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Trachyrhachys aspera

Trachyrhachys Aspera, finned grasshopper species groups-winged grasshopper in the family Acrididae. It is found in Central America and North America.


Trachyrhachys coronata


Trigonotylus pulcher


Trigonotylus uhleri


Trimerotropis pseudofasciata

Trimerotropis pseudofasciata in caerulean-winged grasshopper, the-winged grasshopper in the family Acrididae. It is found in Central America and North America.


Tychius tectus


Valenzuela burmeisteri

Burmeisteri Valencia is a species of Psocoptera of the family Caeciliusidae which can be found in the United Kingdom, sometimes Ireland. They are also common in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, German ...


Beetles described in 1876


Butterflies described in 1876


Moths described in 1876


Gastropods described in 1876


Aspidura guentheri

Aspidura guentheri, commonly known as Hancherow rude To sided snake or කුඩා මැඩිල්ලා where medilla in Sinhala, is a species of snake in the family Colubridae. The species is endemic to Sri Lanka. It is the smallest representative of the genus Asp ...


Crossobamon orientalis

Crossobamon East, commonly called Sindh Gecko, is a species of Gecko, a lizard in the family Gekkonidae. The species is endemic to South Asia.


Ophioscincus truncatus

Ophioscincus information is a type of burrowing short-limbed snake-skink, which is endemic in coastal regions and on Islands of New South Wales and Queensland, Australia.


Pakistan fan-fingered gecko


Plumed basilisk

Plumed Basilisk, also usually called a green Basilisk, double crested Basilisk, or Jesus Christ lizard-a species of lizard in the family Corytophanidae. Species native to Central America.


Opisthacanthus capensis

Opisthacanthus capensis is the Cape province and Zimbabwe, the species of Scorpion with chelae robust, dark brown and black color, green, when, under cover for some time. Opisthacanthus is arboreal and terrestrial, and is found mainly in wet habi ...


Opistophthalmus pugnax

These muddy-viewing Scorpions differ corrugations on the last sternite, hard bristles hairs, and highly curved claws of the feet. Males have corrugations on the last two sternites. They grow to 70 mm in length.


Acantholycosa pedestris

Acantholycosa pedestris is a species of wolf spider in the genus Acantholycosa in Europe. It was first described by Eugene Simon, a French naturalist.


Allocosa dufouri


Arctosa excellens


Arctosa figurata


Australomisidia elegans


Dasumia canestrinii


Diaea livens

Diaea Livens-this species of spider crabs of the family Thomisidae. Found in South and Central Europe, Turkey, Caucasus, Iran, and was introduced in the United States.


Dolomedes minor

Dolomedes minor light brown with some gray, like the rocks around which they live, helping to camouflage them from predators. Arnqvist, 1992 spider has large pedipalps, which are typically used for sensory purposes. The palpi in the male Dolomede ...


Enoplognatha caricis

Enoplognatha caricis is a species of spiders web in the Theridiidae family. It is found in Europe, Turkey, the range in Russia, China, Korea and Japan.


Episinus maculipes

Episinus maculipes is a rare European spider of the family Theridiidae. The known distribution is "England to Algeria, Ukraine, Russia." On the foliage of shrubs and trees. By nightfall, it creates a simple web page consisting of an inverted y fr ...


Isala punctata

Isaly dot species of spiders of the family Thomisidae. It was first described in 1876 by L. Koch. From 2017, it is the only species in the genus Isaly. He is in Australia.


Mastophora (spider)

Mastophora, also known as Bolas spiders genus of Orb-weaver spiders first described by E. L. Holmberg in 1876. They can be identified by a pair of bumps on dorsal surface of opisthosoma, although not all men will have these lumps. These spiders s ...


Menemerus animatus

Menemerus future-this jumping spider was first described by Octavius Pickard-Cambridge in Egypt. It is located in the Mediterranean sea and the Northern part of the state. This is related to Menemerus davidi, Menemerus guttatus, Menemerus modest ...


Myro (spider)

Hemsedal is a genus of araneomorph spiders in the family Toxopidae, and was first described by O. Pickard-Cambridge in 1876. Originally posted with Cybaeidae, it was moved in the littoral spiders in 1967, and Toxopidae in 2017.


Pardosa thorelli


Phlegra (spider)

Phlegra is a genus of jumping spiders, which was first described by Eugene Louis Simon in 1876. The title is a reference to a mythical place in Greek and Roman mythology.


Pyrenecosa pyrenaea



As of the August 2019 contains nineteen species found in the old world from Spain to China, with one found in Northern Africa. repudiatus out of Egypt, and in the new world, from Mexico to Canada, and the Bahamas: Synageles hilarulus C. L. Koch, ...


Trochosa robusta

Trochosa Robusta is a cellar spider species with Palearctic distribution. This is common in Germany and Poland. He remained undetected, despite its considerable size, in Denmark, until recently where he was spotted on the island of Bornholm.


St. Marks Cathedral, Arica

In San Marco Cathedral, also called Cathedral of Arica Catholic Church, which is located in the city of Arica in Northern Chile. The building was designed by the Commission of the government of Peruvian President josé Balta in the workshop of the ...


Loanda swift

In Loanda swift is a bird in the Apodidae family. Many taxonomists consider it a subspecies of the Horus swift. He is in Angola and Republic of the Congo.


Corallimorphus profundus

Corallimorphus profundus is one of the species of corals in the genus Corallimorphus. He lives in a marine habitat. This species can be found in the southern ocean and New Zealand.


Cycloxanthops novemdentatus

S. novemdentatus usually brown or red, but can also be purple. Individuals of this species often have bright or dark markings on their shell, which are still present after molting, however, the color of the shell can vary over time. This organism ...


Pennella balaenopterae

Pennella balaenopterae large ectoparasitic copepod, specializing in parasitising marine mammals. It is the largest representative of the genus Pennella, other species that are parasites of larger marine fishes.


Uca crenulata


Amu-Darya stone loach

Amu-Darya stone loach-species of ray-finned fish of the genus of blind loach, although this OS is sometimes placed in the genus Oxynoemacheilus.


Arctic alligatorfish

The Arctic alligatorfish is a fish of the family Bychkova. It was described by C. F. Lutken in 1877. It is a marine and brackish water dwelling fish that are known from the Arctic, North Atlantic and North-Western and North-Eastern Pacific ocean, ...


Arius malabaricus

Arius malabaricus-a species of sea catfish in the family Ariidae. It was described by Francis day in 1877. It inhabits marine and brackish waters of India, in the Indian ocean.


Benthodesmus tenuis


Big-lip damselfish

Big lips you look ray-finned fish of the family pomacentridae, is the only species in the monotypic genus Cheiloprion. It occurs in the Eastern Indian ocean and southwest Pacific ocean and has been recorded from Sri Lanka East to the Solomon Isla ...


Big-scaled redfin

Large-scales redfin, also known as Japanese Dace, middle Asian fish. First described by albert günther in 1877 as Leuciscus hakonensis is a sample of the type of the genus Tribolodon, described again as punctatum Tribolodon Sauvage by Emile Henry ...


Callechelys bitaeniata

Callechelys bitaeniata is an eel in the family Ophichthidae. It was described by Wilhelm Peters in 1877. It is a tropical, marine eel which is known from the Western Indian ocean, including Kenya, Mozambique and Seychelles. Males can reach a maxi ...

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