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Capoeta coadi


Chauligenion camelopardalis


Cirrhilabrus shutmani

Cirrhilabrus shutmani, also known as fairy lights wrasse, were discovered by RVS Fishworld in 2016, those living around the volcano on Didicas Babuyan Islands of the Philippines. Magma belongs to the wrasse family Labridae, colorful species of tr ...


Clypeobarbus breviclipeus

Clypeobarbus breviclipeus-species of ray-finned fish in Clypeobarbus kind. It is endemic to the river Kwilu in Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Garra bimaculacauda


Garra fluviatilis


Garra incisorbis


Garra longchuanensis


Garra lorestanensis

Garra lorestanensis-species of ray-finned fish of the genus Garra is known from Loven cave, the natural outlet of the underground limestone system of the Zagros mountains in the AB-e Sirum or AB-e serum valley near Tang-e haft railway station, th ...


Garra mini


Garra parastenorhynchus


Garra sindhi


Garra tamangi

Garra tamangi-species of ray-finned fish of the genus Garra described from the Dikrong river in Hoi an near NHPC limited complex, Itanagar, Papum district pair, Arunachal Pradesh, northeast India.


Chauligenion camelopardalis

Chauligenion giraffe, also known as the giraffe-spotted snake eel, is a species of fish in the family Ophichthidae in the Pacific ocean. This species occurs in the West of Okinawa in the East China sea. This species is the only known member of hi ...


Guercif barbel

In Guercif barbel-a species of ray-finned fish of the genus Luciobarbus. it is endemic to the river Moulouya in Morocco.


Iranocichla persa

Iranocichla Persian is a species of mouth brooding cichlids, which was described in the year 2016 from catchments Suir, river Hasanlangi and Minabe which flow into the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz in southern Iran.


Labeobarbus boulengeri

Labeobarbus boulengeri-species of ray-finned fish family Cyprinidae. It is in the Luculla river and lower reaches of the Congo river in Africa.


Pethia sanjaymoluri

Pethia sanjaymoluri, the Sanjays black-tip pethia, is a species of ray ray-finned fish of the subfamily Barbinae, of the carp family. Found in the Pavana and Nira rivers, which are tributaries of the river Bhima, a part of the system of the river ...



Pillaiabrachia siniae, this type of earthworm eels found in small pool near Mogaung in Kachin state, Northern Myanmar. This species is the only known member of his family.


Red neon blue-eye

Red neon-blue eyes is one of the fish species of the subfamily Pseudomugilinae. It has only been recorded from the marsh in the vicinity of Timika in West Papua.


Roa rumsfeldi

Rumsfeldi ROA is the fifth known species of the genus POA and was discovered in Batangas, Philippines in 2016. This species has vertical white and brown stripes and a black spine on the ventral fin, unlike the other samples, and ROA.


Scomber indicus


Sinocyclocheilus guanyangensis

Guanyangensis Sinocyclocheilus is a species of freshwater ray-finned fish of the family Cyprinidae. It is endemic to Li-Jiang basin in Guanyang County in Guanxi. It has rudimentary eyes, a conical snout and lacking a hump on the back of the head.


Systomus laticeps

Systomus laticeps-species of cyprinid fish, which has been described in 2016 from samples collected in Kerala, South India. It is in one stream in Thiruvalla in Pathanamthitta district where the confluence of the rivers flowing through low-lying ...


Verulux solmaculata

Verulux solmaculata in cardinalfish spots-species of ray-finned fish of the family Apogonidae cardinalfish. It was first described in the year 2016 and this is happening in the Timor sea near New Guinea and North Western Australia. Its a small, a ...


Arulenus miae

Arulenus miae is a species of pygmy grasshopper, which is located on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. It was described in the 2016 Josip Skejo and joy Honezza S. Caballero. They became aware of the existence of a look through the photos ...


Ceylonosticta alwisi

Ceylonosticta alwisi kind of damselfly in family Platystictidae. It is endemic to Sri Lanka, which was found recently from the reserve Samanala nature, Ratnapura.


Ceylonosticta inferioreducta


Ceylonosticta mirifica

Ceylonosticta Mirifica-species of damselfly in family Platystictidae. It is endemic to Sri Lanka found from the forest to the road Uwella-Ratnapura region.


Ceylonosticta nancyae

Alwisis kind of shadowdamsel damselfly in family Platystictidae. It is endemic to Sri Lanka, which was found recently from the reserve Samanala nature, Ratnapura.


Ceylonosticta rupasinghe

Ceylonosticta rupasinghe kind of damselfly in family Platystictidae. It is endemic to Sri Lanka, which was found recently from the reserve Samanala nature, Ratnapura.


Ceylonosticta venusta


Eulophophyllum kirki

Eulophophyllum picks is a green grasshopper was found in the protected Danum valley in Sabah, Malaysia. It Eulophophyllum in the genus in the subfamily Phaneropterinae. It was described in the year 2016. She was noted as one of the SUNY-ESFs "top ...


Platysticta secreta


Platysticta serendibica


Protosticta monticola

Protosticta monticola reedtail, is a species of damselfly in family Platystictidae. It is endemic to the southern Western Ghats in India. This species is named monticola given natural habitat, where the species was discovered. The genus Protostic ...


Tsukiyamaia albimacula


Beetles described in 2016


Butterflies described in 2016


Moths described in 2016


Ankarana dwarf lemur

In Ankarana dwarf lemur or Sheths dwarf lemur is a species of dwarf lemurs, part of the group C. MEDIUS, known only from the Northern part of Madagascar. It was found in two reserves and two protected areas. He was identified in 2014, but not for ...


Rhinolophus monticolus

It emits high-cycle ultrasound with constant frequency pulses 83.6-93 kHz.


Sulawesi root rat

Gracilimus of the radix, the root of Sulawesi rat, is a species of the rat family Muridae. This is a monotypic species as it is the only member of the genus Gracilimus. It is only known from the Mamasa Regency in Sulawesi, Indonesia, where he gre ...


Gastropods described in 2016


Bangalore geckoella

Bangalore geckoella is a species of nocturnal, terrestrial, Gecko, which is endemic in India. This recently described species is found in Eastern Ghats and parts of the hilly area, on the plateau of Mysore. It is written from the outskirts of Ban ...


Calames bent-toed gecko


Chilabothrus argentum


Cnemaspis flaviventralis


Cnemaspis rajakarunai

Rajakarunai Cnemaspis, also known as Rajakarunas day Gecko, is a species of day geckos, endemic to the island of Sri Lanka, from lowland jungle Salgala. Species can be identified due to the lack of precloacal pores. Man, as you know, ranges from ...


Cyrtodactylus equestris

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