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Loxa flavicollis


Macrosiphoniella millefolii

These two subspecies are the same species Macrosiphoniella millefolii: Macrosiphoniella millefolii De Geer, 1773, with. Macrosiphoniella millefolii East Pashtshenko, 1998. Data sources: I = ITIS C = "catalogue of life", g = GBIF, b = Bugguide.net


Mammoth wasp

The mammoth Wasp, Megascolia maculata is very large wasps, with the female reaching up to 6 cm, and the male is smaller. Species can be seen in warm weather, from may to September.


Meconema thalassinum

Meconema thalassinum is insects of the family Tettigoniidae, known as the oak Bush-cricket and drumming Green grasshopper. It is native to Europe, but was introduced in the United States, first established in the West of long island and expanding ...


Melanoplus femurrubrum

Red-legged grasshopper is a grasshopper species belonging to the genus Melanoplus. This is one of the most common grasshoppers in Mexico, USA and Canada. This grasshopper is often used as a model organism in scientific research due to their abund ...


Milesia virginiensis


Mydas clavatus

View clavature is a variety of fly species, native to temperate, Eastern North America. It is named after its clubbed antennae, which, however, is a common feature of the species of flies. Orange to red mark on the abdomen is distinctive. This is ...


Myrmeleon immaculatus


Neotibicen lyricen

These three subspecies are the same species Neotibicen lyricen: Neotibicen lyricen g B lyric Cicada. Neotibicen lyricen engelhardti Davis & T. W., 1910 B dark lyric Cicada. Greenish lyricen Neotibicen Davis, 1935 b coastal lyric Cicada. Data sour ...


Neoxabea bipunctata


Oebalus ypsilongriseus


Orchelimum agile


Organ pipe mud dauber

The pipe organ mud dauber predatory Wasp in the family Crabronidae. They are fairly large wasps, ranging from 3.9 to 5.1 cm, and was recorded flying from may to September. Woman and man have similar colors, shiny black with pale yellow to white r ...


Palmodes dimidiatus


Polistes olivaceus

Olivaceus, but is a type of paper Wasp native to India and East Asia, but also introduced in East Africa and the Pacific island States such as the Marquesas Islands, Easter Island, Hawaii and cook Islands in the South Pacific ocean. In cook Islan ...


Schizodactylus monstrosus

Schizodactylus monstrosus or cricket of corn, is a type of large, robust cricket found in Asia belonging to the family Schizodactylidae. It is found mainly in sandy habitats along rivers, and has large flattened extensions of the legs and wings, ...


Scudderia curvicauda

Scudderia curvicauda is a species of the family Tettigoniidae, Orthoptera in. The common name for Scudderia curvicauda is the "curve tail Green grasshopper Bush." Scudderia curvicauda is in North America.


Sphex jamaicensis

Sphex real-view thread-waisted wasp in the family Sphecidae. ITIS taxonomic notes: Sphex real Fabricius, 1775, apparently a Junior secondary homonym real Sphex in Drury, 1773 originally in Vespa, while these two, apparently, were not considered a ...


Stenocoris tipuloides

Stenocoris tipuloides, the Neotropical beetle rice is a type of sickle bug in the family Alydidae. It is found in South America and North America.


Vella americana


Vespula squamosa

Vespula sugar, southern yellow hornet is a social Wasp. This species can be identified by its characteristic yellow and black pattern and the orange Queen. It came with the wasps, usually found in Eastern North America, and its territory extends ...


Beetles described in 1773


Butterflies described in 1773


Moths described in 1773


Beetles described in 1774


Acanthina monodon


Acanthinula aculeata

Acanthinula aculeata is a kind of minute, air-breathing snails, terrestrial gastropod pulmonary molluskor micromollusk in the family Valloniidae.


Amphidromus contrarius

Amphidromus contrarius is a species of air-breathing snails, terrestrial pulmonary gastropods in the family Camaenidae. Amphidromus contrarius is a species of the subgenus Syndromus.


Amphidromus inversus

Amphidromus inversus is a species of air-breathing snails, terrestrial pulmonary gastropods in the family Camaenidae. Like most members of the subgenus Amphidromus, it is chirally dimorphic: in the same groups as right-and left-handed individuals ...


