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1st Combat Helicopter Regiment

The 1st combat helicopter regiment was established on 1 August 1977, but traces its history to the 1950-ies. He carries the traditions of the 1st, the 21st artillery observation groups that have achieved a certain notoriety during the First war o ...


2nd Combat Helicopter Regiment


3rd Combat Helicopter Regiment

The regiment was created on 1 August 1977. It is located on Base_Lieutenant_Etienne_Mantoux formerly known as the American took the air base Etain. The regiment is the heir of the origin of the aviation platoon of the 9th colonial infantry divisi ...


4th Combat and Airmobile Helicopter Regiment


6th Combat Helicopter Regiment


7th Combat Helicopter Regiment


Geoffrey Armitage

Education at Haileybury, Armitage was commissioned in the Royal artillery on 26 August 1937 and served as the main war captain during the Second world war. He became commandant of the Royal armoured corps centre in 1962, the chief of staff, the B ...


Duncan Capps

Capps was commissioned in the Royal corps of transport on 13 December 1986. He became Deputy chief of staff, headquarters 1st armored division in the UK in December 2008, commander 104 logistic brigade in August 2011, and commander, joint force s ...


Alastair Macdonald (British Army officer)

MacDonald was a Junior officer in the 92nd regiment of foot in 1846 and became the aide-de-camp of sir John Pennefather in 1854. He fought in the battle of the Alma in September 1854 and the battle of Inkerman in November 1854 during the Crimean ...


Keith McQueen

McQueen enlisted in the Royal artillery in August 1944 during the Second world war. He became commander Royal artillery 3rd infantry division in 1968, the commandant Royal school of artillery in 1973, the General officer commanding the North-West ...


Samuel Graham

Lieutenant-General Samuel Graham was a British army officer who commanded the 27th Enniskillen regiment during the Anglo-Russian invasion of Holland.


James Swift (British Army officer)

Swift was commissioned in the Royal regiment of Wales on 1 September 1989. He served as commander of the 2nd battalion the Royal Welsh regiment during the war in Iraq. He became a brigade commander of the 20th armored in may 2012 and chief strate ...


Imperial Russian major generals


Polish generals in the Imperial Russian Army


Horace F. Bigelow

Major General Horace Freeman Bigelow was a career officer in the U.S. army and served in the 21st chief of ordnance for the U.S. army ordnance corps.


William Estel Potts

Major General William Estelle Potts was a career officer in the U.S. army and served in the 22nd the chief of ordnance for the U.S. army ordnance corps.

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