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Grammostola anthracina

You should be afraid more and anthracina is a species of spider belonging to the family Theraphosidae. It is found in Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.


Leucauge argyra

Leucauge argyra spider is known as a leading Hymenoepimecis argyraphaga, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico parasitoid wasps. It was found from the USA to Brazil. Leucauge argyra, as you know, colonial species, spiders of maintaining separate territories ...


Leucauge celebesiana

Leucauge celebesiana, commonly called black-striped garden spider is a species of spider belonging to the family Tetragnathidae. It is found from India to China, Japan, Sulawesi and New Guinea. Like many of its kin, it is bright and distinctive s ...


Leucauge subblanda


Leucauge venusta

Leucauge venusta, known as spider orchard, long jaw to fix the position of the spider that occurs from southern Canada to Colombia along the East coast reaching into the Central part of the United States. The web is often oriented horizontally, w ...


Micrathena sagittata

Micrathena sagittata, also known as the arrow-shaped micrathena is a species of spider belonging to the family Araneidae. Found in the Eastern United States and Central America. It is a striking spider with a distinctive arrow-shaped abdomen whic ...


Nephila senegalensis

The spider species Nephila senegalensis is commonly known as belt legs Golden Orb cobweb. The name comes from the fact that the joints of the spider are usually painted in Golden yellow. It is common in most parts of Africa South of the Sahara, f ...


Nephilengys malabarensis

Nephilengys malabarensis spider araneid. Females reach a body length of about 15 mm 0.59 inch. Legs and palp somewhat annulated yellow and black. The size of the male body less than 5 mm 0.20 in, mostly grey-black legs. N. malabarensis is not tar ...


Sphodros niger

The black purse-web is a mygalomorph spiders of the Eastern United States. It is listed as a special concern species in Connecticut.


Spined micrathena

Thin Micrathena spider in the family Araneidae, commonly known as spiny micrathena. This spider spins a moderately large and very tightly coiled web. The spiders themselves are small and can be found anywhere from 4.2 mm to 10.8 mm length. It is ...


Tidarren sisyphoides

Tidarren sisyphoides spider of the family Theridiidae. The males of this species represents only 1% of females. During copulation, the male dies during insertion and remains attached to the female for more than two hours. However, the female does ...


Verrucosa arenata

Borodavchenko arenata, also known as spider tip the Orb weaver, or a triangle, Orb weaver, is a species of Orb weaver spider. It is widely distributed in the new world. Other species of the genus Borodavchenko occur in North and South America. Th ...


Ybyrapora diversipes


Patiria pectinifera

Pectinifera puterii, blue bat star is one of the species of starfish in the family Asterinidae. It is in the Northern part of the Pacific ocean along the coast of Japan, China and Russia. It is used as a model organism in developmental biology.


Lesser violetear

Less violetear, also known as mountain violet-ear, medium-sized, metallic green Hummingbird species commonly found in forested areas from Costa Rica to Northern South America. This species and the Mexican violetear was previously considered a sub ...



As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number on the minor planet Center groups, internal audit, and the discoverers can then submit names for them after the internal audit naming. The list below concerns those mino ...


Idotea granulosa


Kraussia rugulosa


Oncaea venusta

Oncaea venusta is a species of copepods with a cosmopolitan distribution, but is lacking from the Arctic ocean. Female length 1.1–1.3 mm, and males only 0.8–1.0 mm long. The front of the head is unusually wide, and the body is brightly colored, u ...


Big-scale pomfret

Big-scale Pomfret, Taractichthys longipinnis is a species of Pomfret found in the Atlantic ocean, at depths up to 500 meters. This species reaches a length up to 100 cm SL. This view is of secondary importance to commercial fishing. From Ireland ...


Chomatodus linearis


Cladodus marginatus


Cladodus mirabilis


Congrogadus subducens

Carpet eel-blenny, also known as the green wolf eel or a green wolf eel blenny, is a relatively large species of dottyback found in the coastal parts of the Indo-West Pacific ocean, among coral reefs, among rocks, kelp forests, tidal and brackish ...


