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Tetrix ornata

Tetris Ornata, known usually as an ornamental or dwarf grasshopper ornate grouse locust is a species of pygmy grasshopper in a family of grasshoppers in the Park was. It is found in North America.


Tettigidea lateralis

Tettigidea lateralis, known as the black one-way pygmy grasshopper, is a species of pygmy grasshopper in a family of grasshoppers in the Park was. Other common names include black-sided grouse and grouse locusts sedge. It is located in the Caribb ...


Thecophora pusilla

This species is mainly present in most countries of Europe.


Thereva frontalis


Timia apicalis


Timia erythrocephala

Timia erythrocephala kind of ulidiid or picture-winged fly in the genus Timia of the family Ulidiidae. This species of the genus Timia.


Triepeolus lunatus


Beetles described in 1824


Butterflies described in 1824


Moths described in 1824


Gray-cheeked flying squirrel

Gray-green flying squirrel is a species of rodent in the family Sciuridae. It is found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.


Bivalves described in 1824


Gastropods described in 1824


Blotched blue-tongued lizard

Spots blue tongue lizards, also known as southern blue tongue lizard or spotted blue-tongue skink is blue-tongue skink endemic to South-Eastern Australia.


Bothrops neuwiedi

Common names: Neuwieds lancehead, jararaca pintada. The kaysaki neuwiedi highly poisonous rattlesnake Viper species endemic to South America. This relatively small snake has a wide range and is a major source of snakebite in Argentina. It was nam ...


Epictia albifrons

Epictia albifrons, known as Waglers blind snake or silver snake, is a species of snake in the Leptotyphlopidae family of blind snakes, native to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and South Africa.


Trimeresurus puniceus

Trimeresurus puniceus is a venomous pitviper species endemic to Southeast Asia. Common names include: broad-nosed pitviper, flat-nosed vipers, and ash Viper. Currently no subspecies are recognized.


Tanja Schultz

Tanya Schultz is a German scientist specializing in the field of speech processing. She is a Professor of computer science at the University of Bremen and former President of the International Association for speech communication.



Brotogeris is a genus of small parrots endemic to Central and South America. The closest relative is the monk parakeet. They eat seeds and fruits. The word "Brotogeris" means "having the voice of a man". In the language of their native country, w ...


Themisto gaudichaudii

260 species of hyperiid amphipods are large eyes and planktonic amphipods, whereas studies performed amphipods have smaller eyes and tend to live on the seabed. Several species of the genus Fenistil are the most common of all amphipods. Unlike ot ...


Brazilian flathead

Brazilian flat view of the platypus, which is the only species in the genus Percophis, rod type Percophinae monotypic subfamily of the family Percophidae Duckbill. It occurs in the southwestern Atlantic from the coast of South America, from south ...


Chrysiptera cyanea

Chrysiptera cyanea is a species of damselfish native to the Indian and Western Pacific oceans. Common names include blue damselfish, Demoiselle, blue Devil, cornflower Sergeant-major, Hedleys damselfish, red tail Australian damsel, sapphire devil ...


Flat-tail mullet

Flat tail mullet-kind of mullet of the family Mugilidae. It is endemic to South Australia, where it forms schools in the shallows and lower estuaries and saline lagoons. This species spawns in the sea and the young move into freshwater until they ...


Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus

Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus, the object of the Devil, also known as the jewel damselfish lives in the Indo-Pacific and can grow up to 10 inches in length.


Stegastes punctatus

Stegastes tuatara, commonly known as blunt snout Gregory, you are from the family pomacentridae. He is a native of the Indo-Pacific region where it is found at depths up to 5 meters. Its range extends from the Eastern coast of Africa and red sea ...


Streamlined spinefoot

Streamlined spinefoot is a species of rabbitfish. It grows from 20 to 40 cm in length and lives in shallow waters of the Indo-Pacific, usually in the range of 2 to 40 m in depth. Like all rabbitfish, it has venomous spines on the fins. It is repo ...


Uropterygius macularius


Acrolophitus hirtipes

Acrolophitus hirtipes, known as the green grasshopper a fool or plains point is the head of a grasshopper is a type of slant-face grasshopper in the family Acrididae. It is found in Central America and North America.


Aglae caerulea


Alydus eurinus


Ameles decolor


Amnestus spinifrons


Anasa armigera


Anaxipha exigua

Anaxipha exigua cricket in the genus Anaxipha in the subfamily Trigonidiinae. Common names, "says trigonometry" and "cricket says Bush". The distribution range of Anaxipha exigua includes the Caribbean and North America.


Apiomerus spissipes


Aradus quadrilineatus


Arhyssus lateralis


Boopedon nubilum

Boopedon nubilum, known as the ebony grasshopper, is a species of slant-face grasshopper in the family Acrididae. Other common names include black males grasshopper and plain honey. It is found in Central America and North America.


Brochymena arborea


Chlorochroa faceta


Chorthippus mollis

Chorthippus mollis is a species belonging to the family Acrididae, subfamily Gomphocerinae. It is found in most parts of Europe. The species prefers dry and warm places with sandy bottom and open ground, also on roadsides, clearings, and fallow l ...


Clastoptera obtusa

These three subspecies are in the form of Clastoptera obtusa: Clastoptera obtusa Borealis ball. Clastoptera obtusa. (Оbtusa Clastoptera) Clastoptera obtusa pale ball.


Coenosia agromyzina

Coenosia agromyzina can reach lengths of 2-3.5 mm 0.079–0.138 V. thorax and abdomen shows a brown-black color. Antennae quite black and elongated. Also the palpi black. Legs are black. Wings slightly brown-gray toning. The main vein that runs alo ...


Coenosia mollicula


Cyrtaspis scutata

Cyrtaspis scutata-a green grasshopper Katydid of the subfamily. Found in southern Europe - France, Italy, Sicily, Spain and Portugal, Corsica, Croatia, Sardinia, Slovenia and Azores. It is also found in the Netherlands, near Amersfoort, where he ...


Delia albula


Dicromantispa interrupta


Empicoris subparallelus

E. subparallelus was first recorded in Florida from light traps for monitoring mosquitoes in Florida in 2007. E. subparallelus can prey on mosquito adults or larvae, although it was never reported to do so. One Tunisian species of Ploiaria have b ...


Eratoneura basilaris


Fannia serena

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