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Independent candidates in the 2003 Manitoba provincial election

There were two independent candidates in the provincial election of 2003, the MB, nor the one who was elected. They received a total of 167 votes. Information about these candidates can be found on this page.


Independent candidates in the 1969 Manitoba provincial election

There were five independent candidates in the 1969 provincial election in Manitoba. One independent candidate, Gordon beard was elected to the Manitoba Legislature in the Northern constituency of Churchill. Information about other candidates can ...


Independent candidates in the 2007 Manitoba provincial election

six independent candidates in the 2007 Manitoba provincial election, none of whom were elected. One independent candidate, Conrad Santos, a former member of the Legislative Assembly New Democratic party. Information about other candidates can be ...


Jesuit cardinal

Jesuit priests at the time of their solemn and final profession in the Society of Jesus promise to "never strive or ambition, not even indirectly, must be elected or appointed to any diocese or dignity In or outside the society, and I will do my ...


Baldassare Cenci (iuniore)

Of Baldassare cenci was born on 1 November 1710, in Rome, the fifth of seven children born Tiberio cenci and Eleanor Costaguti Maddalena. His uncle of cardinal Baldassare cenci seniore. Cenci died of apoplexy on 2 March 1763, in Nettuno, Italy.


Baldassare Cenci (seniore)

Of Baldassare cenci was born in 1648 in Rome, the youngest and fifth child of Virginio cenci and Maria Vittoria Verospi. His nephew cardinal Baldassare cenci iuniore. On 30 Sep 1691 he was consecrated Bishop Fabrizio Spada, cardinal-priest of San ...


Carlo Colonna

Carlo Colonna was born 17 Nov 1665 in Rome, Italy, the third child of Lorenzo Onofrio Colonna, Prince and Duke of Paliano, and Maria Mancini, niece of cardinal Jules Raymond Mazarin.


Giulio Piazza

On 22 Dec 1697, he was consecrated Bishop Gasparo Vatican museums, cardinal-priest of Santa Maria in Trastevere, with Gregorio Giuseppe Gaetani de Aragon, titular Patriarch of Alexandria, and Antonio Spinelli, Bishop of Melfi e Rapolla, serving a ...


Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado

Fund of gays and lesbians in Colorado, a program of the Gill Foundation provides financial support to nonprofit organizations in Colorado. The current allocation of grants through the Fund of gays and lesbians includes stem education, promote Fai ...


Simply Equal

Just equal the grassroots coalition that formed to appeal to the city of Lawrence, Kansas, to add the words "sexual orientation" to its human relations Ordinance. In may 1995, Lawrence was "simply equal amendment," thus becoming the first city in ...


Equality Mississippi

Equality Mississippi state LGBT civil rights organization, founded in March 2000 in Mississippi. The organization closed in December 2008, but reopened in April 2013.



Kattippara Kattipara is often called, is a Panchayat in the district of Kozhikode, Kerala. It is located about 10 km away from Thamarassery town. It is a village with a large number of hilly areas. As the name implies, it is famous for the solid ...


Madavoor, Kozhikode

This village connects with the other parts of India through the city of Calicut on the West and Thamarassery city in the East. National highway 66 runs through the Kozhikode and North stretch connects Mangalore, Goa and Mumbai. Stretch connects S ...



Omassery is a town in Kozhikode district, Kerala, India is a junction between Thiruvambady, Thamarassery, film, Koduvally, Kodenchery and Kattangal. Omassery is located 29 kilometers South-East of Kozhikode in the Eastern part of Kerala, known as ...


Columbian College of Arts and Sciences


George Washington University School of Business


Milken Institute School of Public Health


The Graduate School of Political Management


List of George Washington University faculty

This is the list of famous George Washington University faculty, including both current and past faculty at the Washington, D.C., schools, as well as officials of the University. In 2007, the George Washington University employs approximately 1.1 ...


President of the George Washington University

The President of George Washington University is the chief Executive officer of the George Washington University, is appointed by the Board of Trustees of the guards and instructed "to establish in the universities vision, control over its educat ...


George Washington University deans


Washington University School of Medicine people


Smith Academy (Missouri) alumni


Yellowknife Fire Department

Yellowknife fire division is part of the Department located in Yellowknife, Northwest territories, Canada full-time and paid on call firefighters. The Department was established in February 1943. Their staff consists of 32 full-time and 15 paid o ...


Oxford Tube


Gray Line Worldwide


Express bus service


Intercity bus service

Intercity buses, or intercity minibuses, also called long-distance, Express, over the road, commercial, long-range, highway or bus service, public transport service, using buses to transport passengers on long distances from various cities, towns ...


Sydney Ferries templates


Ledbetter, Kentucky

Ledbetter is a census-designated place in the County of Livingston, Kentucky, United States of America. The population of 1.683 at the 2010 census, down slightly from about 1.700 in 2000, making it the most populous community in the County. It is ...


Reidland, Kentucky

Reidland is a census-designated place in the County of McCracken, Kentucky, United States of America. The population was 4.491 according to the 2010 census, up from 4.353 in 2000. It is part of the Paducah, ky-Il statistical area search Results.


Woodlawn-Oakdale, Kentucky

Farley is a census-designated place in the County of McCracken, Kentucky, United States of America. The population of 4.701 according to the 2010 census, a decline from 4.937 in 2000. It is part of the Paducah, ky-Il statistical area search Results.


Expelled members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union


Resigned Communist Party of the Soviet Union members


Director-General of RTE

General Director General Director and chief editor of the Public broadcaster Raidio Teilifis Eireann. The current CEO is Dee Forbes, who replaced Noel Curran in the role in 2016.


Emilia Golightly

Emilia Golightly was leading a three minute parody of RTES Prayer before bed, late night radio 2fm minimum order, Moloney after midnight, which ran in the late 1990-ies. The format of the show invariably followed the exploits of the hero Emilia G ...


Samuel Nottingham


Quakers from Pennsylvania


List of current members of University System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees

John D. Crosier, Senior 1998-2014. Carol C. Perkins 2008-2013. Henry B. Stebbins 2006-2012. George Epstein 2002-2014. (Георгий Эпштейн 2002-2014) Richard E. Galway 2009-2013. Edward 2003-2013 DuPont. (Эдвард 2003-2013 Дюпон) Kenneth C. Moulton 20 ...


University of North Texas at Dallas


Bemidji State Beavers womens soccer

The Bemidji state beavers are the athletic teams that represent Bemidji state University, located in Bemidji, Minnesota, in NCAA division II Intercollegiate sports. The beavers compete as members of the Northern Intercollegiate Sun conference for ...


Bemidji State Beavers baseball


Bemidji State Beavers mens golf


Bemidji State Beavers softball


Bemidji State Beavers womens basketball


Bemidji State Beavers womens soccer


Bemidji State Beavers football


Bemidji State Beavers navigational boxes


Missouri Tigers

Missouri Tigers Intercollegiate sports programs that represent the University of Missouri, located in Columbia. The name comes from a band armed guards called the fighting tigers of Columbia who, in 1864, protected Columbia from guerrillas during ...


Missouri Tigers baseball

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