the long tongue sole or textile tongue sole is a species o along the coast of the Philippines, Thailand and the Malay Peninsula, Burma, Bay of Bengal and on the West to the red sea.


Danio rerio


Dichotomyctere nigroviridis

Dichotomyctere nigroviridis is one of Blowfish, known as the green spotted puffer. It is found in the countries of South and Southeast Asia in coastal freshwater and brackish water habitats. D. nigroviridis reaches a maximum length of about 15 cm ...


Gold-spot mullet


Green pufferfish

Green puffer fish-a fish species found in South and Southeast Asia. Its habitat includes rivers, estuaries, lakes, and floodplains. She lives in fresh water to slightly brackish water.


Indian mud moray eel

Indian mud Moray, Gymnothorax tile is a Moray eel found in the Western Pacific and Indian oceans. It was first named by Hamilton in 1822, and is also known as freshwater seas or freshwater snowflake eel. He lives in marine conditions but travels ...


Odontamblyopus rubicundus

Odontamblyopus rubicundus is a species of eel goby native to coastal waters and estuaries from the East coast of India to Myanmar and Bangladesh. This species can reach a length of 25 cm TL. It is of secondary importance to local commercial fishe ...


Pangio pangia


Pethia canius

Pethia canius is a species of cyprinid fish native to India where it is sluggish streams in West Bengal, India. This species can reach a length of 3.0 cm SL.


Pisodonophis hijala

Pisodonophis hijala is an eel in the family Ophichthidae. He was described by Francis Buchanan-Hamilton in 1822, originally under the genus Ophisurus. It is a marine, tropical eel which is known from the Indo-Pacific region.


Puntio barb


Purple spaghetti-eel

Purple spaghetti-eel is an eel in the family Moringuidae. He was described by Francis Buchanan-Hamilton in 1822, originally under the genus Muraena. It is a tropical, freshwater eel which is known from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia and the ...


Rice-paddy eel

Rice-Paddy eel in the family Ophichthidae. He was described by Francis Buchanan-Hamilton in 1822, originally in the genus Ophisurus. It is a tropical, marine eel which is known from the Indo-West Pacific ocean, including Somalia, Tanzania, South ...


Stigmatogobius sadanundio

Stigmatogobius sadanundio is a species of native goby in southern Asia from India to Indonesia, including Sri Lanka and the Andaman Islands. It can be found mostly in fresh waters, estuaries and coastal rivers. It can also be found in the aquariu ...


Periophthalmodon septemradiatus

Periophthalmodon Septemradiatus is one of the types of inhabitant of the tropical coast of the Eastern Indian ocean, where it occurs in marine, brackish and fresh waters from India to Indonesia. It is found in estuaries and in rivers. This specie ...


Slender giant moray

Slender giant Moray or Gangetic Moray, sathete Strophidon, is the longest member of the family of eels. The longest recorded specimen was caught in 1927 on the banks of the Maroochy river in Queensland, it is measured 3.94 meters. This species is ...


Toxotes chatareus

The toxotes chatareus, sometimes known by the common names common archerfish, seven-spot archerfish or large archerfish, is a species of the body of these fish in the archerfish genus Toxotes. They are, as a rule, not more than 20 cm 7.9, but can ...


Empis albicans


Empis albinervis


Empis decora


Empis meridionalis


Empis trigramma

Empis trigramma is a species of dance fly, in the fly family Empididae. Thorax with yellowish sides, with three broad dark stripes. The abdomen glows yellowish, with a dark Central stripe. Length flies is 4.5–6 mm.


Empis tumida


Empis vitripennis


Empis volucris


Halobates micans

Halobates means the kind of water Strider family Gerridae. This is one of five species of Halobates that live on the surface of the open ocean, only near the coast, when storms blow them to shore. Unlike others, which are restricted in Indian and ...


Halobates sericeus

Halobates sericeus, the Pacific pelagic water Strider is a type of water Strider family Gerridae. Found in Australia, Eastern Pacific, Indo-West Pacific ocean, North America, Oceania and temperate Asia.


Hydrophorus praecox


Ichneumon tottor


Microchrysa flavicornis

A small body of rocks from 4.5 to 5.0 mm long; antennae reddish-yellow, third antennomere brown, Arista black. Legs mostly yellow, femur III and blackish. Pubescence in the middle part of pronotum and abdomen lighter colors in the male. The abdom ...


Odontomyia ornata


Orthonevra elegans


Orthonevra geniculata

External images terms see morphology of Diptera wing length 4 5-5 5 mm. Face with a triangular white marks. The legs are yellow. Wing vein R-m brown. Pterostigm bicolorous: pale with dark area at base. Maybach et al. Drawing 1994, male terminalia ...

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