MEST or Mest may refer to:

As an initialism:

  • Message Exchange State Transfer, a protocol in service-oriented architecture
  • Middle European Summer Time, obsolete variant name of the Central European Summer Time, a time offset
  • MEST Scientology, used in Scientology to refer to the physical universe
  • MEST gene, a gene in humans that encodes the mesoderm-specific transcript homolog protein
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technology disambiguation
  • Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, a school in Accra, Ghana
  • Cystic nephroma, a type of begin kidney tumor also known as a mixed epithelial stromal tumor


  • Mest album, their third studio album
  • Mest, a pop punk band from Blue Island, Illinois
  • Soviet submarine M-200, a short-range attack submarine of the Soviet Navy
  • The Red Flute, a Soviet drama film with the Russian title Mest
  • Revenge, the Russian word for which is Мест, rendered Mest in the Latin alphabet
  • Musti Tunisia, a former Roman city in northern Tunisia, also known as Mest
  • Vem vet mest? Who Knows Best? ", a Swedish game show

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