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North Carolina State troops


South Carolina in the American Revolution

South Carolina was outraged over the British tax policies in the 1760-ies that violated what they saw as their constitutional right to "no taxation without representation". Merchants join the boycott against the purchase of English goods. When th ...


People of Tennessee in the American Revolution


Action at Osbornes

The action in Osbornes, Virginia was a Small Sea–land interaction on 27 APR 1781 in the James river during the American revolutionary war. The battle ended in almost complete destruction of the Virginia Navy, as well as large stocks of Virgin tob ...


Porto Bello (Williamsburg, Virginia)

Porto Bello was the hunting Lodge of the last Royal Governor of the British colony of Virginia, John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore. The name commemorates the battle of Porto Bello, a 1739 British naval victory in Panama. Lord Dunmore fled to Porto ...


Virginia committee of correspondence


Landing craft

Landing craft are small and medium sized marine vessels like boats and barges used to transfer troops from the sea to the shore during the landing. This term excludes amphibious ships, which more. The production of landing craft reached its peak ...


Landing Craft (Gun) Tower

Landing ship tower, abbreviated as LCT, also known as Normandy bombardment tower, was a unique catamaran, was built in 1943. It was designed to act as a semi-mobile turret, which can be used for gun any German beach defense during the allied inva ...


Landing Craft Infantry

Landing craft infantry were several classes of amphibious ships of the Second world war used to Land large numbers of infantry directly onto beaches. They were developed in response to the British request for a vessel capable of carrying and land ...


Landing Craft Utility

Utility landing ship is a type of boat used by amphibious forces to transport equipment and troops ashore. They are capable of transporting tracked or wheeled vehicles and troops from amphibious assault ships to beachheads or piers.



Knock-1E-class amphibious mechanized landing craft manufactured by Navantia at their factory in San Fernando. These craft are intended to deliver troops and supplies to land from landing ships during amphibious attacks. The ship is operated by th ...



NOK-8 is a river boat and mechanized landing craft used by U.S. Navy and army during the Vietnam war and subsequent operations. They are currently used by governments and private organizations around the world. The acronym stands for "landing cra ...


Landing craft tank

Landing ships, tank was an amphibious assault ship for landing tanks on beachheads. They were originally developed by the British Royal Navy and later the Navy of the United States during the Second world war in a number of versions. Originally k ...


Mark 8 Landing Craft Tank

Mark 8 landing craft tank, or LCT mark VIII) are landing craft tank ships operated by the British armed forces. Court was based on an American design, but improved into ocean-going vessels capable of transiting and working in the far East. Althou ...


Motor landing craft

The engine of the landing ship was a ship used in the 1920-ies and 30-ies. It was specifically designed to deliver a tank to shore and can be considered the predecessor of all allied landing craft mechanized. Doc also saw action in the first year ...


Toku Daihatsu-class landing craft

On toku Daihatsu class or 17m landing craft type landing craft used by the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Second world war. He was appointed "super-type" landing ship of the United States.


Landing craft of the United States Navy


List of tank landing ships

Ara Cabo San Isidro BDT-6 / Q46. Ara Cabo Buen of Tiempo BDT-13. Ara Cabo San Sebastian HDH-11. ARA BDT-12. (АРА БДТ-12) Ara Cabo San Francisco de Paula HDH-3. Ara BDT-1 / q41 is. Ara Cabo San Antonio Q42. Ara Cabo San Vicente BDT-14. Ara Cabo PI ...


Jason-class tank landing ship

Jason class LST-class tank landing ships designed and built in Greece in the framework of cooperation of Elefsis shipyards, National technical University of Athens and the Greek fleet, ordered the ships in 1986. Along with class LCAC Zubr, they a ...


Talbot County-class tank landing ships


Tanks of the United States

This article is about military tanks dedicated to the history of formation and development of American tanks: their origin during the First world war, interwar period, WWII, Cold war and modern era.



