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Christopher AG-1

Christopher AG-1 was a proposed Second world war American assault glider project shock army of the airframe of the United States, none has been built, and the program was cancelled in September 1943.


St. Louis CG-5

In 1941, the U.S. air force decided to use secondary sources to boost aircraft production and the St. Louis aircraft Corporation was contracted to design and build a prototype eight and fifteen seater carrying glider. In total with the St. Louis ...


Baker-McMillan Cadet

The Baker-McMillan Cadet is an American, high wing, strut-braced, open cockpit, single-seat glider that was designed in 1929 by Frank R. gross and produced by Baker-McMillan.


Bowlus SP-1 Paperwing

In Julianne dipaolo SP-1 Paperwing was an American high-wing cantilever monoplane, single glider, which was designed in 1928 and completed by William Hawley Julianne dipaolo on January 1, 1929. SP-1 was Julianne dipaolo sixteenth glider, and flig ...


Midwest MU-1

At MU-1 was developed by Schulz before the Second World War and was used by the US air force for glider training and designated as the Midwest Tg-18. At MU-1 was constructed with a welded steel fuselage and wooden wings, covered in doped aircraft ...


Peel Z-1 Glider Boat

The peel z-1 glider boat, also called the peel flying boat, is an American biplane, two-seats in tandem, flying boat, which was designed and manufactured by the peel glider boat company, since 1930.


Backstrom EPB-1 Flying Plank

In Backstrom EPB-1 flying plank is an American mid-wing, single seat, flying wing glider that was designed by al Backstrom, with the help of Phil Easley and Jack Powell in 1954, as well as plans for Amateur work.


Explorer PG-1 Aqua Glider

The Explorer PG-1 Aqua glider is an American single, glider-biplane, which was developed by bill Skiliar in 1959, as well as plans for Amateur construction. The prototype was built with the help of troops of the Air Explorer scouts in the same year.


Chase-Sisley C100-S

On C100 project was started the chase in 1962, with the prototype construction commenced in late 1963. As a result, the aircraft made its first flight in 1968. The plane was built from a combination of wood, foam, aluminum and fiberglass. Semi-ta ...


Corcoran 65-1

The Corcoran 65-1 was the trike from a very unusual configuration, twin engine biplane. It was designed and built in the USA in the 1960-ies, only two were completed.


Haufe HA-S-2 Hobby

In-2 hobby is an American, high wing, single seat glider that was designed by Bruno Haufe and Klaus hill for Amateur building and first flight in 1967.


Kasper Bekas

In the Kasper Bekas is a family of American mid-wing tailless gliders designed by Witold Kasper and derived from the earlier 1959 Brochocki BKB-1 Design.


Leonard Annebula

Leonard Annebula American high-wing, single seat FAI Standard class glider designed by Bob Leonard of Wichita, Kansas, is based on the hall Cherokee second.


Miller Tern

Miller tern is an American single, high wing glider that was designed by William Terrance Miller and offered as plans for Amateur construction.


Pacific D-8

D-8 was conceived by coward as easy to build and inexpensive all aluminum glider with good performance that can be delivered with or without canopy. Later flight tests of the completed D-8 showed that he hoped the performance was not achieved, as ...


Peterson J-4 Javelin

Peterson j-4 javelin is an American, single seat, mid-wing glider that was designed by Max A. Peterson in the late 1960-ies and made Peterson Corporation airframe in a small amount. The glider type is certified and put into production in 1973.


Bikle T-6

In Bikle T-6-American, mid-wing, single place glider designed field Bikle and on the basis of the design of Schroeder HP-14. Even if only one T-6 was built by a noted as the most proven and studied glider with full published data. It is widely us ...


Haig Minibat

In the Haig Minibat is a very high-wing, single-seater flying wing motor glider that was designed by Larry Haig and at the same time existing in the plans or in kit form for Amateur construction. The kit is no longer available.


Luenger Beta 1

The beta version was intended to become Americas first production fiberglass glider. The design work was done Luenger and Kohler in 1967 in Cleveland, Ohio. When the fuselage was completed, the Federal inspector of the civil aviation authority to ...


Maupin Woodstock One

Woodstock was developed in the late 1970s, Maupin, with the help of IRV CULVER, who designed the wing on the wing. Culvers profile is 18% thickness at the root, thinning to 13% thickness at the wing tip and includes not superficial. Planes the de ...


Rensselaer RP-3

In Rensselaer RP-3 American mid-wing, T-tailed single glider, developed by Brian E. Thompson and produced by the rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, new York.


Windward Performance SparrowHawk

Windward performance Sparrowhawk is an American mid-wing, single-seat glider that was designed and manufactured performance to windward. In 2016 the plane was not advertised as being available from the manufacturer.


Windward Performance DuckHawk

Windward performance DuckHawk is an American mid-wing, single-seater, 15-meter class glider that was designed and manufactured by windward performance of bend, Oregon. In 2016 the plane was not advertised as being available from the manufacturer.


Clachlet Traverse


Three Lochs Way

Three lakes is a 55-km track in Argyll and Bute in Scotland that one of Balloch and Inveruglas. The path crosses the highland boundary fault that separates the highlands from the lowlands, so named because of the three large lakes connected by th ...


