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Cerceris insolita


Cerceris kennicottii

These two subspecies are the same species Cerceris kennicottii: Cerceris kennicottii chinandegaensis Cameron, 1904. Cerceris kennicottii Cresson, 1865.


Cerobasis annulata

Cerobasis Appia is a species of Psocoptera from Trogiidae family that can be found in Austria, Azores, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, great Britain, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland and the Netherlands.


Cladodromia bicolor


Cladodromia flavipes


Cladodromia nigrimana


Cladodromia pratincola


Cladodromia semilugens


Deuteragonista bicolor


Dictyestra dissectus


Dusky dancer


Empis dimidiata


Eucerceris flavocincta


Eucerceris superba


Froggattella kirbii

Froggattella kirbii, commonly known as the common frog ant species ants of the genus Froggattella. The species is distributed in arid areas of sclerophyll in various States of Australia.


Hilarigona annulata


Iridomyrmex rufoniger

Iridomyrmex rufoniger-species of ants of the genus Iridomyrmex. He was described by a Lawn in 1865. The species is endemic to Australia and introduced into several other countries.


Liogma nodicornis


Megachile curta


Megachile duboulaii


Megachile singularis


Mellinus rufinodus


Orthotylus virescens

Orthotylus greenish dark-green bug from the Miridae family that can be found on Crete and in countries such as Andorra, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, the countries of former Yugoslavia and Western Europe, also found in southern Scandinavia, ...


Papyrius flavus


Pheidole parva

Pheidole parva is a species of ant in the subfamily Myrmicinae. This genus of invasive alien species, but rarely seen in urban areas, alates, however, is commonly observed after storms, perform a nuptial flight.


Philanthus bilunatus


Philanthus lepidus


Philanthus sanbornii


Pimpla pedalis


Podalonia argentifrons


Podalonia robusta


Psytalla horrida

Horrida Psytalla can reach a body length of 3-4.5 cm 1.2–1.8 V. This is the largest species of assassin bug in the world. These large and sturdy structure of insects are characterized by an extended head, a relatively narrow neck and a hard, prom ...


Sphicosa nigra


Stictiella emarginata


Toxorhina magna

Toxorhina Magna-view limoniid crane fly in the family Limoniidae. This species can be found on the East coast United States to West Michigan and as far South as Florida. Its yellowish-brown color its most obvious difference from grayish Toxorhina ...


Toxorhina muliebris

Toxorhina muliebris-species of limoniid crane fly in the family Limoniidae. Adult species can be found flying in mid-June to August on the East coast of North America from Quebec to Virginia and as far West as Wisconsin. Its grayish color is the ...


Trichomyrmex rogeri


Trixoscelis approximata


Trixoscelis canescens


Trixoscelis pedestris


Beetles described in 1865


Butterflies described in 1865


Moths described in 1865



Nyctophilini is a taxonomic group of species of bats, the vespertilionid tribe of the subfamily Vespertilioninae. The Alliance of two isolates of genera Nyctophilus and Pharotis, called big-eared bats the size of these in proportion to the head.


Yoldia cooperii


Gastropods described in 1865


Uromacer frenatus

Four subspecies are recognized as valid, including the nominotypical subspecies. Uromacer frenatus Wetmorei Cochran, 1931. Uromacer frenatus chlorauges Schwartz, 1976. Uromacer Frenatus the tabes Dunn, 1920. Uromacer frenatus Gunther, 1865. Nota ...


Eriophora transmarina


Latrodectus cinctus

Latrodectus cinctus is a species of spider in the family Theridiidae, found on the Cape Verde Islands, Africa, Kuwait and Iran. This is one of six species of Latrodectus found in southern Africa, four of which, including L. cinctus, known as the ...


Lepthyphantes leprosus

Lepthyphantes leprosus is a species of spiders of the family linyphiidae from sheetweb V. It is found in North America, some from Europe to Eastern Russia, and was introduced in Chile.

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