Beutepanzer is the German designation for captured armored fighting vehicle. The Germans used the Beutepanzers, to understand the technique of the enemy and to increase their armored forces. Beutepanzers were usually painted in distinctive sports ...


World War I tanks of France


World War I tanks of Italy


World War I light tanks


World War I tanks of Russia


World War I tanks of the United Kingdom


World War II tanks by type



The Armat missile is a development of the Anglo-French Martel anti-radar missiles. In Martel was further developed to give British aerospace sea eagle anti-ship missile, while Britain adopted alarm for my new rocket arm. France instead adopted th ...



In ARMIGER was a missile developed by the Diehl BGT defence to replace existing AGM-88 harm missiles in the German air force by the end of the decade. He was an experienced high supersonic missile intended to destroy modern and future air defense ...



X-28 was the first Soviet anti-radiation missile for tactical aircraft. He entered into production in 1973 and still being on some su-22S in developing countries but not in the Russian service. Using the Kh-28 was restricted by its weight, limite ...



X-58-the Soviet anti-radar missiles with a range of 120 km In 2004 the Kh-58U variant was still the primary anti-radiation missile of Russia and her allies. He is replaced on the X-31. Reporting name NATO "disorder".


R-27 (air-to-air missile)

Vympel R-27 missiles, medium-and long-range air-to-air missiles designed in the USSR. It remains in service with the Russian air force and the air forces of the Commonwealth of Independent States. R-27 is manufactured in infrared-homing R-27T, se ...


AGM-122 Sidearm

The AGM-122 gun was an American air-to-surface anti-radiation missiles, produced between 1986 and 1990. Not yet able, as the new anti-radiation missiles, they were cheaper and lighter in weight, allowing for more versatile use.


GAM-67 Crossbow

In the late 1940-ies, company Radioplane has developed a set of sample D-1 of the Target series, which used a pulsing jet engine or small jet engines. Although M-1 was not put into production as the target, it really evolved in the BBC RP-54Д / X ...


Laus (radar)

Klaus was the name for a series of German anti-jamming equipment during the Second world war. They were additions to the German radar technology to counter the use of the allied window, chaff radar countermeasures.


16th Electronic Warfare Squadron

16-th e squadron fighting is a division of the U.S. air force. It is assigned to the 53d electronic band war at Eglin air force base, Florida. It was created in 1985 by the consolidation of the three units. 16th Aero squadron, first world war squ ...


19th Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron

Tactical electronic squadron the fighting 19th and inactive units of the United States air force. During the Second World War and the cold war, its main task was aerial reconnaissance and photo mapping, later it conducted the mission on electroni ...


41st Electronic Combat Squadron

41st electronic combat group-a division of the U.S. air force. His current assignment is with the 55th electronic combat group At Davis–Monthan air force base in Arizona as a geographically separated unit from its parent wing, the 55th wing at Of ...


302nd Tactical Electronic Warfare Training Squadron

In the 302d tactical electronic warfare training squadron was formed in September 1985 through the merger of three divisions that served in the Army air force and United States air force during the Second World War and the cold war. In the 302d t ...


303d Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron


360th Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron


361st Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron


429th Electronic Combat Squadron

429-ms electronic combat squadron is an inactive object, the U.S. air force. It was first activated in August 1943 and participated in the conflicts, including World war II, the Korean war, the Cuban missile crisis and the Vietnam war. It was las ...


430th Expeditionary Electronic Combat Squadron

In the 430th expeditionary electronic combat squadron is a unit of the U.S. air force. It is assigned to 451st expeditionary operations group and is stationed at the air base, Kandahar, Afghanistan. The squadron was first activated during World W ...


513th Electronic Warfare Squadron

In electronic 513th squadron war division of the U.S. air force assigned to the 53d electronic band War, stationed at Eglin air force base, Florida. The squadron was formed as 513th bombardment squadron in the middle East in 1942 to reinforce the ...


Anti-ballistic missiles of India


Anti-ballistic missiles of Taiwan


Anti-ballistic missiles of the Soviet Union


Anti-ballistic missiles of the United States

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