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Bombus monticola

The bilberry bumblebee is pretty small and compact, with a broad head and a short tongue. Queens have an average length 16 mm 0.63 in, and a wingspan of 32 mm 1.3 V. the Respective lengths of the other castes 12 mm 0.47 in work and 14 mm 0.55 in ...


Brachypalpus oarus


Callicera erratica


Chaetopsis massyla


Chalcosyrphus anthreas


Chalcosyrphus libo


Chrysogaster antitheus


Chrysotoxum derivatum


Clusia lateralis


Coenosia antennata


Compsobata univitta


Comptosia insignis


Cordilura varipes


Crematogaster algirica


Criorhina bubulcus


Criorhina verbosa


Cryptomeigenia demylus


Cyrtopogon falto


Drosophila guttifera

Drosophila guttifera is a type of vinegar fly in the Drosophila quinaria group species. In 2015, the genome of Drosophila guttifera was sequenced in the laboratory of Sean B. Carroll to give an answer to the question, as there are different patte ...


Egle ciliata


Epalpus signifer


Eudioctria albius


Eutrichota lipsia


Exorista dydas


Graphomya eustolia


Gymnoclytia occidua


Gymnosoma par


Hadromyia aepalius


Helicobia rapax


Helina troene


Helophilus fasciatus


Heteropogon macerinus


Holopyga fastuosa

Holopyga fastuosa virideaurata Linsenmaier, 1951. Holopyga fastuosa effrenata Linsenmaier, 1959. Holopyga Fastuosa Lucas, 1849. Fastuosa Holopyga Generosa Forster 1853. Holopyga fastuosa proviridis Linsenmaier, 1959.


Hylemya alcathoe


Ischnomyia albicosta


Laphria sacrator


Laphria sadales


Leucophenga varia


Lucilia cluvia


Machimus antimachus


Machimus elegans


Machimus lecythus


Machimus paropus


Machimus sadyates


Machimus setibarbus

This species is widely distributed in Europe, North Africa, Tunisia and the middle East, Israel.


Metopolophium dirhodum

Metopolophium dirhodum, the rose-grass aphid or rose-grass aphid, is a type of SAP-sucking insects in the family aphididae are found worldwide. Its main host is the rose, and its secondary hosts are grasses, including cereals such as wheat, barle ...


Musca vetustissima

Musca vetustissima, commonly known as the Australian fly swatter, is a species of fly in Australia. This particular fly that gave rise to the expression "Aussie salute".


Myopa vicaria


Nemorilla pyste


Neoitamus cyanurus

It is Eastern Palaearctic species ecozone, with limited distribution in Europe, but it is also present in the middle East and Eastern ecozone.

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