ⓘ Charles Harris


ⓘ Charles Harris

  • Charles Harris canoeist, American slalom canoeist
  • Charles Harris tennis 1914–1993, American tennis player of the 1930s
  • Chuck Harris born 1961, American football player
  • Charles Harris cricketer 1907–1954, English cricketer
  • Charlie Harris baseball 1877–1963, American baseball third baseman
  • Charles Harris water polo born 1963, American water polo player
  • Charles Harris American football born 1995, American football player

1. Others

  • Charles Harris photographer 1908–1998, American photographer
  • Charles "Dill" Baker Harris, character in the Harper Lee novel To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Charles Harris painter, British painter, art instructor and teacher
  • Charles Coffin Harris 1822–1881, lawyer who became a politician and judge in the Kingdom of Hawaii
  • Charles Bryan Harris, FBI Most Wanted Fugitive, 1965
  • Charles Harris bishop 1813–1874, Bishop of Gibraltar in the Church of England
  • Sir Charles Alexander Harris 1855–1947, Governor of Newfoundland
  • Charlie Harris died 19?, American jazz double-bassist
  • Charles Boarman Harris 1857–1942, American physician and surgeon
  • Charles K. Harris 1867–1930, American songwriter
  • Charles Wilson Harris 1771–1804, presiding professor of the University of North Carolina during 1796
  • Charles Harris Royal Navy officer 1887–1957, British admiral
  • Charles L. Harris general 1834–1910, Union Army general
  • Charles Harris pirate 1698–1723, English pirate
  • Charles A. "Bucky" Harris, crewman of Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109, the small warship commanded by then-Lt. JG John F. Kennedy
  • Charles M. Harris 1821–1896, U.S. Representative from Illinois
  • Charles Felix Harris 1900–1974, medical doctor and Vice Chancellor of London University
  • Charles Hope Harris 1846–1915, surveyor in South Australia
  • Sir Charles Harris civil servant 1864–1943, civil servant in the British War Office

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