Romans and Reivers Route

The Romans and Reivers route is a long route in southern Scotland, linking the forest of AE in Dumfries and Galloway from Hawick in the Scottish borders. The route, which is 84 km, uses forest paths, drovers roads and some road sections to link t ...


Great Glen Way

The great Glen way-a long journey in Scotland. It follows the great Glen, running from Fort William in the southwest to Inverness in the North East, covering 125 km. It was opened in 2002 and was recognized as one of the parts of the great trails ...


Speyside Way

In Speyside so long-distance path that follows the river Spey through scenery Banffshire, Morayshire and Inverness in Scotland. The route begins in Aviemore and ends at Buckpool harbour in buckie, about 107 kilometers. Some prefer to walk the rou ...


Moray Coast Trail

The Moray coastal path-a long journey in the North-East of Scotland, which runs along the coastline of the Moray Council area. The route is 72 km long, runs between Forres and Cullen. He identified as one of the parts of the great routes Scottish ...


Cateran Trail

In General, the route of the 103-mile circular walking route in Central Scotland. The trail has no official beginning or end, and can be registered at any stage. The route was created, labeled, and is now supported by Perth and Kinross countrysid ...


Cross Borders Drove Road

Cross border drove road is an 82-mile Hiking trail near the border of Scotland. The route is on the main route drovers used to drive cattle to markets in places like Falkirk and Crieff to the South for sale in England.


Bretton Bridge

Bretton bridge is a bridge in Flintshire, Wales. Located between the villages of Broughton and Bretton bridge used to back roads, often used to avoid congestion on the A5104. The bridge still exists today, although its use has changed from the ro ...


Pont Briwet

Pont Briwet refers to road and rail bridges that cross the river Dwyryd, near the area of Gwynedd in North Wales. The first bridge was the Victorian road and rail viaduct, which was built entirely from timber, the Cambrian railway company. Althou ...


Pont King Morgan



Bwlch-y-Ddeufaen is a mountain pass in the County borough of Conwy, North Wales, traversable only on foot or horseback, following the old Roman road from Caerhun to Caernarfon. The route can be followed on the road to Rowena or Llanbedr-y-cennin ...


Cardinal Greenway

The cardinal Greenway is a multi-purpose recreational system comprising a railway track and the street line, which intersect 62 miles and five counties in East Central Indiana. Previously railroad right CSX of way, the system runs from Richmond t ...


Raccoon River Valley Trail

The raccoon river valley trail is a trail running 56 miles from waukee, Iowa, Jefferson, Iowa. In 2013, an additional 33.1 km North loop was completed on the RRVT, making the RRVT nearly 90 miles of paved trails and the presence of paved interior ...


Coyote Lake (Santa Clara County, California)

Coyote lake is an artificial lake in the County of Santa Clara, California, between Morgan hill and Gilroy. The reservoir flooded by a dam Coyote, 140 ft 43 m 980 ft 300 m long, earth and rock dam built in 1936. It contains 23.244 acre feet 28.67 ...


Mount Burdell Open Space Preserve

Mount Burdell open space preserve is managed by Marin County parks. Mount Burdell rises 1.558 feet above sea level. Hidden lake, a seasonal pond located about halfway to the top, is home to frogs, salamanders and other creatures during the wet se ...


Bright Angel Trail

Hazards that hikers can encounter along the Bright angel Trail include dehydration, sudden rainstorms, floods, loose footing, bootpacked ice, rockfall, encounters with wildlife, and extreme heat. On the Colorado river, additional risks include hy ...


River Trail (Arizona)

The river trail is a trail in a national Park Grand Canyon, located in Arizona. This trail connects the end of the Bright angel Trail with Phantom ranch and the South Kaibab.


South Kaibab Trail

South Kaibab trail is a Hiking trail in the national Park, the Grand Canyon, located in Arizona. Unlike the Bright angel Trail which also begins at the South rim of the Grand Canyon and leads to the Colorado river, South Kaibab trail follows a ri ...


Grays Peak National Recreation Trail


Summerset Trail

The Summerset trail is a trail in Warren County in South Central Iowa in the United States. The trail is 11.1 miles, 17.9 km in length and paved with asphalt. It follows the route of an abandoned railway line between the cities of Carlisle, in th ...


Wabash Trace

This rail route is part of the Wabash Railways of Omaha to St. Louis rail line. It passes through the towns of Mineola, Silver city, Malvern, Imogene, Shenandoah, coin and Blanchard. For most of the course routes, a thin line of trees and shrubs ...


Southern New England Trunkline Trail

Southern new England trunk route of the railway in Massachusetts. The trail passes through the towns of Douglas, Uxbridge, Millville, Blackstone, Bellingham, and Franklin, and is one of the longest trails in southern Massachusetts. This is the pl ...


Harriman Long Path


Hudson Valley Rail Trail

The Hudson valley trail paved 4 km from East to West of the railroad in the town of Lloyd in Ulster County, new York, stretching from the Hudson river to the town of highland. The trail was originally part of the Poughkeepsie bridge route, a rail ...


Long Path through Mine Kill State Park


Palisades Long Path

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