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Burials at Certosa cemetery


Burials at Isola di San Michele


Burials at Santo Stefano (church)


List of burials at Melbourne General Cemetery

Samuel winn 1891-1982, restaurateur, wine merchant. Sir Henry Weedon 1859-1921, the Lord mayor and the Deputy. Clarence Whistler 1856-1885, a fighter. 1834-1861 William John wills, the Explorer to see the Burke and wills expedition. Ray Wilson 19 ...


Burials at East Perth Cemeteries


People buried at Brahmo Cemetery, Nabodebalaya


Kathleen OConnell

Kathleen oconnell was born Katherine oconnell in caherdaniel, County Kerry on October 5, 1888. She was one of eleven children of a farmer John oconnell Mary Ann oconnell nee OSullivan. She was raised in County Kerry, and emigrated to Chicago in 1 ...


Bronislaw Piecik

Bronislaw Piecik was a Polish and precision mechanics, who was known for the development of medium and large Nativity scenes called the Krakow szopka that he built. Piecik participated in the contest of the Krakow Nativity scene in 1962. By the t ...


Aleksandr Ivanovich Blagonravov

Alexander Blagonravov, the Soviet military engineer and designer, who worked on the design of armored vehicles before, during and after the Second world war. Blagonravov began his military career in the red Army and studied at the military techni ...


Berrian Kinnard Upshaw


Camp Hill Cemetery

In 1844 camp hill replaced the first cemetery of the city, in the old cemetery, which was established almost 100 years ago in 1749. Initially operated by a private company, the cemetery is now owned and administrered the regional municipality of ...


Friedhof HeerstraSe

The cemetery HeerstraSe cemetery is Trakehnerallee 1, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in Berlin, Germany, beneath the Olympiastadion. It covers an area of 149.650 square meters. The cemetery was originally called and planned for local residents Villen ...


Waldfriedhof Zehlendorf

Waldfriedhof Zehlendorf is a cemetery located in Berlins Nikolassee district. The cemetery covers an area of 376.975 m2. Additional Italian military cemetery was established here in 1953. Famous Berliners buried in the cemetery, some graves of ho ...


Loschwitz Cemetery

The Loschwitz cemetery a second cemetery, still in use, this elegant hotel, part of the city Dresden, Germany, replacing the churchyard of the Church of Loschwitz, is no longer used for burials. The cemetery was consecrated in 1800. Because many ...



In Jacobsfriedhof, also known as Jakobskirchhof, the oldest extant burial ground in Weimar, Thuringia, Germany, the land around St. James. The first burial occurred here in the 12th century. The burial ground is located in Jacobsvorstadt that in ...


Cimitero Maggiore di Milano

In the cemetery of Maggiore di Milano, also known as the Di Musocco cemetery is the largest cemetery in Milan, Italy. It is located in zone 8, in the Musocco district, not far from the Garegnano Charterhouse. The cemetery has a total area of 678. ...


Western Cemetery (Cardiff)

The West cemetery is the largest cemetery located in the Western suburbs of Chicago, Cardiff, Wales. It is located close to Culverhouse cross roundabout on the A48 road to the West of the city and provides burials for people of all faiths.


Badshot Lea Long Barrow

Long badshot Lea long barrow unchambered is a mound located near the village of badshot Lea in the South-Eastern English County of Surrey. Probably built in the fourth Millennium BC In Britain in the early Neolithic, today it is preserved only in ...


Barrow Clump

Barrow accumulation of archaeological excavations in the parish of Figheldean, Wiltshire, England, about 3 1 ⁄ 2 miles North of the town of Amesbury. The site is a scheduled monument.


Goffers knoll

Goffers knoll is a prominent hill on Cambridge-Cambridgeshire border in the East of England, East of the city of Royston and South of Melbourne. It is formed from a spur of the chalk hills in the West, which are on the Chiltern hills. Knoll, stan ...


Kingley Vale Bell Barrow


Long Burgh Long Barrow

Long Burgh long barrow, long barrow unchambered is located near the village of Alfriston in the South-Eastern English County of East Sussex. Probably built in the fourth Millennium BC In Britain in the early Neolithic, today it is preserved only ...


Sunningdale Barrow

Sunningdale barrow place three round barrows, including one bowl of the mound near the railway station Sunningdale, Sunningdale. Basically inurned excavations one of the barrows located cremation.


Trevelgue Head

Trevelgue head, also known as port Island, is a headland a short distance North-East from Newquay in Cornwall, England. It is adjacent to the port, and in the Eastern part of the Bay of Newquay. This place is a promontory Iron age Fort. Ramparts ...


Chezacut Cemetery Indian Reserve No. 5


Redstone Cemetery Indian Reserve No. 1B


List of cemeteries in York Region

List of cemeteries in York region. Active cemeteries includes religion, affiliated or non-religious. Abandoned cemeteries are the responsibility of the municipalities where they are located. In some cases, when the grave was not found or missing ...


Hamilton Cemetery

Cemetery Hamilton Boulevard York to Hamilton, Ontario is the oldest public cemetery in Hamilton. It is located on Burlington heights, a high sand and gravel isthmus that separates the harbour of Hamilton on East from Cootes Paradise to the West. ...


Cemeteries in Ottawa


Woodlawn Cemetery (Saskatoon)

Woodlawn cemetery is a cemetery located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Located in the cemetery is the next of kin memorial Avenue national Historic site of Canada, which is dedicated to all who served in the Armed forces Canadas. The cemeter ...


Karet Bivak Cemetery

Karet bivak is located in Central Jakarta, Jakarta. It covers an area of 16.2 hectares of 0.16 km 2, 0.06 square miles, making it the second-largest cemetery in Jakarta. In 2007 it contained approximately 48.000 grave. The graves of poor people a ...


Disease-related deaths in Arkansas


Deaths in England by county


Deaths by stabbing in Connecticut


Deaths from cancer in Alabama


Suicides by hanging in Alabama


Deaths from cancer in Alaska


Suicides by hanging in Alaska


Deaths from cancer in Arizona


Suicides by hanging in Arizona


Suicides by hanging in Arkansas


Deaths from cancer in California


Suicides by hanging in California


Deaths from cancer in Colorado


Suicides by hanging in Colorado


Deaths from cancer in Connecticut


Suicides by hanging in Connecticut


Deaths from cancer in Delaware


Deaths from cancer in Florida


Suicides by hanging in Florida

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