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Megachile amputata


Megachile architecta


Megachile bombiformis


Megachile chrysorrhoea


Megachile curtula


Megachile felina


Megachile tuberculata


Mischocyttarus drewseni

Mischocyttarus drewseni, which is sometimes spelled "drewsenii", is the social Wasps in the family Saveliev. It is often found in the Neotropical areas of South America, including Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia and Paraguay. It is a medium siz ...


Morellia podagrica


Morellia simplex


Notonecta unifasciata

These three subspecies are the same species Notonecta unifasciata: Notonecta unifasciata Hungerford cochisiana, 1934. Notonecta unifasciata Guerin-Meneville, 1857. Notonecta unifasciata andersoni Hungerford, 1934.


Orthotylus adenocarpi

Orthotylus adenocarpi is a species of bug from the Miridae family that can be found in Andorra, Benelux, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, great Britain, Ireland, Poland, Spain and Sweden. O. adenocarpi lives exclusively on broom Sarotham ...


Orthotylus adenocarpi adenocarpi

Orthotylus adenocarpi is a subspecies of beetle from the family Miridae which can be found in the Benelux, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, great Britain, Ireland, Poland, Spain and Sweden.


Pagasa fusca


Pentacora signoreti

These two subspecies are the same species Pentacora signoreti: Pentacora signoreti Guerin-Meneville, 1857. Pentacora signoreti yucatana Hodgden, 1949.


Plagioneurus univittatus


Polistes apachus

But apachus is the carrier of social Wasp in Western North America. As you know, in the English language under the title Texas paper wasps, or West Texas paper wasps. He was also named Apache wasps, maybe Simmons et al. in California in 1948. Sim ...


Polistes comanchus

Accepted two subspecies: Comanchus but MOP. navajoe Cresson, 1868 - found in Arizona, California, new Mexico, Texas, Sonora, Chihuahua, Durango and Sinaloa. This species makes its nests in the cavities is achieved via a very small hole. Comanchus ...


Pycnoderes quadrimaculatus

Pycnoderes quadrimaculatus, the bean capsid, is a species of the plant bug family Miridae. It is located in the Caribbean sea, Central America, North America, Oceania and South America.


Pyrops intricatus

Pyrops intricatus species of lantern bug, a bug in the family Fulgoridae, found on the island of Borneo. It was originally described in 1857 by Francis Walker as Hotinus intricatus.


Sephina gundlachii

Sephina not Gundlachii, giant milkweed bug, is a species of leaf footed bug in the family Coreidae. It is located in the Caribbean sea, North America and the Caribbean.


Sitodiplosis mosellana

The wheat Midge, Sitodiplosis mosellana of, is a species of fly in the family in Russian. It is found in the Holarctic, where it is an important pest of wheat, triticale and rye.


Tapinoma pygmaeum


Triacanthagyna septima

Triacanthagyna Septima is a relatively small darner is growing with a total length of 59 to 66 mm 2.3 to 2.6 V with a wingspan of 68 to 86 mm 2.7 to 3.4 V. the Head of the male is olive and his eyes a bluish-green. Thorax pale green with a browni ...


Trigona collina


Vespula pensylvanica

Western yellow hornet is a Nearctic species of wasp of the genus Vespula. It is native to North America, mainly in areas with a Northern temperate climate. Their reproductive behaviour is constrained by cold weather which successfully reduces the ...


Beetles described in 1857


Butterflies described in 1857


Moths described in 1857


Bivalves described in 1857


Cephalopods described in 1857


Gastropods described in 1857


Cantoria violacea

Choirs violacea, commonly known as the cantors of the water snake, types of snakes found in tropical Asia. It is named after the herpetologist of the 19th century Theodore Cantor.


Cyrtophora unicolor

The species shows sexual dimorphism, where males are few and faded colors, while the female is much larger and bright red color. The female is 17-20mm in length. The Red tent spider builds a large three-dimensional web in vegetation, which is a c ...


Diplura lineata


Neoscona punctigera

Neoscona Punctigera is a common species of Orb weaver spider found from Japan to Asia, Australia and some Islands of the Western Indian ocean. The female is about 1.1 cm, 0.43 In male and about 0.7 cm to 0.28. It is well camouflaged during the da ...


Henricia leviuscula

They usually can be identified by their bright orange-red in color, but can also be many variations from reddish brown to almost purple. The disk may be mottled gray color. There can also be saddle-like marking of lilac blotches between the rays, ...


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Sclaters nightingale-thrush

It was first described in 1858 by Philip Sclater as Malacocichla maculatus. In 1879 he was included as a subspecies of the spotted Nightingale-thrush, as Cantharus dryads maculatus. In 2017, it was argued, on the basis of phylogenetic analysis of ...


Slate-colored fox sparrow

Slate-colored Fox Sparrow group schistacea) comprises the Rocky mountain taxa of the genus podium. It is currently classified as a "subspecies group" in the Fox sparrows in anticipation of a more thorough genetic analysis of all forms. It has lon ...


Thick-billed fox sparrow

Thick-billed Fox Sparrow megarhyncha) group includes particularly large account of the Sierra Nevadan taxon of the genus podium. It is currently classified as a "subspecies group" in the Fox Sparrow pending wider-spread recognition of the status ...


Coenobita cavipes

Coenobita cavipes-species of land hermit crab, native to Eastern Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Polynesia and Micronesia. S. cavipes usually uses empty turbo shells, and sometimes part of the hard passion.


Coenobita purpureus

Coenobita purpureus, known usually as Okinawan hermit bilberries or blueberries of the hermit, is a species of terrestrial hermit crab family Coenobitidae.


Macrophthalmus dentatus


Mesoniscus alpicolus


Mictyris brevidactylus

Mictyris Brevidactylus is a species of crab in Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore and parts of Indonesia. Adults have light blue armor and Scarlet-jointed legs, whereas juveniles are yellowish-brown. M. brevidactylus sociable and buries itself in th ...


Moreiradromia antillensis


Pseudocuma longicorne


Agonomalus proboscidalis

Agonomalus proboscidalis is a fish of the family Bychkova. He was described Achilles Valenciennes in 1858, originally under the genus Aspidophorus. It is a sea, polar water-dwelling fish, which is known from the North-West Pacific, including Nort ...


Blackedge moray eel

In Moray blackedge Moray eel found in coral reefs in the Western Atlantic ocean. It was first named by Charles frédéric Girard in 1858.

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