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Megachile constructrix


Megachile crassipes


Megachile dacica


Megachile deceptrix


Megachile diligens


Megachile dorsalis


Megachile elongata


Megachile ferox


Megachile fulvipennis


Megachile humilis


Megachile legalis


Megachile lobitarsis


Megachile moderata


Megachile nasalis


Megachile nevadensis


Megachile oblonga


Megachile opifex


Megachile pallipes


Megachile penetrata


Megachile peruviana


Megachile pictiventris


Megachile pilosa


Megachile pulchra


Megachile pullata


Megachile relata


Megachile remota


Megachile rubicunda


Megachile rubriventris


Megachile rufescens


Megachile rugosa


Megachile scutellata


Megachile sedula


Megachile similis


Megachile strenua


Megachile subnigra


Megachile urbana


Megachile valida


Melecta separata

These six subspecies are the same species Melecta separata: Melecta separata Cresson, 1879. Melecta separata alfredi Yes, 1895. Melecta separata arizonica yeah, 1902. Melecta separata mojavensis Linsley, 1939. Melecta separata johnsoni Yes, 1905. ...


Mesovelia mulsanti

Mesovelia Mulsanti, or Mulsants water traveler, is a type of water traveler in the family Mesoveliidae. It is located in the Caribbean sea, Central America, North America, Oceania and South America.


Nephrotoma guestfalica


Nomada verecunda

Nomada verecunda is a species in the family apidae, order Hymenoptera. Nomada verecunda is in North America.


Notonecta irrorata

Notonecta irrorata-the backswimmer species native to North America first described by Philip Reese of Uhler in 1879. The Presence Of N. irrorata in ponds is known to repel egg-laying Culex mosquitoes.


Oncotylus vitticeps


Orius tristicolor

Orius tristicolor, known as the minute flower bug or minute pirate bug, the minute pirate bug in the family W E. It is located in the Caribbean sea, Central America, North America, Oceania and South America.


Orthotylus parvulus


Pachyanthidium lachrymosum


Polybia emaciata

Polybia emaciata is a Neotropical swarm founding Wasp that is mainly found in South America. This community has a unique structure of colonies in which multiple Queens are present. The staff and ladies do not differ morphologically, but a large a ...


Pseudocaecilius citricola

Pseudocaecilius Citricola is a species of lizard about barklouse in the family Pseudocaeciliidae. Its found in Africa, the Caribbean, Central America, North America, Oceania, South America and South Asia.


Southern fire ant

Southern fire ants, also known as the California ant or ant cotton, the sting of a fire ant native to southern parts of the United States. Their behavior is similar to the red imported fire ant, although its bite is less painful. He has a broad a ...


Sphecius convallis

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