Amphidromus laevus


Ariophanta laevipes

Ariophanta laevipes is a species of air-breathing snails, terrestrial pulmonary gastropods in the family Ariophantidae. Ariophanta laevipes is a species of the genus Ariophanta.


Carychium minimum

Width is 0.9-1.1 mm. shell Height is 1.6-2.2 mm. It is wider than the shell of Carychium tridentatum, which it resembles. As in C. tridentatum sink Matt white and cylindrical, and the mouth is oval with two denticles and a thickened lip. However, ...


Cecilioides acicula

Cecilioides acicula, the common name "snail blind" or "blind awlsnail", is a species of very small air-breathing snails, terrestrial pulmonary gastropod mollusks in the family Ferussaciidae. This is the underground view.


Chondrula tridens


Cochlicella acuta

Cochlicella acute common name pointed snail, a small, but very tall spires, air-breathing snails in the pulmonary gastropods in the family Geomitridae.


Corbicula fluminalis

Corbicula Fluminalis is a species of freshwater clams, aquatic bivalve mollusk in the family Cyrenidae. This species is distinguished from, but often confused with, is quite similar Corbicula species fluminea. Although both species are native to ...


Corbicula fluminea

Corbicula Fluminea is a species of freshwater clams, aquatic bivalve mollusk in the family Cyrenidae. This species is often confused with fluminalis Corbicula due to two types of similar color and texture. The species is considered to be originat ...


Dendronotus frondosus

Dendronotus frondosus, sometimes known under the General name of frond eolis or bushy volozaninova support, is a species of sea slugs, specifically dendronotid nudibranchs, marine gastropod mollusk in the family Dendronotidae.


Deroceras reticulatum

Deroceras reticulatum, common names the "grey field slug" and "grey garden slug", is a species of small air-breathing Land slug, a terrestrial pulmonary gastropods in the family Agriolimacidae. This species is an important agricultural pest.



As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number on the minor planet Center groups, internal audit, and the discoverers can then submit names for them after the internal audit naming. The list below concerns those mino ...


Discus rotundatus

Of Discus rotundatus, common name disc plump, is a species of small, air-breathing land snail, terrestrial pulmonary gastropods in the family Discidae, the disk snails.


Euconulus fulvus

Euconulus sensations in the course is a kind of very small, air-breathing snails, terrestrial pulmonary gastropods in the family Euconulidae, beehive, snail.


Euglandina striata


Fruticicola fruticum

The shell of this species is globular with a deep umbilicus. The shell color is whitish or brownish. The maximum size of the shell is about 22 mm 0.87 V.


Gyraulus albus

Gyraulus Albus, common name White coil, is a small species of freshwater snails, aquatic pulmonary gastropods in the family Planorbidae, rams horn snails. Gyraulus Albus is a species of the genus Gyraulus.


Lehmannia marginata

Lehmannia banded is a species of air-breathing Land slug, a terrestrial pulmonary molluscs gastropod in the family Limacidae. Sometimes are classified in the genus Limax, a species has in its environment, and its nearly transparent body. This med ...


Liguus fasciatus

Liguus fasciatus, in the Liguus tree snails, also known as "living jewels", is a species of air-breathing snails, snail, tree, ground pulmonary gastropod mollusks in the family Orthalicidae.


Limicolaria flammea

This species is native to West Africa: Nigeria. He was found as an introduced species in Tuas South, on the tropical island of Singapore, for the first time in 2006. The spread of Limicolaria vulgaris is potentially dangerous to the multi-billion ...


Malacolimax tenellus

This species is known to live in several countries and regions: Ireland. (Ирландия) The Pyrenees. (Пиренеи) Ukraine. (Украина) UK. Croatia. (Хорватия) Czech Republic – causing least concern LC. Romania. (Румыния)


Margarites helicinus

Margarites Helicinus, the common name of Margarita helicina, or helix, is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Margaritidae. Margarites Helicinus has been established Phipps in 1774, and not by Fabricus in 1780 as Winc ...

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