★ Orca Inlet

Orca Inlet

★ Orca Inlet

Orca inlet arm of Prince William sound in southern Alaska. Cordoba was founded on its coast in 1906. All marine traffic reaches the town through orca inlet.


1. Geography. (География)

Orca inlet lies South and East of the island Hawkins 60°3125"N 145°5246"W. At the entrance, about 16 miles 26 km in length running South-West and about 3 miles 4.8 km in width at its widest point. The South end opens into the Gulf of Alaska, while the Northern end connects with orca Bay.

In Cordova, Alaska is located on the southeastern shore of orcas entrance.


2. History. (История)

Orca inlet was listed in the geographic dictionary of Alaska in 1906, with reference to the report of the I. F. Mosers from 1897. Orca Cannery operated on the southern shore of the Bay, there was a post office in this place since 1894. The Odiak plant was located 3 miles 4.8 km South-West of orcas on the site of the present Cordova.

There was another large Pacific razor clams in the intertidal zones of orca inlet which were harvested and sent to Cordoba. Harvest reached 3.5 million pounds to 1.6 million pounds at its peak. The population began to decline in the late 1950-ies. When in 1964 the Good Friday earthquake on shellfish that was raised about 6 feet 1.8 m exposing them from the tidal zone. This led to moderate mortality and eventually the industry crashed.


3. Geology and currents. (Геология и токов)

Like other arms of Prince William sound, orca the entrance to the fjord. There are large areas on the coast with large rounded stones, and many cirques and hanging valleys. Created by glacial erosion the steep walls on the edges of the fjord. In one area at a height of 1600 ft 490 m within 1 ⁄ 2 mile 0.80 km from the coastline. The southern and Central areas were filled with sediment, making the area very shallow. These deposits are the result of the receded glacier that once filled in the fjord, as well as the influx of water through the end of the inlet from the copper river and other smaller glacial streams. These deposits of drift to the West along the coast until they reach the entrance of orca inlet. Orca entrance can serve as an entrance to Prince William sound from the Gulf of Alaska, but the shallow water limits the size of vessels that can use the route. In 1914, two-thirds of the South inlet was generally 12 feet, 3.7 m deep or less with multiple, discrete channels, while the North part was 90 to 228 feet 27 to 69 m deep.

Copper ore was found near the inlet orcas, but little development to mine it.

Tidal current flows South on the flood and North on the ebb. The average speed at the peak of the flood is 1.5 knots 2.8 km / h, mph 1.7 and 0.8 nodes 1.5 km / h, 0.92 miles per hour at the peak of the tide.

  • the port of Cordova, Alaska on Orca Inlet According to the US Board on Geographic Names, Orca Bay was named for the Orca salmon cannery of the Pacific
  • Inlet serves as an inlet to Prince William Sound from the Gulf of Alaska Orcas Island, the largest of the San Juan Islands in Washington state Orcas
  • which became Canucks Sports and Entertainment in 2008 Orca Bay, Alaska, near Hawkins Island Orca Inlet Alaska, on the east and south of Hawkins Island
  • Muchalat Inlet is an oceanographic geographical region on the Western coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Muchalat Inlet extends 55 km
  • Island. Prince William Sound lies to the north side of the island, while Orca Inlet and the main body of the Gulf of Alaska lie to its south. Hawkins Island
  • frequent the river and the inlet s shores, and the inlet s other wildlife includes wolves, moose, shorebirds, waterfowl, orca killer whale humpback whales
  • had named Orcas Island Hull Island after Commodore Isaac Hull. Other features of Orcas Island named by Wilkes include Ironsides Inlet for East Sound
  • Green Energy Projects get the green light Orca Conservancy. Retrieved 14 October 2016. Admiralty Inlet . New International Encyclopedia. 1905. Coordinates:
  • Co. p. 72. Simon, Jim 1997 - 11 - 13 Orcas Put Bite On Salmon Catch - - Pod s Appetite Prompts Closure Of Dyes Inlet Fishery Seattle Times. Retrieved 2008 - 10 - 20
  • whale orca born in Puget Sound. After being separated from his mother while still young, Luna spent five years in Nootka Sound, an ocean inlet of western
  • the Valdez - Cordova Census Area, Alaska, United States, at the head of Orca Inlet on the east side of Prince William Sound. The population was 2, 239 at
  • Humpy Cove is an inlet of Resurrection Bay on the Kenai Peninsula of the U.S. state of Alaska. Located 11 miles from Seward, it has the shape of a whale s
  • north end of the Strait of Georgia to Oakland Bay at the head of Hammersley Inlet at the south end of Puget Sound. The inland waterways of the Salish Sea
  • other whale - watchers who are interested in sightings of the large number of orca whales that spend the summer months in Johnstone Strait, which separates
  • shelter whale calves. Southern resident killer whales orcas have been reported as far south as Eld Inlet Smaller species include Dall s porpoise Phocoenoides
  • It played a historically important role in the maritime fur trade. The inlet is part of the traditional territory of the indigenous Nuu - chah - nulth people
  • Point creating two separate entrances to the river: Harrington Inlet north and Farquhar Inlet south Within the delta there are several channels dividing
  • Fiordland National Park. It lies at the entrance to Chalky Inlet Taiari, next to Preservation Inlet at the southwestern tip of the South Island, 10 kilometres
  • north and west from its mouth to Lime Point, where it connects with Hetta Inlet The Coast Survey lists the length as about 19 nautical miles 22 mi 35 km
  • many choose to weather off storms there and anchor. Humpback whales and orcas are common an occasional sperm whale or even blue whale can be seen in
  • Puget Sound ˈpjuːdʒɪt is a sound of the Pacific Northwest, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean, and part of the Salish Sea. It is located along the northwestern
  • shoreline of the West Bay of Budd Inlet from the Fourth Avenue Bridge to Thurston Avenue. The park features a carved Orca by Olympia artist Joe Tougas, who
  • Ufuohtta   Northern Sami is a fjord in Nordland county, Norway. It is an inlet of the Norwegian Sea, located about 200 kilometres 120 mi north of the
  • back to the early medieval period. More recently, the winter invasion of Orcas in the inner parts of Vestfjord has become a tourist attraction. Strong
  • viewed alongside other cetaceans Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins and Orca Whale watching is also offered in other locations, often as eco - tours and
  • North Coast of British Columbia, Canada. It is located amongst the isolated inlets and islands east of Hecate Strait on the British Columbia Coast. At 2, 251
  • The park is considered one of the best places in the world to view wild orcas from a land - based facility. Due to the unique bathymetric properties of
  • Canada, located within western Hudson Bay. The closest community is Rankin Inlet In the nineteenth century, the island was valued as a harbour for overwintering
  • Their traditional territory includes the areas around the Khutzeymateen Inlet and Work Channel, between Lax Kw alaams and Kincolith, B.C. Since 1834
  • western side of the channel, the first inlet is the Muir Inlet which has several inlets and glaciers such as Adam s Inlet Casement Glacier, McBride Glacier

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