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Cities in Westchester County, New York


Cities in the New York metropolitan area by county


Veterans Memorial Park, Auburn, New York

Veterans memorial Park is a Park in Auburn, new York. Its purpose is to honor all veterans form Cayuga County who served in the army of the United States of America from the revolutionary war to the current deployment. The Committee to organize p ...


People from Auburn, New York


Gaffer District (Corning, New York)

As Mestechke district management Association, better known as Grandpa Cornings district, the historic district in downtown Corning, new York. This area is known for a variety of suggestions, including world-renowned museums, nationally renowned r ...


Market Street Historic District (Corning, New York)

Market street historic district is a historic district located at Corning in Steuben County, new York. It was originally included in the national register of historic places in 1974 and its boundaries were increased in 2000.


People from Corning, New York


Near Westside Historic District

Near Westside historic district is a national historic district located in Elmira in the County of Chemung, new York. The district includes 480 basic structure for 25-30 blocks in 77 acres district. The area is mainly a residential area with only ...


Buildings and structures in Elmira, New York


People from Elmira, New York


Castle Heights

Castle heights is a small residential area on the North-West of Geneva, new York. It is known for its architectural diversity of the houses land plots more than in other parts of the city. Formerly known as "Maxwell highland," castle heights disp ...


South Main Street Historic District (Geneva, New York)

South main street historic district is a national historic district located at Geneva in Ontario County, state of new York. This district contains 142 properties of troops, including 140 troops, buildings, as well as Pultney Park and the original ...


People from Geneva, New York



Bogheid is a historic mansion in Glen Cove, new York. It was built in 1938 for Helen porter Pryibil, daughter of William H. porter. It was designed by Delano and Aldrich in the French manor style. At some point Prybil sold the estate in Glen Cove ...


Poplar Hill (Glen Cove, New York)

Poplar hill is a historic mansion in Glen Cove, new York. Built for Frederic B. Pratt in 1925, he was used as a medical center, since 1947, and currently known as the center Glengariff health care.


The Manor (Glen Cove, New York)

The manor is an old mansion located in Glen Cove, new York. It was built in 1910 as the home of John Teele Pratt and Ruth Baker Pratt. It was designed by Charles A. Platt. In the 1950-ies, it has been used as the location for the movie North by N ...


Glens Falls Hospital

Glens falls hospital is a 410-bed not-for-profit community hospital located in Glens falls, new York. It serves the communities in Warren, Washington, Hamilton, Essex and Northern Saratoga and Rensselaer counties. The hospital has 28 off-campus m ...


Sherman House (Glens Falls, New York)

The Sherman house is a historic building located in Glens falls, County of Warren, state of new York. This large building, in pink brick with roof richly brackets and an octagonal dome. It consists of 2 1 ⁄ 2-story rectangular block to which were ...


People from Glens Falls, New York


Hudson Historic District (New York)

The Hudson historic district includes most of the city of Hudson, new York, USA, was once called "one of the richest dictionaries of architectural history in the state of new York." This 139-acre area stretching from the citys waterfront on the E ...


Rossman–Prospect Avenue Historic District

In Rossman–Prospect Avenue historic district is a small residential area located near the East end of the city of Hudson, new York, USA. His house was mainly built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This is the smaller of the two historic ...


People from Hudson, New York



She, Inc. fabrication of MEMS inertial sensors. The headquarters is located in Ithaca, new York, USA, the company is a subsidiary of Rohm Co. in LTD. from Japan. It is designed vysokoosmotichnyh silicon micromachining based on research originally ...


Six Mile Creek (Ithaca)

Six Mile Creek is within a 20-mile Creek in Tompkins County, new York. It originates in the town of Dryden near the intersection of Irish settlement road and a road map, and flows into Cayuga inlet, which flows into Cayuga lake. Its watershed is ...


Buildings and structures in Ithaca, New York


People from Ithaca, New York


Jamestown West, New York

Jamestown West is a census-designated place, located near Jamestown in Chautauqua County, the state of new York. Also known as West Ellicott because of its location in the Ellicott city, the population of the region was 2.408 according to the 201 ...


People from Jamestown, New York


Sports in Jamestown, New York


Willsons Woods Park

Willsons woods Park is a Park located in mount Vernon, new York. The Park is owned by Westchester County and operated by the Department of parks, recreation and conservation. Acquired in 1924, Willsons woods is one of the oldest parks in the syst ...


People from Mount Vernon, New York


East End Historic District (Newburgh, New York)

From the historic East End to newburgh, new York, United States of America is the lower part that the state and city recognize as a single historic district along with the Montgomery-Grand-Liberty streets historic part of the city. Its 445 acres ...


Masjid al-Ikhlas

Masjid al-Ikhlas, also known as the Islamic educational center of orange County mosque in newburgh, new York. Formerly a warehouse, the mosque was founded in 1992. Earlier the Muslim community Newburghs met in the towns the office of the Associat ...


Orange Lake (New York)

Orange lake is located near the hamlet of his name in newburgh, new York, USA. 400 acres in area it is the largest lake completely in orange County, after which it is named.


Orange Mill Historic District

Orange Mill historic district historic district in Newburgh, in orange County, new York. It covers 42 acres of County-run Algonquin Park and many of the surrounding lands. It is centered on powder mill road, near NY 52, a mile Northwest from the ...


Lake Washington (New York)

Lake Washington is the main reservoir for the city of newburgh, new York, USA. It is located in the South-West of the city, lying partially within and neighboring towns of Newburgh and new Windsor. It contains about 1.5 billion U.S. gallons, an a ...


Tonawanda Creek

Tonawanda Creek is a small tributary of the Niagara river in Western new York, USA. After rising in the district of Wyoming, the Creek flows through Genesee County before forming part of the border between the district of the County of Erie and N ...


People from Oneida, New York


People from Peekskill, New York


United States Post Office (Port Jervis, New York)

The U.S. post office in port Jervis, new York 12771 is the index. It covers all the cities of Port Jervis and the surrounding town of deer Park. It is located in downtown, at 20 Sussex St. The building was designed by Oscar Wenderoth in the early ...


People from Rye, New York


Woodlawn Preserve

In woodlawn to keep the patch of the Albany pine Bush in the woodlawn area of the city of Schenectady, new York. This is the only preserved example of this rare ecosystem in this area, and the combination of swamp, wetlands, water bodies, dunes a ...


Buildings and structures in Schenectady, New York


Neighborhoods in Schenectady, New York


People from Schenectady, New York


Central Troy Historic District

Central Troy historic district is an irregularly-shaped, 96-acre area the city of Troy, new York, USA. He was described as "one of the most perfectly preserved 19th century city in the" with nearly 700 properties in a variety of architectural sty ...


Buildings and structures in Troy, New York


People from Troy, New York


Schools in Troy, New York


Buildings and structures in Watertown (city), New York

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