Deepbody boarfish

In view of deepbody boarfish the most common species in the family, found at depths from 50 to 900 m in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans, although it is usually found at depths from 100 to 300 m. This species can reach a length of 30.5 cm, ...


Heros notatus

This species is rare in the aquarium trade. Species typically found in the aquarium trade heros efasciatus and man-made color morphsred and gold, as well as unidentified H. SP.rotkeil.


Mossul bleak

In Mossul bleak view of ray-finned fish of the genus Alburnus. However, a recent study showed that Alburnus mossulensis was probably synonymous with sellal Alburnus.


Parabembras curta

The head and body are reddish-orange and white bottom. The fins are red. Handle connecting the lower jaw is missing, which is a clear contrast Parabembras robinsoni. Single preocular spine robust, two lachrymal spines are present. There are 6-8 s ...


Sargocentron spinosissimum


Scomberesox scombroides

All scombroides, the king of Gar, is a type of saury, the fish of the family Scomberesocidae which is widely distributed in temperate oceans of the southern hemisphere. It is a slender, elongated fish that has small mouth with a long extension of ...


Sebastes pachycephalus


Sicyases sanguineus

Sicyases sanguineus-view-amphibious marine clingfish in the family Gobiesocidae. He lives in the South-Eastern Pacific along the coast of Chile and southern Peru. Locally, he is known as pejesapo literally, frog-fish. It lives in shallow waters, ...


Signal barb


Silver dory

The silver Dory is a Dory, in the genus Cyttus, found in southern Australia on the continental shelf at depths from 10 to 350 metres. Its length is about 40 cm.


Smallscale hardyhead

This miniature hardyhead is a species of Silverside endemic to the Indian ocean off the southern coast of Australia. This species grows up to 9.0 cm in total length. This is the only known member of its genus.


Ammophila nigricans


Ammophila procera

Ammophila Procera, a red thread waisted wasp, is a species of thread-waisted wasp in the family Sphecidae. This is a common species, found in southern Canada, USA and Mexico, South and Central America. Ammophila Procera, usually live in open area ...


Apolygus lucorum

Apolygus lucorum is a species of true bugs in the family Miridae. It can be found everywhere in Europe, except Albania, Bulgaria, Iceland, Malta and Portugal. and a large part of the Mediterranean sea, then East across the Palearctic to China and ...


Atractotomus mali


Brachycaudus helichrysi

Brachycaudus helichrysi is a species of aphid was first described by the German naturalist Johann Heinrich Kaltenbach in 1843. Its common names include leaf curl plum aphid and leaf-Curling plum aphid, and is a serious pest of plum and prune trees.


Brachyopa scutellaris

External images terms see morphology of Diptera length of the wing 6 5-7 75 mm. Apical antennomere with a large kidney-shaped sensory pits Tergite 2 black pilose posterolaterally. The larva is illustrated by Rotheray 1993.


Calocoris alpestris

This species is distributed in most European countries. It is commonly found in meadows, moist forests and in deciduous forests, mainly in mountains at altitudes up to 2000 meters.


Campylomma verbasci

Campylomma verbasci, the mullein bug, is a species of plant bug family Miridae. It is found in Europe and Northern Asia, and North America.


Chalybion zimmermanni

Chalybion zimmermanni, known usually as Zimmermanns mud wasp or blue mud dauber Wasp is a type of thread waisted wasp in the family Sphecidae.


Chlorion cyaneum


Cordulegaster bidentata

This species can be identified by black body and yellow rings. Adults are about 8 cm 3.1 In body length 10 cm 3.9 in wingspan and have similarities with related species Cordulegaster boltonii.


Deroplatys truncata

Deroplatys truncata is a species of praying mantis in the genus Deroplatys in the order Mantodea. This "dead leaf mantis" species native to Southeast Asia.


Dorycera maculipennis


Echidna flea

Echidna flea is the largest flea and it parasitises the short-beaked echidna. It reaches 4 millimetres in length.


Galgupha atra

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